A 2nd Visit @ Royal View Seafood Restaurant

As you know… I visited Royal View Seafood Restaurant for the very first time last April and wrote a review about it here

I obviously enjoyed our dining experience there that’s why when a discount website offered new deals from Royal View Seafood Restaurant, I grabbed that chance and bought a whole lot of vouchers. Hehe! The terms of the deal did not indicate how many vouchers are allowed to be used per day per transaction so I had to call the restaurant first to confirm. Initially, they said I can only use 2-3 vouchers but when I told them that I was able to use more than that during my first visit, they succumbed to my request. Yey! 

Since we wanted to celebrate our mom’s birthday in style – without having to spend way too much money – we thought that the perfect place to do that would be at Royal View Seafood Restaurant. You can never go wrong here – we got good food by just paying half the original price… Who wouldn’t want that, right? 🙂


Royal View Seafood Restaurant

Their restaurant’s interiors never fail to make me smile. It just looks so elegant… so classy… so perfect! I got no criticisms whatsoever – their place looked well-maintained. Some people might feel intimidated to enter their restaurant thinking that dining there may be too expensive but, the truth is, they shouldn’t worry about that. Royal View Seafood restaurant offers a variety of dishes so prices may vary. Obviously, if you order lobsters, crabs or pecking duck, you’ll need to pay a lot for those but for other dishes, the prices are actually quite reasonable acceptable. Just be brave enough to ask them for their in-house promos. 🙂


Table for 12 please…

We reserved a table for 12 people and we used a total of 13 vouchers. Imagine that! Haha!

Here’s the list:

– 3 Vouchers (Set Menu for 4 for only Php777 instead of Php1775/ voucher)

> Includes Seafood with Spinach Soup, Shrimp Salad, Kabayaki Oriental Nianfish, Hong Kong Style Steam Chicken with Mushroom, and Yang Chow Fried Rice plus FREE dessert

– 2 Vouchers (Thai Style Mango Grouper for only Php350 instead of Php700/ voucher)

– 8 Vouchers (Half Crispy Golden Chicken for only Php99 instead of Php350/ voucher)

**Yes, we did use all those vouchers and we just added an order of Birthday Noodles (Large), 2 orders of Suahe for Php180/300grams/order and some drinks. 🙂


Seafood with Spinach Soup

OMG! I am so happy that I was able to try this one. Thank God they included this in their set menu. I have mentioned several times in my previous posts how much I despise hate vegetables but this spinach soup was so delicious that it did not give me that kind of vegetable taste that would make me want to vomit. (LOL!) I asked the waiter what’s in the soup and he said: spinach, tofu, egg white, and shrimp. I love love love it. I didn’t think I’d be able to eat spinach and the usual bland tofu but I did and it was a success!!!  🙂


Shrimp Salad

Okay… I can only go as far as Spinach soup. I got scared looking at the big pieces of vegetables in there so I skipped this one. My family enjoyed eating it though. 🙂


Yang Chow Fried Rice

This has a lot of vegetables too but since I managed to enjoy the Spinach soup, I thought I’ll give this one a shot too. I only ate a few because…… well… did I tell you how much I hate vegetables? Haha! 


Kabayaki Oriental Nianfish

I like the taste of this one but I think it would have been better if it was boneless. I had to remove several awhile ago so it didn’t look pleasant to me.


Hong Kong Style Steam Chicken with Mushroom

I like this one too. I find its taste to be similar with that of Tinolang Manok. Really yummy!


Thai Style Mango Grouper

A steamed fish with bits of mangoes and a sweet and sour taste to it is always a good thing. I was even glad that I did not encounter a lot of bones otherwise, I would have skipped this. Lol!


Crispy Golden Chicken

Well… we used 8 vouchers so that’s a total of 4 whole crispy golden chicken. Haha! Of course we weren’t able to finish everything so we just ate 2 and took home the other 2. Like I mentioned before, this chicken has won me over because its skin is really crispy. 🙂


Birthday Noodles – Large (Php750)

A birthday celebration is never complete without the usual birthday noodles so we just had to order this even though we already have a lot of dishes on our table. The price is just Php750 and it’s already good for a table of 12.


Suahe (Php180 per 300grams)

Suahe is my little cousin’s favorite dish so we also had to order this one. I, however, did not eat any since I was feeling lazy and did not want to have to peel each of the shrimps’ skin.


Black Gulaman

A course is never complete without dessert. For tonight, we got this free dessert as part of the set menu deal that we bought. This black gulaman is very yummy and not too sweet. I actually finished 2 servings. Haha!


A meal to remember… 🙂

IMG_3108 copy

Iced Tea (it would have been nice if they offer bottomless ice teas too…)

Was I able to convince you to try this restaurant too? I hope I did. It’s a really great place to eat and bond with your family. The foods are delicious, the restaurant’s interiors are wonderful, the service is fast, the waiters are all very nice, and even the supervisor was very approachable. 🙂




Happy Customer… as always… 🙂


Address: 2nd Level Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia

Telephone #: (02) 556 9520

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/RoyalViewSeafoodRestaurant

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