Review: Vikings – SM Jazz

Last July 4, my super adorable nephew got baptized and because he’s the very first “apo” in our family, my parents wanted to make it extra special and so they decided to do the celebration at Vikings – SM Jazz.

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I have eaten at Vikings several times but it was my first time to dine in at their SM Jazz branch. Let me tell you… it looks AMAZING. Its theme is completely different from their branch at MOA.

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Their Italian-inspired restaurant blew me away. I just love their colorful chandelier that greets customers as they enter the restaurant. What’s nice about this branch is that the buffet area is situated in the middle, which makes it easier for diners to get food.

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Their private room/function room is located at the left side of the restaurant. If my memory serves me right, I’d say this private room can actually house about 150 people. The tables and chairs that they use in the restaurant look really classy and the ceiling decor is magnificent. Having this kind of vibe transports diners into another country. Just wow!

Since we booked the private room for 130 people, I was allowed to enter the restaurant an hour before dinner started. We were permitted to have a Photobooth as long as it is situated inside the private area. There was also a long table inside so we didn’t have to worry about where to place the gifts. The restaurant also has a projector and a white screen that customers can use for free when they book the private room. Nice, right?

vikings - sm jazz 6-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 3-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 5-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 6-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 7-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 8-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 9-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 11-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 12-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 13-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 16-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 17-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 15-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 18-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 19-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 20-w800-h600

The buffet spread has different stations that diners can choose from. I actually got a little bit overwhelmed simply because I didn’t know where to start first. Haha! I wanted to eat a lot of food but I don’t think I was able to do justice that night.

vikings restaurant - sm jazz 22-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 24-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 25-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 26-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 27-w800-h600 vikings restaurant - sm jazz 28-w800-h600

The pictures above show the food that I was able to eat that night. I don’t know if you would think that that’s a lot or not but I certainly feel that I didn’t get to eat much.


You see… before the event, I decided to go on a strict diet for 1 week not just because I wanted to wear that pretty dress I bought from Zalora (courtesy of the gift certificate I won from Sample Room), but also because I knew that I would eat a lot at the restaurant which would result to a lot of calories in just 1 night. It was a huge mistake! I got full so fast because my tummy had been accustomed to eating just fish, poached egg and cereal drinks for a week. Note to self: Never go on a diet. Haha! What I would do, however, is to shop for more dresses like this at Zalora. Haha! I seriously received some compliments for wearing this outfit and so shopping again at their online store would seem like a no-brainer. Apart from tops and blouses, Zalora also has beauty products that help you achieve glowing, healthy and beautiful skin. So… be ready Zalora! Be ready for more orders from me. Lol! 🙂

vikings restaurant - sm jazz 23-w800-h600

Even though I didn’t get to eat as much as I would have wanted, I still enjoyed my dining experience at Vikings – SM Jazz. I loved their Pasta station. You get to pick what pasta you want and you get to decide which ingredients you want to mix it with. I chose the Carbonara and put a load of Parmesan cheese on it. Yummy! The Salmon Sashimi was divine. The same goes with the Ebi Tempura. The crab was okay but I guess I wasn’t expecting that kind of crab. There wasn’t much stuff inside so it was a bit of a let down for me. The steak was delicious but it wasn’t as tender as I hoped it would be. As for the dessert section, I didn’t eat a lot anymore since I was already feeling so full that time. In fact, I didn’t even get to finish the desserts that I had on my plate. Of all the desserts I’ve tried, my least favorite was the Red Velvet cake. I love Red Velvet cakes a lot so I kind of have a high expectation when it comes to its taste and, unfortunately, Vikings’ Red Velvet cake was a bit bland. My favorite from the entire buffet spread happens to be their mini Milk Tea Station. I love that I got to make my own milk tea. There weren’t much choices that time but I like the idea that I get to read the step by step procedures in making a milk tea. I’d say, my concoction was right on the money. 🙂


Vikings Restuarant – SM Jazz


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Telephone #: 891-3888/ 891-4888/ (0917)827-1888

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