Review: Caribbean Juice Extractor

I have been trying to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle for a few months now and one of the things I have tried before was a 1-Day Juice Detox courtesy of The Juice Barista. While I really enjoyed drinking their wonderful concoctions, I realized that it will not be practical for me to keep getting my juice supply from stores since it will cost me a lot of money. I knew that in order to make my transition to healthy living successful, I needed to get my very own juicer.


Now, I usually refrain from buying appliances through discount websites because their prices are higher than buying from private online stores or through OLX – this is even though discount sites claim theirs are cheaper – but the juicer offered on CashCashPinoy happened to be the cheapest one I found at that time and so I bought it.

Photo 11-18-14, 4 26 58 PM Photo 11-18-14, 4 27 26 PM

I was told by CashCashPinoy that this product only comes with a 1-week warranty not from Caribbean but from the merchant who supplied it. I wasn’t happy with that news but I decided to take the risk anyway. I have had this juicer for more than a month now and so far, it’s still working and is still in good condition.

Photo 11-2-14, 11 50 51 PM

Photo 11-2-14, 11 51 06 PM

Juice Cup & Juice Cup Cover

Photo 11-2-14, 11 51 16 PM


Photo 11-2-14, 11 51 26 PM

Pulp Cup

Photo 11-2-14, 11 51 44 PM

Feed Chute & Cover

Photo 11-2-14, 11 51 52 PM

Grating Sieve & Grating Sieve Holder

Photo 11-2-14, 11 52 01 PM

Main Base (Cord & Plug, Locking Handles, Driver Plate, Rotary Switch)

The juicer has several parts that need to be assembled first before it can be used. Based on the manual included in the box, here are the instructions on how to assemble the parts:

1. Place the pulp cup onto the main base.

2. Place grating sieve holder on top of the main base.

3. Lay the grating sieve inside the grating sieve holder and push it down firmly.

4. Put the cover in place.

5. Rotate both locking handles anti-clockwise into vertical position. Locate both locking handles into the two grooves on either side of the cover.

**Check out the video below for a better understanding on how to assemble everything. 🙂


Photo 11-2-14, 11 52 17 PM

This review will not be complete without testing the product so since it was my first time to make my own juice, I decided to go with a very easy mix. I just used 1 mango, 1 apple, and a carrot. Hehe! Check out my video below to see how to use the juicer.

As you can see in the video, using the juicer is very easy. You just have to put the fruits and vegetables you want in the chute, turn on the switch, press the food in the chute lightly using the plunger, and that’s it. You can put as much ingredients as you want as long as it fits the chute. To give you an idea, the chute is at 75mm in diameter, which is actually enough to fit an apple. Some fruits may need to have their cores or seeds removed but don’t worry because it is all indicated in the manual so you will never go wrong with it.

Photo 11-3-14, 12 02 30 AM Photo 11-3-14, 12 02 38 AM Photo 11-3-14, 12 02 45 AM

Here’s the messy part. Although the juicer comes with a Pulp Cup, you can clearly see in the photos above that the pulp was all over the place, The juicer was able to extract a lot of juice from the apple and the carrot but did little on the mango. I actually felt bad including the mango in it because it seemed that most of it just went to waste.

Photo 11-3-14, 12 04 01 AM

The photo above will show you how much juice the machine was able to extract from the 3 fruits I used. It’s not a lot but I thought it was good enough. And the taste? It was so yummy! I love that the carrot tasted great and I’m saying this because I don’t eat vegetables so for me to actually enjoy this drink, it means that it is a success.

Photo 11-3-14, 12 04 30 AM

It might take some time to clean the machine since you have to clean several parts every after use but the benefits you can get out of making your own juice is priceless. Not only do you get to save money but you also get to create your own juices using your favorite fruits and vegetables. Plus, there are also a lot of healthy juice recipes that you can find online so making your own juice will not be such a difficult task.

One thought on “Review: Caribbean Juice Extractor

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