Review: Good Day Cappuccino

In search of the best instant Cappuccino in town, I decided to try another brand after successfully trying Nescafe Cappuccino and Kopiko Kopiccino.


Good Day is another brand offering instant Cappuccino. As expected, this one comes with a packet of “Coklat Granule” – translated as “brown granules” in English. 


If I remember correctly, I bought this product at the convenience store for Php10 – I’m sure it would cost less when purchased at the grocery store.


As what I usually do… I only poured 1/4 hot water since I don’t really like drinking hot beverages that much. In terms of froth, there’s no question that Good Day Cappuccino has a lot of it compared to Nescafe Cappuccino and it also has a lot more free “coklat granule” compared to Kopiko Kopiccino. If you have read my review on Nescafe Cappuccino and Kopiko Kopiccino, I did mention that Nescafe had more of the cappuccino flavor while Kopiko had more of the creamy taste. Unfortunately for Good Day Cappuccino, I found that it was lacking on both the cappuccino flavor and the creamy taste. It was neither here nor there. It just tasted bland. Suffice to say, I was not hooked. That is just my personal opinion. For all I know… it might taste great for others…. just not for me.

Good Day Cappuccino

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4 thoughts on “Review: Good Day Cappuccino

  1. Hi. It seems that you added too much water so that the flavor tasted bland. I usually add less water to make the flavor strong, and to this day, Good Day Cappuccino is the best coffee and the best cappuccino I can have. And I usually don’t like coffee that much.

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