Review: Lola Cafe + Bar

It’s that time of the year that I get to finally see my high school friends again. We are all very busy and we all have different schedules and so it’s usually hard for us to meet as often as we would like but we always make it a point to see each other during the Christmas season. It’s kind of like our tradition, I guess. What’s interesting about our group is that we never seem to do a repeat on any of the restaurants that we’ve tried. We love exploring different restaurants because it makes the whole experience all the more unforgettable.


*taken from Lola Cafe + Bar Facebook Page

For this year, one of my friends discovered yet another hidden gem along Scout Lozano, Quezon City called LoLa Cafe + Bar. I was told that this is a house converted into a restaurant. I always love it whenever I get to dine in a restaurant that used to be a home because it feels very private, very personal. It’s like I’m just having lunch/dinner with my friends in my own house, but with a different interior. Lol!

LoLa Cafe + Bar was successful in giving me that kind of vibe. The garage area of the house restaurant serves as the parking lot so you don’t have to worry about parking your car on the side of the road. They do have a huge garage that can fit about 16 cars (or more) and if that is not enough, they have a valet service too so if you are terrible in parking, you can just let them do that job for you. 🙂

Photo 12-27-14, 10 15 33 PM copy

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the restaurant’s facade as I was too eager to meet my friends who were already inside but I did see several tables situated right outside the restaurant – beside the garage area. This is perfect for those who would like to breathe fresh(?) air or for those who would like to smoke. The restaurant has 2 floors only. The ground floor is where the mini bar is located and from what I recall, it has 2-3 (maybe 4) dining tables good for small groups. For bigger groups, they can reserve tables at the second floor as the area is bigger.

Photo 12-27-14, 10 15 26 PM copy

I love how they incorporated mason jars in their lighting fixtures. I also like the other elements that they used in their interior design – it just feels so comfortable, so homey. I also noticed that there was this extra space – possibly a former room – in one corner that has just one long table and comes with curtains. I think this is best for those people who would like to have a somewhat private dining experience.

Photo 12-27-14, 8 56 08 PM (1) copy

Gambas Y Chorizo – Php290

Photo 12-27-14, 8 55 59 PM copy

Tortilla Breads

Gambas Y Chorizo – Fresh Baby Prawns and Chorizo, Sauteed in Olive Oil & Lots of Garlic, Served with Tortilla Breads

This Gambas Y Chorizo may only be good for 1-2 persons but even though there were 7 of us, I was still able to eat 2 pieces of Tortilla Breads. Even with the lack of prawns, you can still enjoy the tortilla breads if you dip it into the oil since it’s already packed with flavors.

Photo 12-27-14, 9 01 07 PM copy

Lola’s Garlic Rolls – Php280

Lola’s Garlic Rolls – Ciabatta Rolls with Olive Oil, Oregano, Parmesan & Chopped Garlic, Served with Tomato Dip

Lately, I’ve been falling deeply in love with crispy garlic and so when I saw this dish, I got so excited. Haha! I already forgot about the tomato dip included and just started munching over the rolls. You’d be happy to know that these rolls taste great with or without the dip.

Photo 12-27-14, 8 55 44 PM copy

Smoked Salmon Salad – Php290

Smoked Salmon Salad – With Mixed Greens, Dill Dressing, Deviled Egg

I don’t eat vegetables and so I didn’t bother to take a second look at this dish. I am regretting that now because I know that I would have enjoyed the salmon.

Photo 12-27-14, 8 55 40 PM copy

Lola’s Salad – Php230

Lola’s Salad – Mixed Green Vegies, Bacon, Poached Egg with Balsamic Vinaigrette

I also regret not getting a piece of bacon.

Photo 12-27-14, 9 18 18 PM copy

Spicy Tinapa – Php215

Spicy Tinapa – Smoked Fish, Chili Flakes & Fresh Tomatoes

This pasta is delicious. I actually thought I was eating chicken bits because I didn’t know that my friend ordered a Spicy Tinapa pasta. I don’t think it was spicy at all but I’m not so sure since I love spicy food a lot and so mild-spicy may just be normal for me. Lol.

My friend actually ordered 2 pasta dishes but I thought it was the same dish and so I failed to take a picture of the other one. The second pasta dish that we had was their Aglio Olio – saute in garlic with grilled shrimps. And because the Aglio Olio comes with a lot of garlic, I actually found it tastier than the Spicy Tinapa.

Photo 12-27-14, 9 03 33 PM copy

Beef Binagoongan – Php320

Beef Binagoongan – Tender Beef Cubes, Cooked with Bagoong, & Served with Grilled Eggplant

This was my special request. When I saw that they have Beef Binagoongan, I just knew that I needed to order it. The beef was truly very tender and was amazingly good. Their bagoong was so flavorful that I bet I would still enjoy eating rice even without the beef. It’s that good!

Photo 12-27-14, 9 05 50 PM copy

Pork Chop – Php250

Pork Chop – Tender & Juicy Grilled Pork Chop Served with Rice

Their pork chop was very tender as well. I especially enjoyed eating the fatty part even though I know it’s not healthy. And oh! Pork Chop mixed with some bagoong coming from the Beef Binagoongan dish was a delight. The combination of flavors from both dishes gave me a momentary high. Haha!

Photo 12-27-14, 9 05 40 PM copy

Rosemary Chicken – Php360

Rosemary Chicken – Pan-Seared Chicken Half, Coated in Rosemary Herbs & Served with Rice

I like the gravy and I like the chicken but I didn’t find anything special about this dish and so it’s my least favorite.

Photo 12-27-14, 9 44 50 PM copy

Banoffee Pie – Php150

Banoffee Pie Graham Crust with Banana, Custard Cream & A Dash of Chocolate

This pie is so delicious. In fact, I was already thinking of ordering one for take out after having my first bite. I love that the custard cream just had the right sweetness so even if I would to eat it all by myself, it is totally doable.

Photo 12-27-14, 9 44 38 PM copy

Tiramisu – Php160

Their Tiramisu was also good but I find that it didn’t leave any lasting impression on me. The serving of this one is smaller than the Banoffee Pie but we still didn’t get to finish it. 

Photo 12-27-14, 8 54 55 PM copy

Lemonade Iced Tea – Php55

Overall, I was very happy and satisfied with my dining experience at LoLa Cafe + Bar. The ambiance, the food, and the service were all superb – except for one particular waitress who didn’t look thrilled/happy when we asked her to take our photo. Lol! Another good thing about this place is that their dishes are reasonably priced. There were 7 of us and we ordered quite a lot of food but we only ended up paying just Php562 each.

Photo 12-27-14, 9 34 43 PM copy

I know I said we don’t do a repeat of the restaurants that we’ve tried already but this might just be our exception to the rule. 🙂

LoLa Cafe + Bar

Address: 99 Scout Lozano St., Quezon City

Contact #s: (02) 501-2620/ (0917) 817-6045

Facebook Page:

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