Juice Barista’s 1-Day Detox Kit

It seems that Juice Detoxing is becoming more and more popular not just in other countries but also in the Philippines. I have heard of this before but I never got the chance to try it out since a day of detox would mean having to pay a lot of money and I wasn’t really up for it… until now. 😉

Two weeks ago, I was checking some of the deals found on the Groupon website and I came across a very enticing deal involving a day of juice detox. What got me hooked initially was the price. Juice Barista offered 2 options to choose from: P384 for 1-Day Smoothie Detox Kit and P799 for 1-Day Juice Detox Kit. Obviously, I chose the cheaper one. Lol!


Groupon Deal

Both Detox Kits comprise of 6 bottles and you get to choose which flavors you want to order. If you purchase the Smoothie Detox Kit, you will only have 4 flavors to choose from but if you purchase the Juice Detox Kit, you’ll be able to choose 6 out of 9 available flavors. The Juices are more expensive and I think it’s partly because they had to use more ingredients (fruits and vegetables) than the smoothies.

Here are the available flavors for both Detox Kits:


  • Sexier Than Chocolate: Carob, Saba, Lettuce, Spinach, and Nutmeg
  • Strong Like Popeye: Spinach, Lettuce, Mango, Saba, and Cinnamon
  • Tango In The Mango: Mango, Coconut Water, and Cayenne Pepper
  • Pinya Coolada: Pineapple, Coconut Water, and Saba


  • Green Cayenne Reboot: Lettuce, Cucumber, Spinach, Lemon, Kangkong, Apple, and Cayenne Pepper.
  • King Kong Apple Pie: Water Spinach, Apple, and Cinnamon
  • The Coolios: Spinach, Cucumber, and Mint
  • Sunset Belly Blaster: Tomato, Apple, Carrot, Celery, Turmeric
  • Booster In The Beet: Beet Root, Pineapple and Carrot
  • Gourd Of Luis: Ampalaya, Water Spinach, Spinach, Kang Kong, Moringana, Green Apple, Cucumber, and Dalandan
  • The Great Gouty: Celery, Cucumber and Pineapple
  • Tango In The Mango: Mango, Coconut Water and Cayenne Pepper
  • Easy As Abc: Apple, Beetroot and Carrots

**Now, if you have read some of my restaurant reviews then you’ll know how much I HATE vegetables and so I was really excited to try the smoothies because the owner of The Juice Barista promised me that it will not taste like vegetables at all. I know that some people do juice detox because they wanted to lose weight and although that’s not a bad thing, my main reason for trying this out is to be able to consume vegetables without gagging. Losing weight would be a major plus though. 🙂

Photo 9-11-14, 3 13 43 PM copy

Can I just say… when I got my order, I was mostly nervous to try “Sexier Than Chocolate” and “Strong Like Popeye” because it included Spinach and Lettuce but after taking a sip, I was immediately blown away. 🙂

Photo 9-11-14, 3 20 11 PM copyPhoto 9-11-14, 3 20 22 PM copyPhoto 9-11-14, 3 26 24 PM copy

“Sexier Than Chocolate” used Carob, which is a healthy version of cocoa powder and together with Saba, the smoothie tasted like Banana Split.

Photo 9-11-14, 10 22 54 PM copyPhoto 9-12-14, 12 04 14 AM copy

“Strong Like Popeye” was the last flavor I tried simply because the smoothie’s green color reminded me so much of vegetables but just like “Sexier Than Chocolate”, this one did not disappoint as well. There was not a hint of spinach nor lettuce in my mouth. The cinnamon gave this smoothie a nice pop of flavor.

Photo 9-11-14, 7 57 51 PM copy

“Pinya Coolada” had just the right sweetness and for someone like me who is not fond of eating pineapples, this smoothie was such a treat and definitely refreshing.

Photo 9-11-14, 4 07 08 PM copyPhoto 9-11-14, 4 07 31 PM copy

“Tango In The Mango” was what I was most excited to drink because I love mangoes a lot. This drink includes Cayenne Pepper, which gives the smoothie a slight kick. Although it tastes good, this is my least favorite because I didn’t like that slight kick in the end. Hehe!

All in all, I was really satisfied with the Smoothie Detox Kit. I consumed all 6 bottles in 1 day and I managed not to eat anything during that time. As for its effect, I noticed that I visited the bathroom more times than I did before detoxing so I bet I did lose some pounds because of that. Haha! I am also glad that it was the only side effect that I experienced because according to some of the articles I’ve read, some of the other side effects that people might experience are as follows:

  • Menstrual cycle changes
  • Bowel movements can smell foul
  • Sinuses draining and mucus loosening in thought
  • Extreme nausea enough to make you vomit. Most of the time, mucus is what is vomited and nausea dissipates. Drink ginger tea to help.
  • Bad breath
  • Worsening body odor
  • Skin worsens (blotchy spots, acne, etc)

(For more information about Juice Detox and its side effects, you can check this link: http://www.all-about-juicing.com/juice-fast-side-effects.html)

Juice Barista’s Smoothie flavors tasted great and I’m sure that their Juice flavors taste just as awesome. I am now considering trying out their juices and although it contains more vegetables than the smoothies, I am more than willing to accept the challenge.

If you want to try their smoothies and juices too, you can take advantage of the deal that they have with Groupon now. Not only do you get a chance to experience the goodness of detoxing, but you also get to save some bucks. If you have some questions about the deal, you can send them (Juice Barista) a message through 0917-7958995. I asked them a lot of questions before I bought the voucher and they were very accommodating and, if I may add, very informative too. 🙂

Groupon Deal: http://www.beeconomic.com.ph/deals/special-two/the-juice-barista/718695199

The Juice Barista

Website: http://www.thejuicebarista.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Juice-Barista/553508908004155?fref=ts

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