Adobo Connection

One of my favorite dishes is Adobo – and I’m sure that a lot of you have this dish on your list too – which is why I’m very particular when it comes to ordering this dish in restaurants. The color, the texture, the thickness and sweetness of the sauce are all very important factors to me. Arte noh? Haha!

Anyway… for all you Adobo lovers out there, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a restaurant called “Adobo Connection” that serves different varieties of your favorite dish.


Adobo… Adobo… Adobo…

I always see the restaurant Adobo Connection whenever I go to SM San Lazaro but I never get to try their dishes. Somehow, I always end up eating somewhere else. However, when I found out that they have just opened another branch in Vertex 1 – a commercial building near SM San Lazaro – I decided to dine there once and for all.


The restaurant is spacious enough and can accommodate around 12-15 groups if you count those tables situated outside the restaurant.


Aside from Adobo, they also offer other main dishes such as Kare-Kare, Gising-Gising and Sisig; merienda dishes such as Adobo Spaghetti, Shanghai Rolls and Adobo Pao; desserts such as Leche Flan, Turon and Pandan Jelly.. and so much more.


Menu 1


Menu 2

Their meals are very affordable so it won’t hurt your pockets – you can even order Adobo Spaghetti for as low as Php49. Another thing that’s great about this restaurant is that they also offer kanin-all-you-can so if you think one cup of rice isn’t enough, you can get refills without paying extra charges anymore. Yey for me!!!


Now, I know I said that I LOVE Adobo a lot BUT… I also LOVE Pork Sisig a lot so when I realized that they also serve Sisig, I decided to eat that one instead. I ordered their Sisig Meal and upgraded it to GO SULIT which includes a drink and soup – all for Php155. 


Iced Tea



**Their soup is quite tasty. If I’m not mistaken, I believe they used chicken broth for this one. Really good!


Pork Sisig (Go Sulit: Php155)

Oh this pork sisig is one very delicious dish! Although I’m not a fan of mayonnaise, it actually complimented this dish a lot. It is well-seasoned and somehow, it tasted like adobo to me so in a way… you can say that I was able to eat 2 of my favorite dishes for the price of just Php155. Awesome! 


Adobo Flakes (Php99)

My brother ordered their Adobo Flakes which cost him Php115 – including a drink and soup. I was able to try their adobo flakes and true enough, it tasted like adobo and is very crispy too. My brother enjoyed it a lot. 🙂


All about Adobo…

I was very satisfied with the meal I had so I asked the manager if they also deliver. They said yes. The minimum order should at least reach Php200 but because my house is in close proximity to the restaurant – I actually pointed the location of my house to make sure –  I was told that I can still order even if the total cost is below Php200.

***Now… here’s my rant***

2 days after dining there, I called them and ordered Pork Sisig solo (Php139) and Leche Flan (Php39) which totaled Php178. Initially, they thought that I live in a condominium but when I corrected them, the woman I talked to hesitated a bit and decided to ask her supervisor first to confirm. She eventually said that they will deliver my order soon. When the delivery guy arrived and handed me my order, he informed me that the next time I order again, I already have to meet the Php200 minimum order requirement. I was surprised and confused but didn’t bother to argue since I was very hungry already. I honestly don’t get why they changed their mind. I don’t live in a condominium unit but I live next to it which is just across their restaurant so it doesn’t make any sense. I was very disappointed.

Kudos to Mang Inasal – another restaurant situated in Vertex 1 too – for allowing me to order even if the total is below Php200.

I don’t mind ordering more dishes… I don’t mind paying Php200 or more per order.. but don’t make offers or promise anything if YOU CAN’T COMMIT TO IT because that will just totally bum me out.  That’s all.

So to recap… I would still love to eat at their restaurant because their Sisig is really good and I’m sure the other dishes are just as delicious. I just probably won’t have anything delivered by them anytime soon – unless I really plan to eat a whole lot of food. Hehe!

Adobo Connection – Vertex 1 Branch

Address: Ground Floor, Vertex 1, Felix Huertas St. Sta. Cruz, Manila (beside SM San Lazaro)

Contact #: 354-8938


Facebook Page:

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