Unboxing: Covergirl – An Exclusive December BDJ Box

Last year, I didn’t get a chance to subscribe to BDJ’s December box because it was already sold out even before it was announced. Crazy, right? This year, I made sure to purchase/reserve my box ahead of time – I paid for it 4 months ago – so that I won’t have to worry about it anymore. 🙂


Last week, BDJ announced that they will be sending out our boxes earlier than usual, which is great, but what got most women excited was the mention of the words “easy, breezy, beautiful” because that screams Covergirl. I have not used any of their products but I am very familiar with this line since I used to hear it from past episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Lol!

Photo 12-9-14, 7 42 23 PM (1) copy

Finally, my box has arrived. Weeee!!!

Photo 12-9-14, 7 43 04 PM copy

There are only 5 products inside the box but all products are in full size so that really made my day!

Photo 12-9-14, 7 45 22 PM copy

Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup – Full Size 30ml (Php645)

Photo 12-10-14, 4 19 05 AM copy

Even though I just bought a foundation (different brand) last week, I was very pleased to get this one from Covergirl because this particular product does not come with SPF. This is the perfect foundation to use when going to events like weddings where a lot of photos are usually taken. Having said that, I was still a bit surprised that they included a foundation in the box because not all women have the same shade so if they happen to give you the wrong shade then it will be pointless to own one unless you’re a makeup artist. I don’t know if everybody got the same shade and I don’t know if BDJ chose a shade based on our profile on their website but I got TruBlend #2. I find this shade darker than the one I bought last week but I hope it will still look great on my face. I will be trying this one later today so fingers crossed for now.

Photo 12-10-14, 4 05 55 AM copy

Covergirl TruBlend Pressed Powder – Full Size 11ml (Php425)

Photo 12-10-14, 4 07 18 AM copy

What makes me happy is the fact that they also included a TruBlend Pressed Powder that has the same shade as the foundation that they gave me. They say that this one is especially designed to match with the TruBlend Liquid Makeup. For me, the best part about this powder is that it is oil-free so hopefully, I won’t have to be too concerned about my oily skin when I use this one.

Photo 12-9-14, 7 45 52 PM copy

Covergirl Cheekers Blush – Full Size 3g (Php395)

Photo 12-10-14, 4 14 31 AM copyPhoto 12-10-14, 4 14 48 AM copyPhoto 12-10-14, 4 15 14 AM copy

According to BDJ, this product will be available in stores on February 2015 so all those who got this exclusive beauty box are very fortunate because we get to try it ahead of others. The brush included in the package may come in handy in case you don’t have a brush with you but I am not liking its texture at all. The blush I got comes in rose silk and when applied, it gives off a slight shimmer, which I thought was just enough for me.

Photo 12-9-14, 7 43 33 PM copy

Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eye Pencil – Full Size 9.5g (Php450)

Photo 12-10-14, 4 10 08 AM copyPhoto 12-10-14, 4 10 34 AM copy

I’m really glad that they included this in the box because my current eyeliner pencil is already getting shorter and shorter. Covergirl’s Liquiline Blast effortlessly create striking eye liner looks with liquid-like intensity that lasts for 8 hours. What’s nice about this product is that it comes with a “smudger” so creating a smoky eye look is achievable without the use of extra brushes.

Photo 12-9-14, 7 44 36 PM copy

LashBlast Fusion Water Resistant Mascara – Full Size 12g (Php595)

They say that this mascara not only gives your lashes volume but it helps in lengthening your lashes too. It is also water resistant so it’s probably perfect to use when watching drama shows or attending an emotion-filled wedding?! Lol!

Photo 12-10-14, 4 04 56 AM copyPhoto 12-10-14, 4 05 04 AM copyPhoto 12-10-14, 4 04 21 AM copy

Only 5 products in the box but it’s total value already reached Php2,510 so need I say more? 🙂


Website: http://www.bdjbox.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bdjbox

Covergirl Philippines

Website: http://www.covergirl.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/COVERGIRLPH?fref=ts

2 thoughts on “Unboxing: Covergirl – An Exclusive December BDJ Box

    • I just saw the post of the others and some of them got a different product for the eyes. I think it was like eyeshadow blast. I’m glad though that mine is an eyeliner pencil because I’m running out of one. Lol.

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