Fresh Buffet at Solaire Resort

Solaire Resort does not require much introduction anymore since it has already been operating for quite some time. I have been to Solaire several times already and I almost always leave their place with a smile on my face… except when I lose too much. LOL!

fresh buffet - solaire resort and casino


A few days ago, I scored a free dinner buffet at Solaire and I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was upon hearing the great news. I’ve heard wonderful things about Fresh and one of the things I was looking forward to was their seafood spread. Their dinner starts at 5:30PM and ends at 11PM. I was initially hoping to get to Solaire at 7PM so I can eat for hours but due to my hectic schedule, we arrived at their place around 8:45PM already. When we got to Fresh, we were told that there is a waiting list and our number is at 20. Wow!


Instead of waiting outside of Fresh for our turn to eat, I decided to just roam around the newly-opened Sky Tower. The above photos will show you some of the wonderful things that you’ll find there. Several Mona Lisa inspired artworks are currently displayed at the Sky Tower to kind of cover the commercial spaces that are not yet open to the public. In some areas of the Sky Tower, you’ll find a lot of fresh beautiful flowers on display. You’ll also find Oasis Garden Cafe situated just across the entrance of Fresh. This just shows that even though we had to wait for several minutes outside of the restaurant, it still did not bore us at all because we were preoccupied checking all the other things that Solaire has to offer. I do want to note though… just in case my mom or my relatives are lurking on my blog, I promise you all… I did not play the slot machines that night. 🙂


Finally, we were taken to the table assigned to us. I didn’t get to eat anything prior to dinner – not even lunch – so I didn’t sit anymore and just went straight to the buffet area.


I skipped the Cold Station since it’s not my favorite.

fresh buffet - solaire resort and casino 8


I love eating Siomai but sadly, I skipped this one too. Later, you’ll know why so many dishes here, I skipped.


And I love me some noodles too but I usually try not to eat too much of the noodles or the pasta so that I won’t get full right away. I skipped this too.


Every time I eat in a buffet restaurant, one of the things I focus on is the Carving Station. We all know how expensive Beef Prime Rib can be so I always try to eat a lot of this to make sure that my buffet experience would be so worth it.


The last photo above is the Beef Ribs. I love beef a lot but I decided not to eat this one because it was so huge. I asked the chef if they can cut it in half but she said it’s not possible. I now regret not getting one. Those beef fats would have been so good. 🙂



I skipped the pizza and the bread because I did not want to consume too much carbohydrates but I did get some Pasta Pomodoro. The pasta was not overcooked and was very delicious. I actually wanted to get more but I had a different goal that night so I decided not to do a repeat.

fresh buffet - solaire resort and casino 30


I was looking for Salmon Sashimi but I failed to find it since too many people were blocking my way. I couldn’t go through each of the foods that were on display so that’s too bad.

And now… my favorite part: Seafood


The lobsters deserve a special mention on this post. I love love love lobsters A LOT and if you have been reading my other posts then you’ll know that I usually just get a chance to eat lobsters when I’m in Boracay. Lobster isn’t something that I can eat on a regular basis – even if I want to – because it’s very expensive. To be able to eat unlimited lobsters is like heaven in my mouth. Does that make sense? Lol! I’ve been to other buffet restaurants that serve lobsters too but their lobsters weren’t as huge as the ones at Fresh. Plus, in other restaurants, they only steam the lobsters and that’s it. They don’t even offer sauces at all. At Fresh though, you can make your lobsters tastier by adding any of the 3 available sauces: Butter Garlic Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce and Lemon Butter Sauce. And what I love about Fresh is that regardless of how many people are eating, you can be sure that you’ll get your share of the lobsters and all the other dishes that they offer because they refill real fast.


Apart from lobsters, the other seafood items that you can look forward to are: Baked Mussels, Baked Oysters, Grilled Prawns, Squids and Fish. I was looking for some crabs but I didn’t find any. Later on, I was told that they only serve crabs during weekends which is why the lunch and dinner buffet rates in the weekend are more expensive.


Like I said awhile ago, I skipped most of the food items because I wanted to focus on seafood. All in all, I ate Pasta Pomodoro, Beef Prime Rib, Liempo, Baked Mussels, Baked Oysters, Prawns, and my favorite: Lobsters. I actually ate a total of 8 huge lobsters, half with Lemon Butter Sauce and the other half with Butter Garlic Sauce. It was so amazing! If I had eaten this much lobsters in Boracay, I would have paid more than Php15,000 already so I am really overflowing with joy even up to now.

The prawns were also very delicious. It was cooked perfectly and was very tasty even without any sauces. The beef prime rib was also good but I mistakenly asked for medium well and so it wasn’t as tender as I wanted it to be. I didn’t do a repeat of the prime rib anymore since I really wanted to just eat lobsters. Hehe!


Other buffet restaurants may be offering a wider selection of desserts but the Dessert Station at Fresh does not disappoint as well. They have several cakes, cupcakes, fruits, fondue, and ice cream flavors that you can choose from. It will surely make your mouth water.


I ate a lot of food that night and was already feeling full after finishing my 8th lobster but I didn’t want to end my dinner without trying any of their desserts so I decided to have a few. In the first photo above, you’ll see Tiramisu, Mango Mousse Cake and Solaire Signature Cake. My favorite among the three was the Mango Mousse Cake. My least favorite was the Solaire Signature Cake because I found it too rich for my taste. It actually felt too overwhelming for me but that’s just me. The second photo shows a strawberry-flavored cupcake and a pandan-flavored cupcake. The pandan was okay for me but I didn’t like the strawberry that much because the flavor was again quite strong for my taste. Last photo shows a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of butter pecan. It was the perfect way to end my awesome buffet experience. 🙂

Now the buffet rates…

A staff from Fresh just told me that they no longer offer lunch buffets from Mondays to Fridays. They only serve ala-carte meals during that time. For all the other rates, please check the list below (the rates below are the net amount already, inclusive of VAT and service charge):

Dinner Buffet: Php2287

(Sunday – Thursday) 5:30PM – 11PM

Dinner Buffet: Php2832 (w/ Crabs)

(Friday – Saturday) 5:30PM – 11PM

Lunch Buffet: Php2069

(Saturday) 12PM – 3:30PM

Lunch Buffet: Php2614

(Sunday) 12PM – 3:30PM

Solaire Resort


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