Sample Room’s “Inspire” Exclusive Gift Bag


When Sample Room posted the above picture on their Facebook page last week, a lot of ladies went crazy over it. Sample Room has come up with their version of a beauty box in the form of a beauty bag. They already released an exclusive gift bag before but I didn’t make the cut so I was very delighted when I found out that I was able to make it to this one. The difference between this bag and the other beauty boxes out there is that we are already given an idea about the total value of all the products even before purchasing it and the best part is that they also inform the members about the brands that are included in the bag.

Most of the products found in the gift bag will probably be available on their website for sampling but the beauty of getting this bag is that I no longer have to worry about availing samples on their site before it runs out. 🙂


I was so surprised when the village guards handed me this package.  The bag itself is so cute! I find the color theme to be “inspiring” and I just love that extra sleeve pocket that comes with it.

There are 13 products inside the bag. Let’s check each one:


Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick – Sweet Tart 8 (Php199)


The Konjac Natural Sponge (Php365)

I haven’t tried this type of sponge before but I am really curious at how good this is since it costs Php365. I find it to be pretty expensive for a sponge but it does make sense considering it is made in Jeju island in Korea.


United Colors of Benetton Let’s Love – 30ml (Php850)

This is one of my favorite products inside the bag simply because every time Sample Room offers limited samples of full-size perfumes on their website, I always fail to grab one. Hehe!


ZA True White Cleansing Foam – 100g


Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask – 1 Sheet (Php541.67)

This happens to be a very expensive face mask from Shiseido. I have already tried this one before – thanks to Sample Room – so I’m really glad to get another one. This face mask smells so good!


Charm PRO Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush #8 (Php319.20)

A few days ago, I purchased a Charm Pretty in Pink 14-pc Vegan Make Up Brush Set from Sophie – owner of the Beauty & Minerals online store – but even with that, I still got very excited when I saw this Charm Pro Eyeshadow Brush in the bag. The Vegan Make up Brush is already awesome so imagine what a Pro brush would be like…  🙂


NYX Lipliner Pencil – 817 Hot Red

I don’t know how much this costs in the Philippines but I saw it being sold on Ebay for $4.99 so I think the price is just about right. I love that I got the hot red shade and I’m truly hoping that it won’t irritate my lips. The last time I applied a “red” lipstick, my lips became swollen. Here’s to wishing that a hot red lipliner won’t have the same effect on my lips.


Pevonia Botanica Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream – 15ml (Php1122)

This is the most expensive product in the bunch. I have already tried this before and it’s actually quite grueling to use because there are a few steps that should be followed in order for the product to work.


Ahava Mineral Shower Gel – 200ml (Php695)


Ahava Comforting Cream – 15ml (Php598.50)


Ahava Dermud Intensive Hand Cream – 20ml (Php179)


Ahava Gentle Body Exfoliator – 7ml (Php36.75)


Ahava Mineral Body Exfoliator – 7ml (Php33.25)

Because of too much excitement on getting all these products, I decided to go “Ahava” from neck to toe yesterday. The first thing I used was the gentle body exfoliator. The 7ml sample was enough for one time use only. The next one I used was the mineral shower gel. This product smells so good and it is not overpowering at all. My skin felt smooth and soft after using this gel. The 3rd one I used was the comforting cream. Since it costs too much, I couldn’t use a lot of it awhile ago. The good thing about this product though is that it can really moisturize my skin even if I only use a small amount of it. The hand cream that I got was also very effective. 🙂

I paid Php1290 for this exclusive gift bag and I got over Php5000 worth of beauty products. I’d say, that’s a very good deal! 🙂

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