Sample Room Goodies

I was gushing with excitement when the village guards told me that someone delivered a package for me. I knew exactly what it was… Sample Room goodies, of course.  ^_^


I have been an avid fan of Sample Room… and not just because one of its creators is a friend of mine but because its concept is just plain genius!

To be able to get a hold of sample products without having to actually pay for it is one of the best things anyone can offer. They are truly a living proof that the best things in life are FREE.

If you are not aware of how Sample Room works… it’s quite simple really. The moment you create a free account on their website, they will immediately give you 100 points for you to use. Each product/sample that they offer has a corresponding amount of points needed for “purchasing” it. If you pick 1-3 items, your shipping fee will only amount to Php100 – so cheap! 

The best part about this whole process is that people get the chance to review the products/samples that they have used. Once your review has been approved, you will eventually get back all the points that they have deducted (plus some bonus points) from your previous purchases which you can then use for your future purchases. Amazing, right?

I thank God that I have found myself a home-based job because it allowed me to get real-time updates from my favorite websites. Whenever Sample Room has new items to offer, I’m probably one of those people who are first in line when it comes to choosing the products that I want to sample.


Products I got from Sample Room

Since joining their website (December 3, 2012), I have already received close to 20 items – most of which are full-size. I have computed the total price of all the products that I got based on the prices listed on their website and it showed that the worth of everything is more or less Php7000 and the total amount that I have spent on shipping fees is just about Php1000. How can I thank you, Sample Room, for all these blessings?  Hehe.  ^_^

New additions to my already overflowing goodies from Sample Room are full-size items from Nivea and Celeteque. Take a look…

1. Nivea SUN Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist – 200ml (Php550)


Weeeee!!!! Another full-size product from Sample Room… you keep spoiling me… I LOVE YOU. ^_^

I have always wanted to try this product but I always forget so I normally end up buying sunblock lotion instead. I think that this is a perfect time for me to test this product even though my beach trip in Cebu is already over. I plan to use it every time I go out of the house and I definitely plan to take it with me when I go to Subic next month and possibly Boracay in June. Yey!

2. Céleteque Back Acne Spray – 30ml (Php320)


I don’t really have a major back acne problem like others do – As of now, I only see one tiny thing on my back.. – but I’m excited to try this spray mainly out of curiosity. I just really want to see how effective it is and seriously… if it works like magic, I’d be very happy to spray it on to others with back acne problems. Hehe!



This is the second time that I got a freebie from Sample Room – Celeteque Make-Up Remover Cleansing Facial Wipes (1 sheet). The first time I tried it, I was really impressed with how effective it was in removing my make-up. I’m so happy to get a free sheet again. =)

Cheers to Sample Room…  Keep the great stuff coming…  =)


Sample Room


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