Unboxing: Special Edition Belo Glamourbox

Are you ready for summer? We are nearing the end of February and soon enough, we’ll be seeing some hot stuff here and there…  😉

This month’s beauty box from Glamourbox is all about summer preparations. Glamourbox has teamed up with Belo Essentials to give us some beauty products that would help us survive the soon-to-be scorching weather.


I was really thrilled when Glamourbox announced that they will have another special edition box this month. I haven’t tried any products from Belo Essentials so I thought that this would be the perfect time to test it. Plus, Belo is like the go-to-guy gal of most people in the entertainment industry for their beauty needs so I bet that their products are just as good/effective as well.  🙂


Special Edition Belo Glamourbox

Here are the products that I got:


Belo Sunexpert Face Cover SPF40 – 50ml (Php329.75)

This moisturizing facial sunscreen effectively provides broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. It has Cell Protect formula that strengthens the skin’s defense system while preventing accelerated premature skin aging. I tried some of it awhile ago and I like that it’s not sticky at all. It’s fast absorbing and best of all is that it comes with SPF 40. I’d say, that is enough protection for my face.


Belo Sunexpert Body Shield SPF60 – 100ml (Php459.75)

This moisturizing sunscreen has the same functions/effects as the moisturizing facial sunscreen. The only difference is that this one comes with SPF 60, which is great for your body’s protection.


Belo Sunexpert Transparent Mist SPF50 – 100ml (Php449.75)

Like the first two products, this one does the same thing to your skin except that it comes with SPF 50 and it’s in a transparent mist-type. Now, I like this one better as I am able to spray on my back with minimal efforts. Lol! It is also quick-absorbing and smells a little nicer than its lotion counterpart.


Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll On – 40ml (Php89.75)


Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Aerosol – 140ml (Php179.75)

I got two whitening anti-perspirant deodorant – aerosol and roll on – that offer 24-hour protection against sweat. It also minimizes pores and soothes skin from plucking and shaving. This is specially handy during the summer months where humidity is all the more present.


Belo Underarm Whitening Cream – 40g (Php799.75)

Ahhh…. this is the most expensive product in the bunch. Even its packaging looks luxurious to me. Hehe! Since the product didn’t come with its box, I didn’t see much information about this except for the ones provided by Glamourbox. It is an underarm whitening cream that fights hyperpigmentation at the cellular level. It claims that you can already see some results in just 14 days!


All in all, I got 6 amazing products from Belo Essentials, all of which are full-sized products. The total value of all the products is around Php2300 and as usual, I only paid Php595 for the entire box. If you have plans to spend most of your summer outside your house and more so at the beach, I suggest that you go get yourself this special edition Glamourbox. It will save you tons of money, which will then leave you with a bigger budget for you bikinis. ^_^


Website: https://glamourbox.ph/index.php

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GlamourboxPH

Belo Essentials

Website: http://beloessentials.ph

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/beloessentials?fref=ts

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