Boracay On A Budget – Part 1 (G Suites Boracay)

With all the things going on in my life, I realized that I needed some much deserved break. I mean, I have been doing so much lately, you probably can’t imagine the amount of stress I was in (and still in?) so I thought that a vacation is necessary. Unfortunately, this isn’t a planned trip so the budget was quite tight. Normally, when I go out of town or out of the country, I like to prepare at least 6 months before my scheduled vacation and this is especially true when it comes to staying in my beloved Boracay.

Photo 10-15-14, 4 17 01 AM Photo 10-15-14, 4 49 30 AM

The first two times that I’ve been to Boracay, I had well over 6 months worth of preparation so by the time I got there, I had everything I needed (new bikinis, new cover-ups) and I got to stay in a luxurious resort too. However, for my 3rd visit in Boracay, I probably had just about a month to prepare so I didn’t get to save money to buy new bikinis and cover-ups and as you may know, if you buy plane tickets so close to the date of departure, the fare wouldn’t be that cheap anymore. Plus, we also couldn’t stay in a luxurious suite like we did before so I had to settle for something way cheaper. But I didn’t mind really… I just wanted to go to Boracay and leave my stress behind.

Photo 10-23-14, 8 12 40 AM

When I got to the airport – just when I thought that I can finally relax – I realized that I left my phone charger inside the car and if you own an Iphone 5 too then you must know how their battery sucks big time. Having to buy a new charger in Boracay isn’t really a good news for someone with a tight budget.

Photo 10-23-14, 9 58 27 AMPhoto 10-23-14, 9 59 43 AM

When we got to Kalibo airport, there was a woman who approached me and asked where we will be staying. I thought that she was going to offer some sort of tours or resorts for accommodation but it turned out that she was offering free lunch/dinner buffet at Astoria Boracay. She said that they are giving free buffets so that people will have the opportunity to see how the resort looks like now. I was really ecstatic to get a free buffet since I knew that I would have to spend money for an Iphone charger and so anything I get for free, I would surely be very thankful for.


As I mentioned awhile ago, this trip’s budget is quite limited and so the hotel we chose to stay in is very affordable. In our previous trip to Boracay, we had the pleasure of staying in Boracay Regency’s Junior Suite but, for this trip, we had to stay in “G Suites Boracay”. The difference in their rates is massive. Boracay Regency’s Junior Suite w/ pool access costs about Php12,000 – Php13,000 per night during peak season (and costs about 10% – 40% less during off-peak season) while G Suites Boracay’s “Matrimonial” Room just costs around Php1450 per night.

Photo 10-23-14, 12 52 20 PMPhoto 10-23-14, 12 52 28 PMPhoto 10-23-14, 12 52 55 PMPhoto 10-23-14, 12 53 35 PM Photo 10-23-14, 12 54 34 PM Photo 10-23-14, 12 54 40 PMPhoto 10-23-14, 12 53 20 PM Photo 10-23-14, 12 53 13 PM

To be honest, the room was actually nice considering the price. I thought that compared to the other hotels/resorts with the same rate, G Suites’ Matrimonial room is actually spacious enough. I like that I had plenty of space to put my stuff on. It also comes with a mini refrigerator, an LCD TV and a split-type air-conditioner. My concerns were mostly in the toilet because it was a bit small. Also, they didn’t have a shelf in the shower area so I had to put all toiletries on top of the toilet’s flush cover. This meant that I had to open the sliding door every time I had to use a shampoo or conditioner or a soap. This left the outer part of the shower area slightly wet. The room had no safety deposit box too. If you want to make sure your valuables are safe, you can either bring it with you or leave it at the front desk. I was told that the reason there’s no safety deposit box inside the room is because the room is cheap but that doesn’t seem to be an acceptable reason for me because some safety deposit boxes are affordable – some just cost about Php1500 per unit.

Photo 10-23-14, 12 55 42 PM Photo 10-23-14, 12 55 37 PM

They did give us some complimentary bottled water but it was only upon check-in so we had to buy more bottled water at the stores. There are no electric kettles inside the room but the staff was nice enough to hand me a thermos when I asked for some hot water. The staff was also kind enough to lend me his charger’s adaptor so I only had to buy the Iphone’s cable charger (at Php350). Every morning for 3 straight days, I would borrow his adaptor and charge my phone for several hours and then I would leave my power bank to him so that he can connect and charge it using their PC. 🙂


– Room is spacious

– There is a mini refrigerator

– They use Samsung split-type air-conditioner

– They use Samsung LCD TV (cable-ready too)

– 2 complimentary bottled water upon check-in

– Complimentary toiletries (1 Tissue Roll, 2 soaps, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner)

– Toilet has a bidet spray

– The staffs are very accommodating


– No shelves at the shower area

– Toilet is too small

– Complimentary bottled water will only be given upon check-in

– No electric kettles inside the room

– No safety deposit box

– Hotel is in station 3 and quite far from all the happenings in Boracay

So there! If you also want to enjoy Boracay on a budget, you might want to consider this hotel too. If you have a credit card or a debit card, you can book your chosen hotel through Agoda. If you book through them, you can leave a review on their website after your stay. Every review you submit gives you reward points which you can use to pay for future hotel accommodations. Not bad, right?


Now, if you don’t want to pay in full right away, you can opt to book your hotel accommodation through My Boracay Guide. I actually love the setup of their website because you get to see pictures of all the rooms of the listed hotels and for most hotels, they even provide a 360-Degree Panoramic View of the rooms. They have all the information that you will need about their affiliate hotels and that also includes a map showing the exact location of the resort/hotel. And if that is not enough, the website also provides online chat so you can ask them anything. You can even ask them for some hotel recommendationsI don’t know if their online chat is open for 24 hours but I remember sending them a message at around 3AM and they were able to respond right away. That’s great customer support, if you ask me. And the best part is that with My Boracay Guide, you can pay a small percentage of the total cost and you can just pay the balance when you get to the hotel. For example, for G Suites Boracay, I booked their “Matrimonial” room for 3 nights at Php1450 per night. The total cost is Php4350 but I only paid Php652 using my debit card. This allowed me to ask my company to pay for the rest. Haha! Aside from hotel accommodations, My Boracay Guide also offers land and sea transfers to Boracay as well as tours and land and sea activities. I am not paid to say all these. I am just really happy with my experience booking with them. I wish they would also have other guides like My Manila Guide or My Palawan Guide or My Cebu Guide so I can just keep booking hotel rooms on their website. 🙂

More posts about Boracay in the coming days… 🙂

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