My Very First BDJ Box (March 2013)

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Ahhh yes… my very first BDJ box. Honestly, I had no intentions of buying beauty boxes since I’m not really that keen with surprises… or so I thought..

Last month, I learned through their Facebook page and countless blogs online that their February box had Shiseido products in it. I have never really tried any Shiseido products before mainly because I would hate to like it and not be able to afford it.. so you can just imagine how jealous I was when I saw the contents of BDJ’s Feb box. My eyes popped and my jaw dropped. It’s official –>> I was definitely green with envy. 

Unfortunately, it was too late to get one for myself since the box was already sold out.. Then I thought.. maybe they will do a repeat for March or at least try to be at par with last month’s beauty box and so I decided to subscribe and try it out.

I gotta tell you.. I’m so glad I did. March box did not contain any Shiseido products but it was filled with goodies from another partner brand ~ L’OREAL. 

IMG_1291 copy

BDJ’s beauty box isn’t that big so I was really surprised to see so much stuff inside. It was so worth it! I only paid 480 Pesos for the box but I got so much more than I expected.

IMG_1344 copy

IMG_1333 copy

IMG_1295 copy

so let’s take a look at each one..

1. Fall Repair Hair Shampoo, 180ml (Php110)

IMG_1334 copy

*I am so thrilled to get a full size shampoo from L’Oreal because my current stash is about to run out and I’m delighted to know that I wouldn’t have to buy one anytime soon. Plus, this shampoo is specifically for treating hair fall problems so I’m pretty excited to use this one. *hope it works!

2. Fall Repair Hair Conditioner, 180ml (Php119)

IMG_1335 copy

LOOK! It comes with a matching full-size conditioner. I just love it!!!

3. Youth Code Pre-Essence

IMG_1342 copy

I am eager to try this one since it claims that one drop would make your skin feel moisturized and incredibly softer. If it proves to be effective, I’ll probably end up buying this one instead of the serum from Shiseido since it’s A LOT cheaper (only Php1495 for a full-size bottle)

4. UV Perfect Longlasting UV Protector, 30ml (Php545)

IMG_1339 copy

I wish I had gotten the box sooner because this product would have been very useful for last week’s trip to Cebu. I totally forgot to put on sunblock lotion during our 1st day in the beach..  As a result, my face now showcases 3 shades of color… What a shame!  0_o

5. UV Perfect BB Max, 30ml (Php595)

IMG_1341 copy

Can I be honest? I have never used BB creams… NEVER.

I try not to put a lot of stuff on my face because I was afraid that it will result to acne problems… I usually just use blush on and that’s it… no powder, no foundations, no creams whatsoever.. but I thought.. what’s life without risk?  Oh well.. it’s free so I might as well try it..

6. Shine Caresse, 6ml (Php595)

IMG_1337 copy

Oh yet another full-size product from L’Oreal… I am filled with joy.  ^_^

I like the color that I got and I think that it would suit me.. However, I am slightly worried to use this one. I rarely buy lipsticks because I am, unfortunately, allergic to an ingredient found in some lipsticks. The sad part is that I don’t know which ingredient so it’s always risky to try new ones. Currently, I am unable to use lipsticks from Clinique and Revlon. Two months ago, I tried a lipstick from Revlon (that was supposed to be hypoallergenic) and my lips became really swollen and itchy so I had to throw it away. I’m hoping that I wouldn’t have to do the same with this L’Oreal Shine Caresse. *fingers crossed*

7. Color Riche Les Nail Art (Php395)

IMG_1336 copy

I never knew that L’Oreal has a product like this so it was nice to be able to try this one without having to actually pay Php395 for it. I don’t have any plans to use this one anytime soon ~ will save it for special occasions.

IMG_1343 copy

I got some cute stickers too… because I’m worth it… sooooo worth it.  ^_-

I’ve computed, the total price of all the products that I got is about Php1,764.

I only paid Php480 so it was definitely worth every peso I spent.. and so much more…

*My expectation towards BDJ’s beauty box is on its highest level right now so I’m hoping that they will find a way to top this box with an even better one for April…   🙂




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