Food Panda – City Delivery: By Far… The Worst!

food panda - city delivery

Have you tried ordering food through City Delivery or Food Panda? If you haven’t, I’d say don’t bother trying it anymore… their service is by far the worst.

For those who are not aware, Food Panda has acquired City Delivery so when you call 87878, you’ll hear agents say “Food Panda – City Delivery”. I don’t know if it meant implementing a new system in their company since they now have to merge all partner merchants in just one delivery service. New system or not, it isn’t a reasonable excuse to make customers wait for hours and hours just to get their orders.

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My brother decided to try Food Panda – City Delivery’s service for the very first time and ordered some food from the restaurant, Barney’s Burger. This restaurant is located along D. Tuazon in Quezon City, which is actually not that far from our place. It would have taken us less than 30 minutes to get there and if it’s traffic, we will still get there in less than an hour. My brother ordered his food online around 6:30PM and paid using his credit card. An agent from Food Panda – City Delivery called and told him it would take 1-2 hours for the order to arrive. Although 2 hours seemed way too long, my brother still agreed to wait because he wanted to try the food at Barney’s Burger. He only ordered 2 burgers plus fries and the cost was just around Php250 but he had to pay an additional Php100 for the delivery service.

My brother waited for 2 hours but still nothing. He called Food Panda – City Delivery to cancel his order but the agent told him that the delivery guy is already on the way so my brother agreed to wait for a few more minutes. 1 more hour has passed and still… the delivery guy was nowhere to be found. My brother called their hotline and complained again. He was able to talk to agent “Lala J.” and they came to an agreement that the food will still be delivered but they will have to issue a refund to my brother since he has been waiting for 3 hours already. Ms. Lala J. assured my brother that the delivery guy is already ON THE WAY and told him to just wait for 5 more minutes. And guess what? 30 minutes has passed and still no food.

I decided to call their hotline on his behalf and I got to talk to another agent named Camille R. and she said that they are trying to call their delivery guy but apparently, he’s not answering their call. She told me that they will just ask another delivery guy (#2) to meet with the assigned delivery guy (#1) so that the second one can pick up my brother’s order and deliver it to our house. This meant that my brother would have to wait for yet another 45-60 minutes. I told her that it is not acceptable and that if we would agree to it, apart from the refund and the free food that they’re supposed to deliver, my brother should also be allowed to order the same food items the following day for FREE again. They agreed and so my brother waited for another hour.

It turns out that Food Panda – City Delivery is so incompetent that even though my brother had already waited for a total of 4 hours, it was still not enough for them. I can’t even fathom how that is possible!

Even calling their hotline takes forever. It took them more than 7 minutes to answer our call making me think that they were probably trying to intentionally not answer our call. The agent (Ms. Janine V.) I talked to that time asked if it would be okay to wait for just 20 more minutes. Seriously?!?! 20 more minutes, you say? Tagalog time: ANG KAPAL NIYO HA! I was so furious that I told her I want to speak to their manager. She said okay and advised me that she’ll put me on hold. You know how many minutes my call was on hold? It took her 23 minutes to get back to me so technically, when she asked me if it would be okay to wait for the delivery guy for 20 minutes, it was still not enough.

How can your delivery service be this poor?!? My brother had to wait for more than 5 hours for his order and by that time, the fries were obviously soggy already and the burgers were damn cold and oily. Too bad for Barney’s Burger because it no longer mattered how well they prepared my brother’s order since Food Panda – City Delivery already ruined it.

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And by the way, one of the agents we talked to said that the reason why it took the delivery guy too long to deliver the order is because there were only 2 delivery guys stationed in the entire Quezon City. THAT IS A VERY STUPID EXCUSE! If you know that you only have 2 delivery guys assigned in Quezon City then you shouldn’t have accepted too many orders in that area so that no orders will be compromised. That is not rocket science. If you can’t even understand a logic as simple as that then you shouldn’t be offering delivery service at all. And how dare you ask for a Php100 delivery fee… in cases like this, you should be the one paying customers for having to wait for their orders instead of us paying you for delivering it. Tsk!

And oh! Just to make sure that Food Panda – City Delivery won’t pass the blame to Barney’s Burger, my brother actually called the restaurant and was able to confirm that they gave his order to the delivery guy at 8PM so whatever happened between 8PM and close to midnight was already at the hands of Food Panda – City Delivery’s dependable delivery guy.

***And for the agents we spoke to, I took the liberty of not mentioning your surnames (even though I took note of it) because as I understand, you were just “mildly” at fault. 

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Food at your Fingertips… after 5 hours or more!

Food Panda – City Delivery


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12 thoughts on “Food Panda – City Delivery: By Far… The Worst!

  1. The same thing happened to me. not once but regularly “as in every time i call” . they take 5 to 10 minutes to answer the phone and then the food takes 2 hours delivery time ( at best 1 hour and the resturaunt is right around the corner form my hotel not even 2 blocks away. and they charge an additional fee on top of the delivery fee. its like they add 10 percent of the restaurant order plus, a delivery fee. mine was always 150 pesos or more. i stopped calling city delivery period after they kept telling me it takes 2 hours becuawe they are short handed on delivery guys, and they always used that excuse there is only 2 delivery guys. and then now it looks like food panda has become city delivery but the same story i have to call the hotline to order form my favorite restaurants but i simply wont do that. ity delivery is “by far the worst”

    • I agree… I don’t get why they must charge that much for delivery fee when their service sucks.. I don’t get their logic of partnering with more establishments when they know that their employees are limited. Whoever is running that company is stupid.

  2. Aww… I just ordered food from them ONLINE. I hope this doesn’t happen to me too. I’m bothered that when I tried calling their delivery hotline for an update just a few minutes back, what I’m getting is “the telephone number you dialed is not yet in service”. Wow. If they don’t deliver the food (on time), I won’t even know where to complain.

  3. This is true. Sobrang nakakadisappoint cla. Naghahanap nga along ibang food delivery app kasi mas maraming palpak tlg s services. Parang favorite nilang paghintayin s wala at I disappoint ung mga customers. not even worth it s mga charge n binabayad mo s kanila.Any idea of a better option?

  4. Victim here, another 45 minutes to wait again 😦 I forgot to read reviews or blog before ordering …… my mistake 😦 hoping that it won’t take forever 😦 Duterte might read this and do something for this bogus delivery system !!!!!!!!!

  5. I so understand! It also happened to us around that time you wrote this. Ours took maybe 3 hours? Not as bad as yours but 3 hours still!!! Their excuse – high volume of deliveries daw. It’s no excuse bec if you dont have enough riders to meet your volume then add riders! Simple as that!

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