Review: Pinkies Collections – Nail Polish Remover

Since I failed to blog for 3 months, I now have loads of reviews that I have yet to post. I’ll try my best to publish as much as I can before the year ends… or before I get to my depressing mode again. LOL!

I have always been fond of painting my own nails. I figured that if I do it myself, I won’t have to pay and tip anyone for their service anymore. Plus, I get really disappointed when I go to some nail spas that charge a lot of money for manicure and pedicure but then ends up delivering poor service – total waste of money.

Aside from trying out different brands of Nail Polish, I am also in constant search of products that can remove nail polish in a fast and easy way. Acetone has always been the go-to product for most consumers but now, there is another product that is getting a lot of attention – it’s simply called the “Nail Polish Remover (Wipes)”. It is supposedly easier to use because you no longer need to pour acetone solution in every cotton ball that you have to use. The nail polish remover provides us with cotton pads that are already soaked in a much-better-solution-than-acetone, making the entire application process easier, faster and safer too.

There are many brands offering nail polish remover wipes/pads but it’s usually so hard for me to buy one since it’s not always available – or in some cases, non-existent – in department stores near my area. Luckily, I was able to find one in Watson’s in SM San Lazaro a few days ago. Weeee!!!


Pinkies Collections – Nail Polish Remover

This nail polish remover is not for sale though. It comes as a free item that you can get when you buy a nail polish from Pinkies Collections. Their nail polish products are not very expensive – you can buy one for only Php89 – so I decided to buy one in red in order to get the freebie. For the price of Php89, you already get a nail polish and a free nail polish remover so I think that it’s a good deal already.



Nail Polish Remover

Their packaging does not say much about the kind of solution that they used. The only thing I know is that it comes with fruits and Aloe Vera extracts – this makes the scent a lot more bearable than using acetone. I don’t know how many pads are included per pack but from the looks of it, I think there are probably about 30 cotton pads in there. Compared to the other nail polish remover wipes that I have tried before, this one uses an oil-based cotton pad. In my experience of using it, I can say that it did a decent job in removing my red nail polish. The only thing I don’t like about this particular product is that because it uses an oil-based solution, some of my fingers were pretty much covered in oil after using the pads. Although it can easily be washed off, I still found it kind of icky. Lol!


**I recorded a video of me using the nail polish remover. At first, I didn’t notice that I grabbed two pads (as it was very thin) so I guess that is why it resulted to a lot more oil than usual. Hehe! This video will show you how easy it is to use a nail polish remover wipe. Although I wasn’t thrilled with it being oily, I still think that this is way better than dealing with acetone. If you are interested to get this product too, go to any Watson’s stores and look for the Pinkies Collections brand. I don’t know how long will they offer this as a free item so I suggest that you get one now. 🙂


Pinkies Collections

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