Oishi: Marty’s Baconette Strips

If I’m blogging about it… It must be good… REALLY GOOD!!!

Such is the case with Oishi’s – Marty’s Baconette Strips which happens to be one of my favorite junk foods now. 🙂


Oishi: Marty’s Baconette Strips

I love junk foods a lot. I know it’s not healthy but I don’t care… LOL!!!  Anyway, back then, I never bothered to buy this snack even though the tag “bacon-flavored snack” caught my attention because I always end up buying those that are included in my priority list. Thankfully though, I was able to try this snack for free when my cousin bought a pack. Since then, it has become part of my grocery list. Haha! 🙂


Bacon-flavored Snack

This is really good! The thinly-sliced strips look so much like the real bacon and it’s really very crispy. The best part? It actually tastes like bacon. If it wasn’t a snack, I would have paired it with rice. LOL!


Have you tried this snack already? If you haven’t, you should try it really soon. It’s not expensive at all… for just Php20, you already get a 90g. pack of this wonderful snack. 🙂


Website: http://www.oishi.com.ph

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oishi.ph?fref=ts

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