Battle of the Brands: Nescafe Cappuccino VS Kopiko Kopiccino

So lately… I have been addicted to drinking Cappuccino and not the ones bought at cafes but the ones I get to prepare myself at home. I have mentioned previously that I don’t really like drinking coffee but if I’m given a chance to make one with froth AND choco sprinkles/granules, then I’m in. 🙂

Photo 11-23-14, 11 18 23 PMPhoto 11-23-14, 11 18 42 PM

Two brands that I have already tried are Nescafe Cappuccino and Kopiko Kopiccino. I actually love both but I thought it would be great if I can do a comparison between the two to see which one is better.

Photo 11-23-14, 11 26 36 PM

To start off, let me just say that Nescafe Cappuccino’s net weight (including the choco sprinkles) is 22 grams while Kopiko Kopiccino’s net weight (including the choco granules) is 25 grams. You can clearly tell from the picture above that Kopiko provides more in one sachet than Nescafe but is “more” always better? Let’s see.

Photo 11-23-14, 11 29 17 PMPhoto 11-23-14, 11 29 24 PM

Froth-wise, I love that Kopiko has a lot of it. I mentioned in my Nescafe Cappuccino review that I needed to create my design (on top) fast because the froth disappears quickly but with Kopiko Kopiccino, I actually have more time to enjoy the froth.

Photo 11-23-14, 11 30 26 PM

In terms of the choco granules/sprinkles, Nescafe offers us more than what Kopiko offers. I just love putting choco on top of the cappuccino and so I like it when there is more to sprinkle. Plus, the more choco I get, the better flavor I taste. 🙂

Photo 11-23-14, 11 30 33 PM

As for the taste, Nescafe brings in more of that cappuccino flavor while Kopiko brings in more of that creamy taste since it produces more froth. Now, the question is: Which one do you prefer? A creamier coffee with less cappuccino flavor or do you like it the other way around?

Whichever you choose, know that both are good and are reasonably priced too. At convenience stores like 7 Eleven, Nescafe Cappuccino costs Php10 while Kopiko Kopiccino costs Php8. For me, I’m set on buying both brands because I’m sure that there will be times when I would crave for that cappuccino taste and times when I would feel like enjoying that creamy taste more. I think t’s always better when you have options, right? 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Battle of the Brands: Nescafe Cappuccino VS Kopiko Kopiccino

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  2. Chocolate Nescafe cappuccino is one of the best here in the country that I’ve tried.. There is nothing to compare it with this awesome coffee never fails me to give energy during a day.. 🙂 A taste of deliciousness and awesomeness.. My best bud.. I always purchase a lot this one at that I assure the delivery is well served.. Thank you for an informative blog.. 🙂

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