Review: Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph

For those who may not know, I have been teaching English online for more than 6 years already and part of being able to do my job is to have a reliable laptop/computer on hand.

Photo 2-4-15, 11 25 04 AM copy

My Sony Vaio laptop is no longer on its tip top shape and it does slow down most times and so having classes can sometimes be excruciating. I have so much files on my laptop that it could no longer handle multiple applications running all at the same time. Apart from that, I also don’t find it ideal to be bringing my laptop with me whenever I needed to do my classes elsewhere because the Sony Vaio laptop is just too big and too heavy for me. This is why I decided to buy a smaller laptop so that I can keep my work files on a separate device. I don’t have a lot of savings and so I had to look for a laptop that would not cost an arm and a leg.


The laptop that caught my attention was Cherry Mobile’s Alpha Morph. It is actually a tablet/laptop that comes with a full Windows 8.1 operating system. It also has the perfect size at 10-inches and it only costs Php11,999. This, I thought, is the right gadget for me. You see, I don’t like tablets that run IOS or Android because what I need is something that would operate as a computer. I know Microsoft has Windows Surface, which is my initial love but that one is very expensive and so to learn that Cherry Mobile can give me something that I need for a much cheaper price is just plain amazing.

“The Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph comes wiith a 10-inch IPS display, Windows 8.1 OS, 1.33Ghz Quad-Core Intel Z3735D processor, 8000mAh battery, and FREE Office 365 subscription and FREE 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. It also comes with Intel HD Graphic-Gen 7, 2MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front Camera, a 32GB ROM, 2GB RAM and a Micro SD slot suitable for up to 64GB of memory.”

December of last year, I decided to buy the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph and fortunately for me, I didn’t have to pay Php11,999 because the online shopping site, Lazada, had some major promos that time which allowed me to purchase this tablet/laptop for the amount of only Php10,399. Yey!

Photo 12-13-14, 3 56 26 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 3 57 59 PM copy

My order arrived a day after my online purchase and I can’t tell you how excited I was that time. It was the best present that I have ever given myself last year. 🙂

Photo 12-13-14, 3 57 47 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 3 57 14 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 3 56 08 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 3 55 56 PM copy Photo 12-13-14, 3 55 43 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 3 55 32 PM copy Photo 12-13-14, 3 55 10 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 3 59 41 PM copy

The box contained several items such as an OTG USB Cable, a charger, a warranty card, a user manual, a free Office 365 subscription, a portable keyboard with cover and, of course, the tablet itself.

Photo 12-13-14, 3 58 42 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 01 02 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 02 01 PM copy Photo 12-13-14, 4 02 13 PM copy

I really love the keyboard that came with the device. I love that it can be connected to the tablet without having to use the OTG USB Cable. The cover also sports dual function as it also serves as a stand for the tablet. I like that the keyboard also comes with a trackpad. Although I don’t really like using a trackpad, I like that I have this as an option in case I don’t feel like using a mouse or in case I don’t feel like lifting my finger a little higher to touch the screen of the tablet. LOL! The keyboard does not come with the right click function but it does have a key that you can press to activate it. The trackpad, on the other hand, does allow you to click (left click) and double click a file/folder. The keyboard is small and so it can take a while for someone to get used to it. I had a hard time at first because I have long nails but I eventually got the hang of it. I actually love using it now because I enjoy hearing a clicking sound every time I press a key. If you don’t feel comfortable using this keyboard, you can always buy a Bluetooth keyboard that would suit your needs. 🙂

Photo 12-13-14, 4 03 07 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 07 52 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 08 18 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 08 34 PM copy

This tablet isn’t the lightest one but since I am considering this more as a laptop than a tablet, I thought it was perfect. I also like that the device already came with a screen protector although I would still advise replacing it with a much better screen protector.

Photo 12-13-14, 4 03 26 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 07 01 PM copy Photo 12-13-14, 4 05 54 PM copy Photo 12-13-14, 4 05 41 PM copy Photo 12-13-14, 4 05 23 PM copy

The Alpha Morph comes with a 2MP Rear Camera and a 2MP Front Camera. Several ports you’ll find on the device are for the charger, the earphones, the OTG USB Cable, a Micro SD slot, an HDMI port (in case you want to connect it to your LCD TV), a power button and buttons for the volume.

Photo 12-13-14, 4 09 54 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 17 14 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 17 21 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 17 34 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 19 56 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 21 28 PM copyPhoto 12-13-14, 4 54 05 PM copy

When using the tablet for the first time, it will prompt you to enter several information needed to finish installing Windows 8.1 into the device. It did take me some time to finish the installation because I also decided to activate the Office 365 right away. Apart from that, I also had to install all other applications that I normally use such as Google Chrome and Skype. Actually, the tablet already has Skype pre-installed but I had to install “Skype for desktop” to be able to do my classes well.

Photo 12-13-14, 5 22 06 PM copy Photo 12-13-14, 5 21 56 PM copy

The Alpha Morph comes with a 32GB ROM which may seem not enough but it does come with a Micro SD slot so you don’t have to worry about storage. I have heard from other people that they have tried connecting a hard drive into the device but it failed to work. I don’t have a hard drive so I haven’t tested it myself but I’m pretty contented with using a Micro SD card so this is not a problem for me. Plus, when you purchase a Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph, you will also be given a free 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage so you’ll have the option to back up your files online.

Photo 2-4-15, 12 40 23 PM copy

I used the OTG USB cable to connect a mouse into the device because although the tablet is touch screen, I tend to be more efficient at handling my online classes when using a mouse. You can also use the OTG USB cable to connect other USB devices.

Photo 2-4-15, 12 41 52 PM copy

The tablet also comes with an HDMI port however, it is not the regular size so you would still have to buy another HDMI cable if you want to connect your tablet to your LCD TV. As for me, I already have a micro HDMI cable that came with my old Nokia phone so I didn’t have to buy one anymore. I have a 42-inch LCD TV and as you can see from the photo above, it did not occupy the entire screen of my TV. Despite that, I still like the fact that I have the option to view my files on a much larger screen. Everything looks crisp and clear too and didn’t appear pixelated so that’s a big plus.

Photo 1-30-15, 5 32 53 AM copy

The only games I play online are Candy Crush and Solitaire but in the interest of checking how good this Alpha Morph is, I decided to install Garena – League of Legends into the device. This file is so huge that it took up a lot of space and if I’m not mistaken, it used around 7GB of space. I don’t know how to play this online game so I had to ask someone else to play it for me. Based on his experience, playing this online game through this device isn’t that bad at all. It’s not that fast compared to playing this game on other computers with higher specs but it’s definitely not bad at all. He had to change the screen resolution so that the game would work properly but as you can see in the photo above, the game still looked great despite the change. This basically shows that the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph is more than capable to satisfy your need for online gaming and if that is not enough, the Windows 8.1 device also comes with their very own App store so you can download games and applications on your device too.

Check out a short video I recorded showing the online game, League of Legends:

Photo 2-4-15, 11 28 22 AM copy

This tablet is so cute that I love having it next to my Sony Vaio. It has just the right size which means it’s perfect as a travel buddy. It can do a lot of things that my Sony Vaio can do. Transferring files from one computer to another wasn’t difficult as well since I can view and transfer my files through the “Network” folder. If you want to transfer files from another computer that is not in the same network as yours, you can still do that using the pre-installed application “Windows Easy Transfer”.

WIN_20150204_130136 copy

Using the Rear Camera

WIN_20150204_130156 copy

Using the Rear Camera

WIN_20150204_130222 copy

Using the Rear Camera

WIN_20150204_130235 copy

Using the Front Camera

The tablet comes with a front and rear camera. Both cameras are at 2MP but if you would look at the photos above, you’ll notice that the photo taken using the front camera actually looks much better. If you are looking for a tablet that would let you take great photos, I don’t think the Alpha Morph will be a good fit for you. If you are okay with a selfie of average quality, I think this device will suffice. I have been using this tablet for my online classes for more than a month now and I have not had any problems with it. My students are able to see me clearly and I actually look human using this laptop compared to the Sony Vaio because I tend to look blue (as in color blue) when I use Sony Vaio.

Battery-wise, the lasting power would depend on your usage. If it is on standby mode, it can last for a day or maybe more if you adjust the screen’s brightness. When I used the tablet to watch some videos, the battery lasted for 2-3 hours. It would be of the same performance if you use the tablet for online gaming but the battery may last longer if you play low specs games. When fully charged, I am able to do 3-4 consecutive classes (50 minutes per class) without problems but if I’m running several applications while doing my classes on Skype, I’m only able to do up to 2 classes with the help of lowering the screen’s brightness.

Photo 12-13-14, 4 22 53 PM copy

I am truly in love with the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph. It is definitely worth buying, if you ask me. I love that I’m able to do almost all the things that I normally do using a regular laptop. What’s even greater about devices like this is that it works great as a tablet device and as a laptop. You get to enjoy 2 functions for the price of 1. 🙂

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180 thoughts on “Review: Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph

  1. Hello, I got mine 2 weeks ago, before New Year, the device is good so far but sometimes when it is overused it just suddenly turned off even though the battery is not low. I have mine with windows 10, I bought it at Lazada also, it seems that the camera of the device with windows 10 OS is not working. What can I do for it to work? Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the camera but I am using Windows 10 now and I have tried using my camera to take photos and I had no problems with it. If you are having some issues, it is always best to have it checked at their service center.

  2. Thanks for the review sis. So, marerecommend mo ba siya sa mga nagwowork online (freelancer) like me? I”m eyeing this kasi since madali lang dalhin pagtravel or kung lalabas man, para di ko rin mamissed mga projects ko online.

    • Hi. 🙂 I would recommend it because as far as my usage goes, it has been working great for me. This is what I always bring with me when I need to go out of town. 🙂

      • Hello, may I ask is it OK to be used for online teaching using Skype. Will I hear the voice clearly. Do I need to but headset with single Jack for me to d o my classes effectively

      • Hi. Yes, you can use it to do your classes. I call my students on Skype too. No need to buy headsets anymore. In my case, I only use a regular earphone when my student’s microphone isn’t as good.

    • awww.. I wish I could but at the time I bought mine (2014), Cherry Mobile had Activation Key cards included in the box. Now, I think buyers are supposed to activate it online but I have no idea how. I think it would be best if you consult with them.

    • I have experienced that before when I removed the charger while the laptop was still on. I never had it replaced though. Whenever I have to leave home, I just shut it down and unplug the charger. (fyi: I usually don’t turn off my laptop and it is almost always connected to the charger).

      • Hi. I always install updates but I honestly hardly notice any difference since I only use the laptop for work purposes. I normally just use it to surf the Internet for lesson-related articles. Apart from that, I also use Skype to call my students. That’s about it actually.


  4. Mine too..just a while ago, i was using it. It suddenly turned off. In the past, i observed that sometimes it did not turn on when i pressed the power button. But i figured out that maybe it’s lowbatt. But now it’s plugged and then it just shut down. I don’t know of it will ever turn on again. The files im working on are saved in the unit.. huhu

    • So sorry to hear that. It happened to me before when I left it on for a long time without plugging it to a charger… I couldn’t turn it on. I didn’t bring it to the service center but I just waited for some minutes and tried it with and without the charger plugged in and it worked for me. I don’t know if that will work for you but I would strongly suggest that you check it with the service center. Try calling them first.

      • Hi jen, I’m having a peoblem on finding the hdmi cable to connect with a monitor, could you help me?

  5. Bought this last december, sadly it won’t open… total black screen, but has a blue light on the left. What seems to be the problem? 😦

  6. Hi Jen, i’d like to ask if how do you switch your unit from windows to android without turning it on? thank you, i’ll look forward to your reply. I hope you could answer it because I’ve read a lot of revies but there’s no answer to my question. thank you

    • Hi. So sorry for the late reply. I actually have not tried switching the OS from windows to android. I’m not sure if that is a feature of the Alpha Morph unless it’s a new feature that they have incorporated in their new models. I bought mine 2 years ago so I only have Windows.

  7. I have an Alpha Morph. Windows is very good at handling multi-monitor set-up. I noticed you mentioned that your 42″ TV is not completely filled up. It’s because you are in “Duplicate Mode” in the display settings. In this case, your HDMI Output will copy the resolution of your built-in screen (1366×768 only). If you want to completely fill the TV screen (as in use the native resolution of your TV which I’m guessing is 1080p) in advanced display settings, Choose “Extended” or “Use Second Screen Only”. Windows will use the native resolution of your TV (which you can actually change in the advanced display settings to change the resolution manually if needed). In my case, Alpha Morph outputs 1080P on my TV, and completely fills up the screen. I also tried the wireless display mode, so I can “wirelessly” connect to my TV and it also outputs 1080p completely filling up my TV screen. BTW I have miracast/airplay hdmi stick to my TV which enables me to connect wirelessly. Wirelessly, I can still Mirror my tablets screen or use “Extend mode” so I have two screens. I can do facebook/viber on my tablet screen while watching a movie on my TV Screen. Cool, right? 🙂
    So, I was really impressed at Alpha Morph on this multi-monitor aspect.

    Shortcut to change display is Windows Key + P. Try it. 🙂

    • ginawa ko na yan nuong d xa maopen,pero ngayon total black out na talaga,,sumasakit na tuloy ang utak ko kung anu ang alternative kc province ang amin at lazada ang pinag orderan

    • Yup! There’s a jack for the headphone only so you either use the built-in mic or use a headphone with built-in mic in it. I use this laptop for work and I always use the laptop’s built-in mic when I call my students. 🙂

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