Review: Quaker Instant Oats Caldo

I don’t know how many people enjoy eating oatmeal but I just found the best oatmeal ever.

quaker instant oats caldo - beef flavor-w800-h600 quaker instant oats caldo-w800-h600

Quaker’s Instant Oats Caldo is not the typical oatmeal that we are accustomed to. It is nothing like a fruit-flavored oatmeal. This one takes the taste of Arroz Caldo that people love to eat especially during breakfast and as an afternoon snack. What makes it more ideal than an actual Arroz Caldo is that this one is only at 108 calories. For those who would like to stay fit and still be able to enjoy a good old meal, this would be the perfect product to eat.

quaker instant oats caldo - beef flavor 2-w800-h600 quaker instant oats caldo 5-w800-h600

Quaker Instant Oats Caldo is very easy to prepare. All you have to do is add 3/4 cup of hot water, stir well, wait for 2 minutes and that’s it.

quaker instant oats caldo - beef flavor 3-w800-h600 quaker instant oats caldo - beef flavor 4-w800-h600

I may have added more water than I was supposed to but it was still delicious. It still tasted like Arroz Caldo and you’ll even see bits of beef and carrots in it. I love that I got to eat an Arroz-Caldo-like food without having to consume rice.

The Quaker Instant Oats Caldo costs Php12 per piece and my brother told me that he was able to buy this at Robinsons Ermita. I tried looking for one at an SM Supermarket but I didn’t find one. I can’t tell where else you can find this but you can probably try asking Quaker Oats Philippines on Facebook. I really hope that you’ll have a chance to try it too. It is really good!

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15 thoughts on “Review: Quaker Instant Oats Caldo

    • Hi. I think eating this for lunch on a daily basis should be fine. It is a healthy alternative for rice. In my case, I try to eat this once a day when I am trying to go on a diet.. 🙂

  1. I was looking for a reivew on oats caldo and I was surprised I saw one. Thanks!
    Will try this next week cause I already bought a bunch of instant oats with milk thinking that this doesn’t taste good 🙂

  2. thanks for the review.
    im eating it just now. i dont like the taste of it. idk but it taste like MSG for me. il try to add more water nxtym.. i hope that will improve the taste of it. 🙂

    • I’m not able to answer this question as I am not qualified… pero for me kasi, I find it healtheir than the other stuff I eat. .. 🙂

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