Review: Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station

Last week, I posted a review about my favorite affordable roast beef with rice sold at Hot Chicks in SM malls…  today, I will be sharing with you about Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station.


Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this stall in the Food Court section of SM San Lazaro. As you know, I love love love roast beef so to have 2 stores offering my favorite dish is like a blessing to me. 🙂



Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station offers 8 different options for customers to choose from. Compared to the Php69 Roast Beef with Rice that I always buy from Hot Chicks, Chef Resty’s roast beef costs more – their roast beef with rice (RB7) costs about Php120. Also, I was told that if I want additional sauce, it would be free if I’m dining at the food court but if it’s for take-out, I would have to pay additional Php5 or 10 (I forgot) for it – that part I wasn’t happy about because every time I buy roast beef from Hot Chicks and ask them for more sauce, they would always happily give me extras free of charge.




To be honest, the first time I tried Chef Resty’s Roast Beef, I was quite disappointed because I felt like I didn’t get enough beef for the price of Php120. I guess I was thinking that way because I couldn’t help but compare it with the amount of roast beef that I would normally get from the other store for a much cheaper price (Php69). If I haven’t had any other stores to compare it with, I probably would have been satisfied in my first try.



Second time’s a charm! At last, I finally got better and more slices of beef than last time. When I first ordered at Chef Resty’s, I asked the server about the amount of roast beef that I will get and I was told that it’s 100 grams. Now, seeing both pictures above, I kind of feel that the server got the weight right the 2nd time but failed the 1st time as it didn’t feel like it was worth Php120.


100 grams of Roast Beef

Despite paying more than usual for my daily dose of roast beef, I think that their price is just about right considering the kind of quality that they offer. Their roast beef is very tender and tastes like the ones you would normally find in the carving stations of buffet restaurants. Its sauce is very delicious and quite addicting too. The fats are heavenly… Lol! In fact, I think that once you get a taste of their roast beef, you’ll find yourself craving for it more and more.

I just wish that they would at least give an extra sauce for free even if it’s for take-out. Hihi! I am okay with paying a little more for the roast beef but not for the sauce.  😉

***Update: (January 23, 2014) I just found out from the owner of Chef Resty’s that they were just invited by SM San Lazaro as a guest exhibitor/tenant during the holidays so if you go to SM San Lazaro now, you won’t be able to see their stall anymore. I’m so sad. 😦

Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station

Contact #s: 681-7642/ 0917-4329953

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