Review: Magic Leverag Curlers

I have always relied on my straightening iron when it comes to curling my thick long hair.  Yes… I always use a straightening iron and not a curling iron because… well, I am just really used to it. Once in a while though, I get really lazy because curling your own hair is not that easy at all. For this reason, I have decided to try a curling product that I found on the Internet.

IMG_6159 copy

Magic Leverag

IMG_6161 copy

Magic Leverag is a safer and faster alternative for curling one’s hair. One box comes with 7 short curlers, 7 long ones and a tool which will be used for the curling process. It’s really not hard to use the product. Anybody can get it right the first time.

I have posted a short video below to show you how it’s done. 🙂

IMG_6157 copy

*Before*IMG_6169 copyIMG_6170 copy

I used the product while my hair was 50% wet because I didn’t think that the curls would stick that long if my hair had been completely dry. I let the curlers stay for 2 hours because I wanted to make sure that the result would be really good. You can let it stay for as short or as long as you want but I think that 1-2 hours would already be enough unless your hair is 100% wet or 100% dry, then you’ll have to let the curlers stay longer.

IMG_6174 copy

*After*As you can see in the picture above, the product did work! However, because I have long thick hair, the 14-pc curlers didn’t seem enough for me.  Putting more strands in just one curler will make the curls look loose over time and so I decided to buy 2 more boxes and gave it one more try.

IMG_6527 copyIMG_6529 copy

*I used all 42 curlers (short and long) for my hair and I let it stay for 2 hours and a half this time.

IMG_6542 copyIMG_6544 copyIMG_6546 copy

The effect? Simply amazing!  If you compare the pictures of my 1st and 2nd try, you’ll notice a big difference. The curls were much more defined, my hair looked more alive and my hair color became more visible. I love it so much! It was almost unreal to me. Hahaha!!

IMG_6551 copy

*The picture above shows you how my hair looked the following day. It’s awesome to see my hair still curly, albeit loosely, even after several hours. Cool, huh? 🙂

You will find a lot of these products being sold in some of the most popular discount websites in the Philippines. Quick tip though, should you find this product worth a try, don’t buy yours on discount websites. You might think that their prices are cheap already – some are sold for Php150-Php300 – but it’s actually NOT. You have to remember that some of the products found on those discount sites are supplied by other individuals who would want to earn some extra dough so their prices are sometimes a little higher than those sold on or some online stores on Facebook. I bought mine at the shopping mall “168” along Divisoria for the amount of Php100 only. If you can’t go to 168, you can still buy this product for an even cheaper price (Php80) at an online store I found on Facebook. The owner of Stuff Mania sells a lot of different products that are far more affordable than those found on discount websites. I even bought a mini ice cream maker from her before so you can be sure that her online store is real. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Review: Magic Leverag Curlers

    • Hi. I’m not sure if they sell this in SM but if they do, I bet it will be more expensive. It’s best if you buy it in places similar to 168. 🙂

    • Hi. I have long thick hair and it usually takes me 20 minutes. It really depends on your hair length and thickness. If you want to play it safe, you can just do it an hour before you leave. 🙂

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