Review: Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

By now, you probably know how much I love Sample Room. I have blogged about them several times and the most recent one was about their newly improved VIP membership. What’s great about their VIP membership is that you automatically get a present from them by the time you become a VIP. This means that even if you fail to grab any of their samples (although unlikely) while you’re a VIP (for 2 months), you would still be able to get your money’s worth because the value of the present that they will send you is equal or more than what you pay for.

My VIP membership actually expired sometime in December but I was not able to renew it right away because it wasn’t available at that time. Luckily, Sample Room decided to offer limited stocks of their VIP membership a few days ago and I happened to be one of the fast ones to grab a membership. By the way, their VIP membership costs Php799 only.

Photo 1-8-15, 5 27 42 PM (1) copy

The present I got from them this time is even way better than what I received last time. If I’m not mistaken, this one is even more expensive than all those 3 products (from the previous present) combined. 🙂

Photo 1-8-15, 6 57 54 PM copy Photo 1-8-15, 6 58 45 PM copy

I remember Sample Room offering samples of the GlamGlow Youthmud on their website but I wasn’t able to get any so I was really thrilled when they gave me this GlamGlow Supermud in FULL-SIZE!!! Oh my! I’m so glad this is not a dream. LOL!

The gift I got from Sample Room didn’t come with its packaging but I learned from the GlamGlow website this:

“The World’s most Scientifically Advanced Clearing Treatment. Clinically Developed by GLAMGLOW® Dermatological Chemist to help fight all common skin concerns. Designed For Men & Women of All Ages & All Skin Types. SUPERMUD® for Super Clear Super Poreless Skin.”

From that description alone, I can already say that this is exactly the product that I need because I have a lot of large pores in some areas of my face. I don’t know why I have it but it gets really irritating when it becomes more visible (after moisturizing cream is used).

Photo 1-8-15, 7 05 22 PM copy Photo 1-8-15, 7 05 27 PM copy

The Supermud is very easy to apply. It spreads quickly and evenly onto the skin.

Photo 1-8-15, 7 07 45 PM copy Photo 1-8-15, 7 07 49 PM copy

I noticed how fast it took for the mud to dry. I think its color started turning into light grayish in less than 10 seconds.

Photo 1-8-15, 7 18 28 PM copy

I left it on my skin for about 20 minutes and as you can see, I got some really large pores on areas near my nose. After a few minutes, I also noticed some parts getting darker in shade. It was almost like using a blotting paper to control oil on my face. After a good 20 minutes, I rinsed it off with water and pat my face dry with a towel.

Photo 1-8-15, 7 38 22 PM copy

The result was simply amazing! I know it’s hard to tell from the picture above but believe me when I say that the large pores on my face shrunk probably to half its size after my first use. Aside from that, I also noticed that my face seemed smoother, which made the process/experience of putting on makeup even better.

The GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment clearly deserves all the praises it is getting. I now can’t imagine life without it. Hehe! The only downside about this is that if you don’t have the budget for it, you’ll have to just settle with the regular masks found in the market. According to GlamGlow Philippines’ Facebook page, this product costs around Php3750. It’s too pricey for a 34g worth of mud mask but it works wonders for the skin so I think this will be a good buy.

Fortunately for me, I won’t have to purchase one anytime soon. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, Sample Room. I love you! 🙂

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