Ganso-Shabuway @ Greenbelt 5

I just realized that most of the restaurants that I visited were courtesy of the vouchers that I bought online… That goes to show how addicted I am to online shopping – I might as well be known as a voucher-holic. LOL!

Thanks to A-deals, I was able to avail of a very good deal recently. For the price of Php888, I get all these:

1. Two (2) Cinema Tickets @ Greenbelt 3 (not valid for 2D, 3D, and THX movies)

2. One (1) Hot Pot Meal good for 2 @ Ganso-Shabuway which includes:

a. 100g. Wagyu Beef

b. 100g. USDA Choice Angus

c. 2 Vegetable Plate A

d. 2 Cups of Rice

e. 2 Sets of Homemade Dipping Sauces (Ponzu Sauce and Sesame Sauce)

f. Choice of Broth (Seaweed Broth or Spicy Miso Broth)

**During the last week of April, the movie Iron Man 3 was released in the Philippines so I thought that it would be the perfect time to use  my remaining voucher. I wasn’t able to use the free movie tickets that time since Iron Man 3 is only shown in 2D format so I just used the dining part of the voucher instead.

It was my second time to visit Ganso-Shabuway. The first time was last February and because it was love month, their restaurant had several lovely heart balloons hanging on the ceiling. I thought it looked festive. Hehe!




When we got to the restaurant, the first thing they asked us was our choice of broth and since I wanted both, we had “half & half” instead. I got to say that I like the Miso broth more since I love almost anything that is spicy.


Half & Half (Seaweed Broth and Spicy Miso Broth)

We also got some vegetable plates that consist of (correct me if I’m wrong..) cabbage, carrots, tofu and some other stuff I am not familiar with – as you know, when it comes to vegetables, I am never thrilled about it. We also had two dipping sauces (Ponzu and Sesame) – I prefer the Ponzu Sauce but if you like dipping your food into a peanut-butter-like-sauce then go for the Sesame Sauce.


Vegetable Plate A


We also ordered some extra Seafood Dumplings (2 pcs. of Crab Sticks for Php65 and 2 pcs. of North Sea Scallops for Php70)


The thing that I looked forward to the most was the Wagyu Beef included in the promo. I know there is this famous restaurant in Quezon City that serves different grades of Wagyu but I haven’t tried it yet since I find it quite expensive. I think that I would be much more willing to spend thousands of Pesos (or Yen) if I am in Japan. In the Philippines though, so far, Ganso-Shabuway’s 100g. Wagyu Beef is the closest that I can get to tasting this wonderful treat.


Wagyu Beef


USDA Angus Beef


You know the weird thing is that when I put all the meat into the broth, I couldn’t really tell which is which. Somehow, they both tasted the same, both equally good so I think that if you choose to order the cheaper one, USDA Angus Beef, it wouldn’t really make much difference.  😉

I remember one of my friends told me that she didn’t like the food in this restaurant because she found it a little bland but, in my case, I really enjoyed the meal. I do think that the Seaweed broth was somewhat tasteless but I figured.. that is what the dipping sauces are meant for. You should really try dipping the meat into the Ponzu sauce, it’s oh so yummy.


1st Visit


2nd Visit


Address: 2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati

Telephone: (02)903-6763/ 0917-5418181

Facebook Page:

2 thoughts on “Ganso-Shabuway @ Greenbelt 5

  1. Hi Ms. Jessa!

    Can I ask for your email address? I will invite you for our sneak peak night on July 16 and 17 on Ganso Shabuway. We want to send you a formal invitation for it. Have a great day!

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