Review: OraCare Merrymint Mouthrinse

Why I love Sample Room? It’s because they always find a way to give me something new to sample. Every month, they launch products on their website, most of which I have never tried before. One of the products that I was fortunate/fast enough to grab is OraCare Merrymint Mouthrinse. 🙂


OraCare Mouthrinse Merrymint – Full size 80ml (Php57.20)

OraCare Mouthrinse contains Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide that helps get rid of bad bacteria that causes plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. It also neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds – the true source of strong mouth odors.


What makes OraCare different from other Mouthwash products out there is that it does not contain alcohol so gargling with it won’t be such a pain at all. Plus, it still gives you a mild cooling effect after rinsing so it’s actually better.

With OraCare, you no longer need to dilute it with water – you just gargle using about 15ml of the product (for 60 seconds). You don’t even have to worry about making the right measurement too since the product comes with its own cup.


The first time I used OraCare, it felt a bit weird because I was so used to other mouthwash that contain alcohol – those mouthwash that give some sort of painful burning sensation and sting. Ouch!

With the 80ml sample that I got from Sample Room, I decided to use it solely at night. I noticed that my breath is still good/fresh even after waking up the following day. It already proved to be very effective even only after 5 days of using it so there’s no question that this will be one of those products that I’m keen on buying when I visit the grocery store.

If you want to try OraCare too, you might want to check the website of Sample Room. As of 3:40AM (September 5), they still have about 91 samples available and you only need 25 points to get it. If you have more points, you can also grab other available samples that they have on their website. I find everything on their site truly worth a try. 🙂

***If this, however, is your first time to hear about Sample Room, you can check my other post to learn more about how Sample Room works. 🙂

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