The Sexy Treat: Bangus & Tawilis in Garlic Olive Oil

When I realized that my nephew’s baptism is this Saturday already, I decided last weekend to start a 7-day diet. You see, I plan to wear a body-hugging dress and that won’t work if my tummy is kind of big. Plus, the venue of the reception is in a buffet restaurant and I seriously intend to eat a lot… like A LOT, which is why I want to make sure that I won’t end up looking pregnant after dinner. Hahaha!!!

diet food 2-w800-h600 diet food 1-w800-h600

The first 4 days of my so-called diet program consisted of nothing but a pairing of poached egg and a glass of Cappuccino or a pairing of Vienna sausage and a glass of Milo per meal. Not the best combinations, I know, but I was lazy to go to the grocery store to buy something else. My refrigerator only has pork & beef and so I couldn’t have those. I didn’t eat anything with carbs at all. Suffice to say, it was a strict and unhealthy diet. (Don’t do it!)

Yesterday, while I was looking at the News Feed on Facebook, I saw a picture of a Milkfish (with some rice and veggies) posted by Ms. Jo Ticzon – an amazing makeup artist to the stars and well… people like me. Hehe. Then, I remembered that Jo actually sells gourmet-style seafood under the name “The Sexy Treat”.


“The Sexy Treat” offers people homemade gourmet-seafood-in-a-bottle that contains no MSG and no preservatives. What’s also great about their products is that it has a shelf life of 1 year so you can buy as many as you want/need.

In my case, I decided to try their Bangus in Garlic Olive Oil (most popular product) and their Tawilis in Garlic Olive Oil. The order process was very easy. I made a bank deposit yesterday (in the morning, before their cut-off time) and the bottles were already delivered today.

sexy treat - gourmet food-w800-h600

I like that the bottles were carefully packed with bubble wrap to ensure the bottles won’t break.

sexy treat - gourmet in a bottle-w800-h600

Oh my! I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw these bottles. The idea that I can keep a good diet without having to eat poached eggs on a daily basis gives me so much joy. Even before opening the bottles, I already knew that both will taste great since the main ingredients are garlic and Olive oil. You just can’t possibly go wrong with these two. 🙂

sexy treat - bangus in garlic olive oil-w800-h600 sexy treat - bangus in garlic olive oil 2-w800-h600 sexy treat - bangus in garlic olive oil 3-w800-h600

Since I’m still on a diet, I didn’t want to eat all of it because I want to save some for when I can start eating rice again. I took some of it and microwaved it for just 10 seconds. And the taste? So freakin’ amazing! All the ingredients that they used for this dish worked so well together. There was absolutely no fishy taste and no after taste at all. It was just so good that few minutes after eating it, I found myself craving for more and since I had to restrain myself from getting a new batch in the bottle, I grabbed the empty bowls and tried to swipe it clean… twice, I did that. Haha!

sexy treat - tawilis in garlic olive oil-w800-h600 sexy treat - tawilis in garlic olive oil 2-w800-h600 sexy treat - tawilis in garlic olive oil 3-w800-h600

Just like the Bangus in Garlic Olive Oil, the Tawilis also tasted great. I love the fact that it had a hint of spice in it because I love spicy food a lot. I can’t tell you how many times I imagined pouring the Olive oil on top of the rice while munching over those delicious Bangus and Tawilis. The thought of it is just magical. I can’t wait for my diet to be over. Haha! I know these are supposed to make you healthy and sexy but it is so good that I feel like I’m going to want to eat a lot of rice with it. 🙂

sexy treat - gourmet in a bottle 2-w800-h600

For those who would like to cut down on their meat intake but are not fond of eating the same old fried fish, I suggest that you try the different offerings of The Sexy Treat. They make seafood tastes so good that you probably won’t even think about eating meat for a while… seriously.

Check out their list of products below:

sexy treat - price list

Even though I haven’t eaten all of it yet, I am already thinking about ordering more. Hihi. I am also very excited to try Gourmet Tuyo, Gourmet Daing, and Malunggay in Basil Pesto Sauce. All their products can be used as dips or it can be served with pasta and rice. If you check out their Facebook page, you’ll find several recipes showing the different ways that you can enjoy their products.

The Sexy Treat

Facebook Page:

Contact #: (0917)-8856682

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