Review: Royal Lake Spa

For this post, I will no longer beat around the bush since I do have so much to say about my recent visit at Royal Lake Spa.

Royal Lake Spa
Wensha Spa Logo

Royal Lake Spa is located along Timog Avenue, corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City. In case you are wondering why Royal Lake Spa’s logo is similar to that of Wensha Spa, that is because both owners were married. My source told me that they have separated already. For some reason, the wife got the 2 Wensha Spa branches located in Pasay and Quezon City while the husband only got the Antipolo branch. Eventually, the husband decided to buy/rent the building in QC that used to be known as the City Life Spa. He made very few renovations inside the building and changed the name into Royal Lake Spa but made its logo similar to Wensha Spa – I’m guessing the wife agreed to this.

Anyway, I wasn’t really keen on trying this new place but my brother persuaded me. He said that it has the same amenities as Wensha Spa plus they have a bar area and karaoke too. My brother bought two vouchers on Metrodeal so that it would be cheaper. The cost per voucher is just Php545 and it already includes a 60-minute body massage, eat-all-you-can and shabu-shabu, 3 hours karaoke time, drinks all you can at the bar area, and free use of the amenities. All these things can be enjoyed provided you do it in the span of 6 hours. If you stay longer, you’ll have to pay some charges.

The first time we went to Royal Lake Spa, we weren’t allowed to enter and it wasn’t because it was closing time – Royal Lake Spa is open 24/7 – but because they already ran out of towels and food. I remember that it was 10PM then so not having food to offer meant that they probably did not anticipate to have a lot of customers that night OR that they just didn’t have enough food supplies to last for 24 hours – either way, I was disappointed.



We went back to the spa the following day and we actually went earlier (around 7PM) to make sure that they won’t run out of food again. Just like in Wensha Spa, you will also be given a pair of slippers that you’ll need to put on while you are inside – in the meantime, your shoes will be kept in their storage area. This 6-story building has an elevator but it wasn’t working that time so we had to use the stairs the entire time.

IMG_6442 copy IMG_6436 copy IMG_6435 copy

IMG_6440 copy IMG_6441 copy IMG_6439 copy IMG_6438 copy IMG_6437 copy IMG_6443 copy


My Plate

Their foot spa and dining area are located on the 3rd floor. My impression? The space was really big but they wasted it. There weren’t enough tables and chairs and, to be honest, I didn’t like the ones they used because it looked old. The buffet area had very few choices of food. They had a chicken dish, another dish which I wasn’t familiar with, and 2 pork dishes – I frankly couldn’t tell the difference between the two. The pork dishes were mostly fats but I’m not complaining because I do love fats. The food wasn’t that bad. I think I wasn’t expecting much about the food considering I only paid Php545 for the entire package.

IMG_6446 copy IMG_6450 copyIMG_6449 copy IMG_6448 copy IMG_6447 copyIMG_6453 copy IMG_6452 copyIMG_6458 copyIMG_6455 copy

IMG_6451 copy IMG_6461 copy IMG_6462 copy

Our next stop was their Karaoke bar located on the 6th floor. Our Metrodeal voucher stated that we get 3 hours Karaoke time but the guy in-charge told us that the free time is no longer 3 hours but just 1 hour and that additional hours would already cost Php50/person/hour. This was not okay for me. I know I’m not going to sing for 3 hours but the idea that I’m limited to just an hour even though the voucher stated otherwise felt like I got cheated. I’m sure that the other people (in big groups) who bought the vouchers thinking they could all hang out in one room and sing for 3 hours would be devastated as well. My brother told me that the room that we got used to be City Life Spa’s VIP room… that explains the sink (not working) and the toilet. Although it was only an hour, I still enjoyed it…. THAT despite being bummed.

IMG_6487 copyIMG_6488 copy IMG_6486 copyIMG_6466 copy IMG_6467 copyIMG_6464 copy IMG_6469 copy IMG_6470 copy IMG_6471 copy IMG_6472 copy IMG_6473 copy IMG_6474 copy IMG_6476 copy IMG_6477 copy IMG_6480 copy

After singing, we went to the Wet Floor Area (2nd floor) to change our clothes. Now, I was okay with the not-so-awesome food and the 1-hour karaoke time but the wet floor area, specifically the locker room, was totally unacceptable. The female locker room looked so filthy!!! The only toilet inside was out of order and it smelled so bad too. Used towels and bathrobes were all over the place. Nobody was inside the locker room to keep it clean. It even took me 15 minutes to learn where to get my towel and bathrobe because no one was there. Their staff comes and goes and I have no idea why they would even leave their post during working hours and not have anyone on standby.

IMG_6484 copy IMG_6478 copy IMG_6482 copy

When I finally got a hold of one of their staffs, she told me that they ran out of shorts so she just gave me a top and a towel first. I’ve seen other women covering their bottom with their towel while they wait. In my case, I just decided to use their sauna for a while and take a shower to kill time.  After 30 minutes or so, I was able to get my shorts but as you can see in the picture above, I had a different colored shorts. This place was so unorganized that it was hard to tell which gender uses green and which one uses red – it’s all mix and match. I can’t even understand why they experienced a shortage on shorts since it’s supposed to be a pair…. ALWAYS A PAIR. Plus, the towel that they gave me was new…. and not the ones that are newly washed, by the way. The towels were really new… as in, I saw the staff removing the tag before giving it to me – SO NOT HYGIENIC!!!

IMG_6490 copy

The place was so bad that I saw and heard one customer (I blurred his face in the picture) complaining to the person in-charge of the spa. He said that the dining area was very dirty and I agree. The floor was not clean at all. He even said “If I eat your food, are you sure that nothing bad will happen to me?” I figured that if the customer could only see the female locker room, he would be more shocked and possibly more annoyed. I even saw some empty candy wrappers on the side of the couches and it probably took an hour before I saw someone cleaning the area. Tsk tsk tsk…

IMG_6492 copy IMG_6493 copy

Everything in this building looks old. The massage area was no different but I didn’t care much because nothing can be worse than their wet floor area. The person who massaged me was really good. Actually, she used to work in Wensha Spa – Antipolo branch but was transferred to Royal Lake Spa. This means that their massage style is exactly the same as what you’ll get if you go to Wensha Spa. While the 60-minute massage was nice, I didn’t get to enjoy it to the fullest because my masseuse kept on burping. She burped 10 times – yes, I counted. Although it wasn’t too loud, it was definitely loud enough for me to hear and the worse part is that she never excused herself… not even once. It was so gross!

IMG_6494 copy IMG_6495 copyIMG_6508 copy IMG_6507 copyIMG_6496 copyIMG_6497 copy IMG_6498 copy IMG_6510 copy IMG_6513 copyIMG_6508 copy IMG_6507 copyIMG_6506 copy IMG_6505 copy

We went to the dining area for the second time to try their shabu-shabu and some other dishes. Their shabu-shabu isn’t the same as the one in Wensha Spa. For one thing, they didn’t have any meat, just seafood dumplings and balls. You also don’t get to cook your own food at Royal Lake Spa. You have to get a bowl and put everything you want in there and then give it to the cook so that he can prepare it for you. Their shabu-shabu wasn’t bad. I just wished that they would put some condiments on the tables so that you can alter improve the flavor based on your preference.

Obviously, my experience in this spa wasn’t that favorable. Did I get my money’s worth? I guess I did. I got to eat a lot of food, sang for an hour, used their sauna, and had an hour massage… all for just Php545.  Do I want to go back? NO. I honestly didn’t mind the lack of choices on food and the change of rules on the hour of karaoke time but I just can’t handle a dirty locker room. It wasn’t well-maintained. On top of that, I would not want to be massaged again by someone who can’t keep herself from burping.

This spa needs a lot of improvements. I hope that they will be able to read this post so that they can take note of some of the most common complaints of most customers who had been to their place. Offering affordable deals is not enough to lure your customers into going back to your spa… and that’s a fact.

***Also, my source told me that since December 2013, the employees have not received their salaries. Instead, they were given gift certificates which they can offer to others for a much cheaper price than the ones offered in Metrodeal. Hmmm….


Royal Lake Spa

Address: #60 Timog Ave. Corner Tomas Morato, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

Contact #s: 376-3184/ 376-3972/ 376-3132

Facebook Page:

11 thoughts on “Review: Royal Lake Spa

  1. My mom and I had the same experience and we filed a complaint against Metrodeal, and to our dismay, they are only offering us refund of the voucher without apologies. They told us that if this is truly happening, why is it that we are the only one filing a complaint in DTI. We had a chance to meet with them at DTI office and they are late and it seems that we are the one who owe Metrodeal an explanation. We tried to tell them about all this blogs going on about the same advertisement that they had, and the response we got is ” It’s only TSISMIS, since no one is filing. DTI says that there is no need to go to them, we just need to file a complaint via email and they will schedule you. Here are the email address of Metrodeal, DTI, and Royal Lake. If this indeed trully happened to you. I dare you to take the next step. They don’t have regard to their customer, so long as they are earning. It think, it’s just time to work on it.

    DTI ,
    Metrodeal ,
    Royal Lake

    Jenny Mei

    • Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience at Royal Lake Spa. While I didn’t really get everything that was mentioned in Metrodeal, I didn’t bother to complain anymore: With Metrodeal, I have heard a lot of complaints against them, most of which have something to do with misrepresentation of deals. I think that most people would just resort to social media or blogs to express their rants about the deals that they bought. In my case, I figured not to complain anymore because even though I was obviously disgusted with the way they operate their spa, I think that I was still able to get my money’s worth in terms of food and the 1-hr massage. That said, I have no plans to go back there again so in a way… that is one less customer for both Royal Lake Spa and Metrodeal.

  2. Hi ladies,

    I think something’s fishy going on in between Metrodeal and Royal Lake. Ive reviewed the voucher i bougt a month ago knowing that it will expire in June. To my surprise the link to that deal was deleted. Dapat makikita pa rin natin yun link at nakaspecify na di na available yung deal. So it prompt me to view my voucher na lang to verify the details. And again to my surprise iniba nila yung voucher validity. From June ginawa nilang Feb 16. I was like wtf?! that means inexpired nila ito forcefully, 2 vouchers inavail ko and 1k+ worth of money is not a joke. That’s why I searched for blogs and meron naman ako nahanap na the expiry is till June as per the receptionist in RoyalLake.

    Guys this should be reported, if may reklamo kayo against the mgmt of Metrodeal or RoyalLake file it. They should reimburse our money or offer other service of equal amount if they cant give the service we bought for.

    • Hi. You should really complain and ask for a refund. I passed by Royal Lake Spa’s area recently and I saw that it was already closed. As in the signage has been removed as well. I have no idea if they moved or if they are permanently closed. Even their Facebook page is gone. You need to talk to Metrodeal about this..

      • Hi pettyminnie,

        What particular bad experience did you encounter in Royal lake and Metrodeal?
        I believe Jen was able to use her voucher but not satisfied with the service.
        Is it the same in your case or you have not use your voucher thats why they offer you a refund?
        Can you relay to us what case did you file and against whom?

        Sakin kasi diko pa nagagamit voucher ko and inexpire na nila to then nalaman kong close na ang RL Spa. That renders my vouchers useless w/o me knowing it. So i guess this is an issue on both of the parties.
        If pwede ka ma add sa FB let me know.


  3. I knew it i have that instinct yesterday because they cannot be contacted. Would you help me detailed how and to whom should I file a report please? Kindly add me in FB “Jed Advincula” or I’ll add you if you can give me ur fb. I hope pettyminnie “Jenny Mei” will pursue her filed complaint.

    Thanks ladies.

    • Hi. I have no idea where else to file a complaint. You can try DTI though. I was told that the owner of Royal Lake Spa was the husband of the owner of Wensha Spa. Maybe you can ask them for information about your voucher. Another thing you can do is to call Metrodeal. They should return your money…

  4. Hey I just called Metrodeal and they offer to reimburse this through metrodeal credits. So far the terms are good, seems like it would be processed within a week and seems like the credits got no expiry date. That’s kinda fair for me though they havent answered me when i ask them why they expire my voucher without letting me know. Anyway hayyy!!(sigh of relief) 1 problem down,, troubles go away pls:D

    Just sharing.. hope you guys receive fair treatment in your case as well.

    Thanks ladies. I appreciate your replies, advice and support.
    Thanks for the blog Jen.. really helpful! Hope we can be friend in fb soon;)

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