Plagiarizing my work? Oh Hell No!!!

When I decided to start a blog last year, my intention was to be able to share my own thoughts about the restaurants I try, products I use, gadgets I buy, hotels I stay in, etc. This means that if I have nothing in mind to share, then I will not post anything as well. If I do decide to write a review about something, I make sure not to read other people’s reviews beforehand so that it will in no way influence my comments/thoughts/rants.

One of the things I like to write about is my beauty box subscriptions. Every time I get my hands on new samples of products, I always feel excited to share it on my blog. Yesterday, for instance, I got a package from Glamourbox filled with great products from Belo Essentials. Immediately after opening it, I decided to take pictures of each item and write about it on this blog. Then, I posted the article’s URL link on the Facebook page of Glamourbox, my Facebook account and Belo Essentials’ Facebook page. In fact, I was the very first one to post about my unboxing experience on Glamourbox’s page. Later in the afternoon, I tried to check their Facebook page again to see if the other girls have already received their boxes and there it was… one new post just above mine… sharing her URL link too. I decided to check it out because I wanted to know if we got the same products or not but while I was reading her post, I slowly realized that her article was similar to mine… way too similar, actually. The way the list of items were written together with its corresponding weight/sizes and prices were EXACTLY the same. To be honest, I would have been fine if it was just the listing of the items because I would like to think that there is really a good chance that my way of listing would be the same as others. Rephrasing my comments and thoughts, however, is a totally different thing.

my post 3

her post 3

I confronted her on Glamourbox’s FB page. I made a reply on her post and told her to change her article because I don’t like anybody copying my stuff. She admitted copying information from the curator card (included in the beauty box) but she denied copying my post. She said that she has never read my blog and that when she got her beauty box, she took pictures of it and immediately posted her thoughts on her blog. Are you kidding me?! I mean… come on!  I’m sure that I don’t have a twin. We don’t even look alike so I know you are not my twin. I can’t possibly give you the benefit of the doubt because it is just way too impossible that you would use the same words and have the same sentence structure as mine. Uggghhh!!! The last reply she posted on Facebook was her saying that she never copied my post and that if it really means that much to me, she will edit her article. She said that she wouldn’t want her blog to be tainted by this incident. A few minutes later, her original post on the Glamourbox’s page was gone… and so are all the replies attached to it.

If she didn’t really copy my post, why would she succumbed to editing her post?! If you know you did nothing wrong, then you have nothing to be afraid of. Nobody can ruin your reputation if you hold the truth. Think about that!

Somehow, someone saw our exchange of words on Glamourbox’s FB page before it was deleted and she sent me a personal message informing me that the SAME PERSON also copied a post from her friend’s blog. Coincidence? I think not. According to her blog’s statistics info, she has about 593 posts so far. I am really wondering how many of those were copies from other people’s blogs and how many times she had to rephrase sentences just to make it appear as her own.

copy cat

I gave her a deadline. I told her to change her post before midnight strikes (February 21, 2014 – 11:59PM). I think it was around 10PM when I noticed the changes that she made but, unfortunately, it didn’t make a difference. She did change bits and pieces of her post but some parts of it still reflect mine. I hate that she didn’t completely change her article and I hate that she didn’t bother to apologize for it.

I was able to save a copy of her “supposed” original post (in PDF format) before it was edited. I will post some parts of it here and I will also include a copy of my work. I’d say… you be the judge.

my post


her post


Changing “summer preparations” into “preparations for this summer”  is still the SAME thing. Adding the word “hot” in between “soon-to-be scorching” and “weather” doesn’t help either. For Pete’s sake! You could have at least removed the hyphens. Tsk!

my post 2


her post 2


Seriously?! You couldn’t even change “The total value of all the products is around Php2300 and as usual, I only paid Php595 for the entire box.”???!!!  Even the smiley face at the end is the same!

Piece of advice: If you don’t know how to put your own thoughts into writing, then don’t blog at all.

16 thoughts on “Plagiarizing my work? Oh Hell No!!!

  1. I was browsing at Glamourbox’s comments to see others’ unboxing posts then I stumbled to this one. I haven’t seen her entry nor have I read your unboxing yet (forgive me). But copying a co-blogger’s work is serious. We put so much time and effort in our posts for our readers and because we love what we’re doing. It’s so disappointing how people can take our work so lightly that they think they can just copy whatever, whenever they want.

    Anyway, keep your head up. Your readers will always know the difference between your post & a post of someone who just copied your work.

    Good Luck! x

    • Hi. She edited parts of her post already but I wasn’t satisfied with it since there were still some parts that she left unchanged. It is true though that people will be able to tell that she just copied someone else’s post because I noticed that when she modified my post, hers became grammatically incorrect. I get really irritated that she would keep denying it despite the evidence. Who knows… she might have copied some of your posts too…. let’s hope not though.

  2. Hi Jen! I managed to find your plagiarist out of sheer curiosity. I checked her blog posts and possibly around 90% of her posts are plagiarized works. She has a Page Rank 2! What a ****! A lot of her posts are also grammatically incorrect.

    I am a blogger and I could relate to your sentiments. Cheer up. I informed her ‘sources’ how their works ended up in her blog. I hope we could get the best out of it.

    • That is so true. Sometimes it is easy to spot fake articles when their sentences no longer make sense. Not just that, my friend is part owner of Sample Room and when I told her about this girl, she tried checking their system too and found out that she would also cheat by registering two accounts in Sample Room, one for her and another one for her so-called boyfriend (at that time, she said her boyfriend lives with her in the same house). Few weeks after she got busted, she told Sample Room that she and her boyfriend already broke up and so she would like to add another member of her family in Sample Room in exchange of her boyfriend. LOL.

  3. This is so sad this happened to you. It’s a testimonial of an unboxing experience, so it should not be the same. Each experience is different,even what’s sent to you is the same.

    Important that you have to quote the person who said it. If it’s word per word , use the quotation marks to quote directly what the person said exactly and not changing the exact words said, and the source of where you got the idea, and the link.

    • I agree sis. Apparently, she has done it several times because someone told me that her blogger friend also found out that one of her posts was copied. I checked that person’s blog and she seem to have a lot of posts already. It makes me think that most of it (if not all) are probably taken from other blogs. What a poor soul.

  4. What’s the name of the blogger? Maybe I can check it out…it’s not fair for you because you’ve worked hard to make great content….

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