Review: Kopiko Kopiccino

Last week, I did a review on Nescafe’s Cappuccino and now, I’ll be doing a review on Kopiko’s Kopiccino.

Photo 11-23-14, 7 40 27 PMPhoto 11-23-14, 7 40 38 PMPhoto 11-23-14, 7 41 22 PM

When I was told that there is another brand that is offering Cappuccino coffee plus Choco sprinkles, I got so excited that I immediately asked my helper to buy one for me at a convenience store. Kopiccino sounds kind of funny but I find it to be a really clever way to make people remember the brand, Kopiko.

Photo 11-23-14, 8 25 56 PM

It also comes with a pack of Choco Granule so you can recreate that Cappuccino look that you love for less.

Photo 11-23-14, 8 27 19 PMPhoto 11-23-14, 8 28 17 PM

Since I am not really a coffee lover nor a “hot-drinks” lover, I just put about 1/3 hot water and 2/3 warm water but, as you can see, it was still able to produce a lot of froth.

Photo 11-23-14, 8 28 40 PMPhoto 11-23-14, 8 28 58 PM

Last step is to add the Choco granule on top and that’s it. If you want to be extra creative on your cappuccino, you can use some chocolate syrup or other sprinkles that you may have. I’m sure it will still taste good. 🙂

Photo 11-23-14, 8 29 19 PM

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see that the Kopiko Kopiccino was able to produce a lot of froth. With this, you won’t be too pressured to add your design elements on top as quickly as possible.

Photo 11-23-14, 8 30 15 PM

And the taste? It was good. I really love how creamy it is but I think that they need to add extra cappuccino flavor into it because the creamy part has slightly taken over.

Kopiko Kopiccino is very affordable. It only costs Php8 per sachet. This may be a little more expensive than the 3-in-1 coffees sold in stores but it is definitely way cheaper than buying a glass of Cappuccino in cafes. Try it! 🙂

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