Review: Benefit Lolli Tint

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Last week, I received my exclusive Benefit BDJ box and one of the products included in the box is the Lolli Tint.

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I have to admit… when I saw this sample, I wasn’t that thrilled because my experience using a tint in the past wasn’t that good but because this color is my favorite, I decided to give it a try.

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Benefit’s Lolli Tint can be used for both the lips and the cheeks and comes in a candy-orchid tint. The key to making this product work is by using it as quick as possible. Apply it to one cheek first and then use your finger or a brush to spread it. Make sure to do one cheek at a time because the tint dries really fast.

Photo 11-24-14, 3 02 22 PM

I applied three strokes per cheek and I must say that I’m satisfied with the result. I just love that pop of pink that it gave me. This is exactly the kind of product that I can see myself bringing with me whenever I go out because it is so easy to use with or without a brush. I am also so happy with the fact that the sample I got from BDJ is in a cute tiny container because it perfectly fits even the smallest bag in my possession.

The full-size Lolli Tint costs about Php1700 and comes in a 12.5ml size. It’s pretty steep but I think it’s worth it because you don’t need to use too much of it just to see that pop of color on your cheeks. I would really consider buying this once my sample runs out. 🙂

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