Royal View Seafood Restaurant

Last month, we were able to get a hold of some vouchers (for Royal View Seafood Restaurant) from Cashcashpinoy and we decided to use some of it last April 2.

Reservation was such a breeze! They stated in the voucher that we’re supposed to call for reservations 3 days prior but I forgot. My brother called the restaurant in the morning of April 2 and fortunately, there were still some available tables for the night so we were allowed to make a reservation. Phew!

Since there are no restrictions as to the number of vouchers to be used per transaction per day, we decided to use a total of 5 vouchers:

– 4 vouchers (consisting of half a chicken each) (Php99 instead of Php300 per order of 1/2 Chicken)

– 1 voucher (Set Meal for 4 – Php788 instead of Php1860)

There were 6 of us who dined that night and I tell you… it was so worth it. The service was definitely fast. When we made the reservation, we were already asked about the vouchers that we plan to use so when we arrived at the restaurant, we only waited for less than 10 minutes and then our orders started pouring in.

Included in the set meal for 4: Sweet Corn Soup, Steamed Suahe, Kabayaki Oriental Nianfish, Thai Style Mango Fish Fillet, Pineapple and Diced Chicken Fried Rice in Pineapple Boat, and a FREE dessert. All that for just Php788. Sweet!!!

Steamed Suahe

Steamed Suahe

*I didn’t get to eat some steamed suahe because I was feeling lazy to peel off its skin. Haha.

Thai Style Mango Fish Fillet

Thai Style Mango Fish Fillet

*This was so delicious! It had this sweet and sour taste that I love. In fact, eating it reminded me of sweet and sour pork. So good!

Pineapple and Diced Chicken Fried Rice in Pineapple Boat

Pineapple and Diced Chicken Fried Rice in Pineapple Boat

*I did not eat this one too. I ordered plain rice since I don’t like seeing vegetables on my plate. LOL! However, members of my family enjoyed this a lot.  ^_^

Kabayaki Oriental Nianfish

Kabayaki Oriental Nianfish

*Just like the Fish Fillet, this one was also a joy to eat. I can’t stress enough how good it was but let me tell you… I ate half of that fish!! Yummy!!!

Black Gulaman

Black Gulaman

*FREE dessert… It was nothing extraordinary but I still enjoyed it. How can you not like anything that is free, right? Hehe. 


*Since we utilized 4 vouchers, we were able to get 2 whole chicken that night. We all LOVE how crispy the skin was. The chicken was so flavorful that any forms of sauces are no longer necessary. 

Oh… did I forget to mention… The restaurant looked so gorgeous!

I’m not sure if it’s a newly-opened restaurant but everything looks clean and new. It was very spacious and the lighting was perfect.


Had I known that our dining experience would be this good, we would have bought more vouchers. Having said this, I do think that even without a voucher, eating at this restaurant would still be worth it.  🙂

Happy customer ^_^

Happy customer ^_^


Address: 2nd Level Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia

Telephone #: (02) 556 9520

Facebook Page:

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