Pldt Basic Fam Cam

As we all know, CCTV cameras are becoming more and more popular and necessary nowadays especially in establishments and public areas where bad things can happen and are most likely to happen. Somehow people feel a certain sense of relief when they know the cameras are installed to watch/record everybody’s moves – as weird as that sounds, it’s true.  The thing is… people are also starting to realize that even their house/home needs protection too. Having a CCTV camera allows people to monitor their house and their family members wherever they are. The problem though is that most people disregard the idea of having a CCTV camera in their home because they think that owning even just one camera can be very costly. This is where PLDT comes in.

Introducing: PLDT Basic Fam Cam

pldt fam cam 14-w800-h600

What’s so great about this Fam Cam? It’s so cheap. It’s actually way cheaper than most CCTV cameras you’ll find in the market. The cost of the Basic Fam Cam is just Php2,500 and if you still find it a bit steep then you can opt to pay in installment at only Php99 per month for 24 months. There is an initial fee of Php350 when you avail one but you can also ask them to charge it on your next bill so that you wouldn’t have to pay cash right away. Nice huh? They also offer contractor configuration for the amount of Php500 but I would suggest that you skip this one since installing the Basic Fam Cam yourself is so easy. I promise!

pldt fam cam 15-w800-h600

Basic Fam Cam Features: – Connect via WIFI – Motion & Sound Detection – Administrator/User Password Protection – Low Light Capability

pldt fam cam 16-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 18-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 17-w800-h600

Why it’s cheap? It’s because it doesn’t have the capability to record anything. If you are looking for a camera that can record, you might want to consider PLDT’s Advanced Fam Cam but that will cost you Php499 per month for 24 months. If you only intend to have a way to watch over your family wherever you are in the world, then the Basic Fam Cam will suffice already. Plus, even though it doesn’t allow you to record anything, you can still take snapshots so I think that’s good enough. 🙂

pldt fam cam - package-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 19-w800-h600

The Package includes: – Wireless N Network Camera – Ethernet Cable – Power Adapter – Quick Install Guide – CD-ROM with D-ViewCam software

pldt fam cam 20-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 21-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 22-w800-h600

The Basic Fam Cam can be used with or without the Ethernet cable but you will have to use it during the initial setup for the Fam Cam to work. After installation, you can freely setup your Fam Cam anywhere you want. You can also adjust the angle of the camera so it wouldn’t matter if you want to place it close to the ceiling or on top of the table, both will work. The only downside is that the cable of the power adapter is not that long so you have to make sure that the camera will be located somewhere near a power outlet. If not, you can always use an extension cord. To make the Fam Cam work, you first have to install the provided software on your laptop. If your computer does not have a CD-Rom, you can go to D-Link’s website to download the software. Step by Step:

pldt fam cam 11-w800-h600

The first thing you need to do is to set up your Cloud Camera.

pldt fam cam-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 2-w800-h600 pldt fam cam - step by step installation-w800-h600 pldt fam cam - installation-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 23-w800-h600

One side of the Ethernet cable must be plugged into the port on the back of the camera while the other one must be plugged into one of the LAN ports in the router.

pldt fam cam 3-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 4-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 25-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 26-w800-h600

The next step is to connect the power adapter to the power connector on the back of the camera and then plug the power adapter into a power outlet. Once the LED on the camera turns green, you can now proceed to the next step.

pldt fam cam 5-w800-h600

Here, you will have to create a password to secure your camera. (Make sure that your password is not just a common word that can be easily guessed by anyone. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anybody to have access to your camera especially if you intend to install one in your home.)

pldt fam cam 6-w800-h600 pldt fam cam 7-w800-h600

In this part of the setup, you will have the option to choose whether you prefer wired or wireless connection for your camera. If you choose wireless, you can already unplug the Ethernet cable from the camera.

pldt fam cam 8-w800-h600

This part is optional. The mydlink cloud service let’s you access your camera on any computers through the My D-Link’s website.

pldt fam cam 9-w800-h600

If you choose to enable the mydlink services, remember to create a good password, preferably one that is different from the password you created for your Cloud camera.

pldt fam cam 10-w800-h600

Once setup is complete, you can start managing your Cloud Camera through You’ll be able to change the settings of your camera on their website – this includes enabling and disabling the motion and sound detection of your camera. If you activate these features, you’ll be able to get notifications from them every time they sense any movements or sounds. Pretty cool, right? 🙂

pldt fam cam - sample pic-w800-h600

As I mentioned awhile ago, even though the Basic Fam Cam does not have the capability to record, you can still take as many snapshots as you want and as you can see from the photo above, the image is pretty clear for a camera that costs just Php99 a month. If you ask me, I’d say I’m pretty satisfied. And if 1 Fam Cam is not enough, you can still get more since PLDT allows you to avail up to 3 Fam Cam per account. 🙂


They say that the Fam Cam is best viewed using a Telpad but if you don’t have a Telpad, you can still monitor your home by installing the application “mydlink Lite” on your Android, Iphone or Windows Phone mobile device. This application is free so as long as your phone is connected to WIFI or 3G/4G, you’ll be able to access your camera remotely. As for Telpad users, you can download the “mydlink Lite” app through the PLDT KnaPPsack. Just open the knappsack and click the last category “PLDT Fam Cam” then click “mydlink Lite” and download. 🙂



Facebook Page:

My D-Link Login Page


D-Link’s Download Page


11 thoughts on “Pldt Basic Fam Cam

  1. Hi, we are planning to get the Plan 1299 + 99 for the basic Cam. Is this still recommendable package? Hows the internet connections or speed?

    • Hi. Your account just needs to be active and the current bill needs to be paid. You have to apply directly at PLDT’s business office. Prepare a letter of request together with a copy of your valid ID and you may also need to bring the recent billing statement for their reference. 🙂

  2. Hi! Can i install the fam cam even if i dont have pc or laptop? Can u just use android tablet or iPhone? Thank you!

    • Hi. Sorry for the very late reply. I don’t think you can install it without a PC. You need a computer that has LAN capability to be able to connect the device for the very first time.

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