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Have I mentioned that I love gadgets??? Well, I do… a lot! When PLDT released their Telpad, I was probably one of the very first few to get one. Now, PLDT has a new offering to its subscribers.

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TVolution is the newest product of PLDT. It’s a very tiny gadget that can turn your ordinary TV into an Internet TV. Imagine this… TVolution makes your TV into one huge tablet device. Lol! I know that there have been a lot of televisions out there that have a built-in Internet but not everyone can afford it so getting a TVolution would definitely be your best bet. For TVolution to work, your TV has to be an LCD TV because you will have to connect the gadget to your TV through HDMI. Also, not all subscribers can get a TVolution because PLDT has some requirements for this. To be able to avail one, you must be an existing Fibr subscriber or have a DSL Plan 999 (3 Mbps) and up or a Telpad Plan 2099 (3 Mbps) and up. The reason for this is that if your Internet speed is lower than 3 Mbps, you won’t be able to enjoy using the TVolution since the connection will not be good at all. If you are qualified, you’ll be allowed to get 1 TVolution for just Php199/month payable in 24 months. After 2 years, the TVolution is all yours regardless if you decide to have your Internet terminated or not. You can apply online, at the business office or over the phone. Once your application has been approved, the TVolution will be delivered to you for free within 3-5 working days. It also comes with a 7-day replacement and 1-year service warranty.

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Just like the PLDT Telpad, TVolution is also a product of Huawei that is already incorporated with several PLDT features. I’ve seen the actual product on Huawei’s website – they call it MediaQ Smart TV Box – but I’m not sure if we can actually buy one in the Philippines.

The box includes a remote control, a power adapter, a USB Y cable, the Smart TV Box, a warranty card and a manual. The USB Y cable comes with a USB extended port that can be connected to a USB device, such as a flash drive, a hard disk, a mouse, etc. The remote control is bluetooth enabled so pairing it to your TVolution won’t be difficult. Aside from the included remote control, you can also use a mouse, a keyboard, a PLDT Telpad or even a smartphone to control the device. I have tried both the keyboard and the mouse but I haven’t tried using my Telpad yet. I tried using my Iphone but I guess the application that PLDT has provided does not work on IOS devices.

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The TVolution (Smart TV Box) comes with up to 4GB memory available for storing files and data. It also has a micro SD card slot (for extra storage space) , an STB in (set-top-box), a micro USB port, an HDMI out, a USB port, and a multi-functional audio port. The micro USB port is used to connect the power adapter to the device through the USB Y cable. The USB port is used for connecting a mouse, a keyboard, a flash drive, or other USB devices. Since the USB Y cable has a USB extended port, this means that you get to connect two USB devices to your TVolution. In my case, I use one port for my mouse and the other one for my cheap game-pad. Hehe!

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Using this device is very easy. The manual has listed everything there is to know about this product.

Once connected to your TV, you’ll see PLDT’s home screen. The TVolution has several pre-installed Apps such as News5Everywhere, Spinnr, Clickplay, Kingsoft Office, EA Games, My Pinoy TV, YouTube, and more. If you subscribe to Clickplay or My Pinoy TV, you can watch movies and TV series streamed from the Internet on your TV. If you are budget conscious like I am (Lol!), you can opt to watch different videos through YouTube. Since YouTube has millions of videos, I was actually able to find some of my favorite songs in “Karaoke-mode” so I connected a microphone to my DVD player, turned it on and just started singing. Haha! I don’t even have to buy a Magic Sing anymore. As long as my Internet is working, I can just use my TVolution for hours of fun Karaoke time. 🙂

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Aside from these, you can also go to the Play Store App to download some free games and applications. Please note though that not all games and applications are applicable for this device. For instance, some applications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype or even Yahoo Messenger are not available for download. I don’t mind it, really. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, I just use the Browser app to log-in to my account. 🙂

If you are interested to get one but have an Internet speed lower than 3 Mbps, you can request for a plan upgrade. Once your plan has been upgraded, you can already apply for a TVolution. For non-PLDT subscribers, you can check PLDT’s website to find out the best plan for you. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Pldt TVolution

  1. Hi just a question, is the Optical Audio Out in the TVolution can accomodate Optical TOSLink cable? most STBs and Android TV Media Players nowadays have TOSLink port instead of Coaxial or RCA. Thanks!

    • Hi. 🙂 sorry, I never got to check the function of the optical audio out. I would suggest that you call PLDT to make sure which gadgets you can use with it. 🙂

  2. Great review btw. I also got mine last Friday, were you able to use the USB slot(on the device) to read USB sticks? the Y usb reads up to 1 TB, Im guessing the USB slot on the device its only for mouse or keyboard functions.

    • Hi. I’m glad you got one too.. I find it to be very useful especially when someone else is using my laptop. Lol! As for the USB slot on the device, I haven’t tried connecting a flash drive yet but their manual states that you can connect a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, or any other USB device. 🙂

  3. hello sir/mam, there’s a problem when im pairing the remote control. the red light on the usb port on the tvolution doesnt turns on blue, on my tv screen mediaQ instruction appeared and it want to pair with bluetooth control and says “press and hold the volume up and ok buttons, i did it but still nothing happened, this tvolution is newly bought and the batteries is new so i dont have any problems with it. just the pairing of the remote control. i hope you can help me with this

    • Hi. Sorry, I just saw your message. Have you made it work already? If not, I would suggest that you call PLDT regarding that. It could be a problem with the remote control.

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