Boracay On A Budget – Part 3 (D’ Talipapa)

This is the 3rd part of my Boracay post and I’d like to share with you my wonderful experience at D’ Talipapa. 🙂

DSC03517 DSC03564

Before this trip, I have actually been to Boracay twice, once in 2010 and another time in 2011, but I didn’t get the chance to visit D’ Talipapa then. One of the things that I love about Boracay is the abundance of seafood that they offer. I just love the fact that I get to eat some lobsters and crabs whenever I’m in there and I know I can also do that in other places such as Dampa in Pasay but lobsters are very expensive and so eating it in Boracay makes it okay and acceptable.

*Below are photos taken in 2011

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In the past, we have bought lobsters from beachfront restaurants and I remember that the cheapest lobster we ate was already priced at Php2,700. For the crabs, we ordered ours before at Escondido Boracay. It wasn’t as expensive as the lobsters and if I’m not mistaken, we only paid about Php600 for 1 whole crab that was at 500 grams.

For this year’s trip to Boracay, I was honestly not expecting to eat any crabs or lobsters because we were on a tight budget. However, when my “company” told me that he had allotted some money for us to eat our favorite seafood, I decided to find D’ Talipapa because I heard it’s cheaper to buy lobsters and crabs there.

D’ Talipapa is located in Station 2. It is a bit close to D’ Mall and is accessible through the main road. The resort where we stayed in is located in Station 3 so it was a bit far but we still decided to walk because it’s a good workout. If you don’t want to walk, you can hail any motorized pedicab and tell them where you want to go. The pedicab fare is just Php10 per person (any point from Station 1 to Station 3 – along the main road only) so it will not hurt your pockets.

Photo 10-24-14, 4 34 36 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 4 33 07 PM Photo 10-24-14, 4 34 15 PM Photo 10-24-14, 4 33 04 PM Photo 10-24-14, 4 34 42 PM042 043 044 045 046 047

D’ Talipapa is like the Dampa of Boracay. You can find a lot of vendors selling different types of seafood and you can spot several restaurants in the area that would be willing to cook your seafood for a charge. The cooking charge depends on the kind of seafood that you want to be cooked and it also depends on how you want it to be cooked. If all you want is to have your seafood steamed or grilled, that would most likely be the cheapest since it won’t require additional ingredients.

The lobster that we chose at D’ Talipapa costs Php1,200 while the crab was at Php500. However, we were able to ask for a discount and so he only paid Php1500 for everything. I no longer remember the weight of the lobster but I’m sure that it was roughly the same size as those lobsters that we ate years ago but this one at D’ Talipapa is more than half the price. Amazing, right? If you also get a chance to visit D’ Talipapa, don’t forget to haggle too. 🙂

Photo 10-24-14, 4 36 08 PM

Would you believe that the huge lobster I was holding in the picture above just costs Php4,500? I know that Php4,500 is a lot of money but considering we had paid Php3,000 for a small lobster years ago, this one is definitely worth it. If we had more money to spare, I would have bought this one. Haha!

052051Photo 10-24-14, 4 49 38 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 4 43 50 PM

The restaurant we chose to have our food cooked was Aquafresh Seafoods. To be honest, I think that most of the restaurants in the area have the same rates for their cooking charge so you can just choose any. In our case, we decided to go for the nearest air-conditioned restaurant because it was a bit hot that time.

Photo 10-24-14, 4 53 42 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 5 00 47 PM Photo 10-24-14, 4 59 23 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 5 01 46 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 5 03 22 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 5 35 06 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 5 35 11 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 5 34 41 PMPhoto 10-24-14, 4 52 36 PM

What can I say… the food was so good. We had our lobster grilled and then we just added some soy sauce and calamansi to it. For the crabs, we had it cooked in chili and garlic. It was so yummy that I decided to eat some rice with it and for the first time ever (in public), I actually used my hands instead of the utensils to get all the meat out. I also ordered a glass of Mango Shake at Php90 but their shake wasn’t that good. It lacked some sweetness so I was not satisfied with it. Other than that, everything else was spot on. 🙂

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