Review: Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses

A few weeks ago, Sample Room launched several products on their website and one of those was a FREE pack of Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses.


Initially, I decided to skip this sample because I didn’t think that I’d be able to take advantage of it since I don’t really use contact lenses. However, it is just too good of a sample for me to pass up. The main purpose of Sample Room is to let people try products and services (free of charge) before they make a purchase and for a product that costs Php1450, I certainly wouldn’t want to shell out this much money without knowing if it would be worth it or not.

ideal vision - sample room-w800-h600

When you grab a sample of the contact lenses, Sample Room will send you a gift certificate that you will have to bring to any of the listed Ideal Vision branches to claim your free contact lenses.

ideal vision store - air optix-w800-h600 ideal vision - air optix-w800-h600 ideal vision - sm san lazaro-w800-h600 ideal vision store-w800-h600 ideal vision store 2-w800-h600

In my case, I decided to claim my freebie at their branch in SM San Lazaro. When I got to the store, I saw all the Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses that are currently available. These contact lenses come in different colors and, to be honest, I like all of them. There are just way too many colors that I would love to try but since I can only get one, I decided to go with grey.

***Tip: If you are not sure which color to choose, you can virtually try on the Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses to see which one would suit you best. Air Optix has a virtual studio where you can upload your picture and there, you get to try out the different colors available. Click this: Air Optix Virtual Studio.

air optix colors contact lenses 2-w800-h600 air optix colors contact lenses-w800-h600 air optix 1-w800-h600 air optix colors contact lenses 3-w800-h600

The staff at the SM San Lazaro branch was nice enough to teach me how to wear and remove contact lenses. She even taught me how to properly clean contact lenses before and after use. Prior to this, I really had no knowledge of how it’s done. I remember trying one in college but as soon as the contact lenses were in place, I immediately felt discomfort so I got rid of it.

air optix colors contact lenses 4-w800-h600

The picture above shows the difference between my left eye (no contact lens) and my right eye (with contact lens). I just love how it made my right eye pop, making my left eye looked dull or dead(?). Haha. What’s nice about these contact lenses is that it’s very comfortable to wear. It looks so natural that you wouldn’t even feel like you’re wearing one.

They are made of state-of-the-art, proprietary silicone hydrogel which allows plenty of oxygen to pass through the contact lenses thereby enhancing comfort.

Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution-w800-h600

I was told that I would need a cleaning solution to keep my contact lenses clean at all times. Fortunately, the Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution I bought from them wasn’t expensive at all. One 60-ml solution costs just Php150 and it already comes with a case for your contact lenses. I had to buy 2 boxes because they told me that one 60-ml solution is only good for 2-weeks use. They have another solution (a bigger one) that costs Php350 only and can be used for 3 whole months but I just opted to buy the small ones.

air optix contact lenses - wear and care guide-w800-h600 air optix contact lenses - wear and care guide 2-w1200-h900 air optix contact lenses - wear and care guide 3-w1200-h900 air optix contact lenses - wear and care guide 4-w1200-h900

I was given a booklet that contains more information about the contact lenses so I didn’t have to worry about forgetting any of the instructions given to me. Of all the things I learned about contact lenses, the hardest one for me is removing it. I have long nails and I am not really willing to cut my nails (way too short) just so I can safely remove the contact lenses. Lol! The first time I tried to remove my contact lenses, it took me several minutes because I needed to be very careful and I needed to make sure that my nails won’t scratch the cornea.

air optix colors contact lenses 5-w800-h600

I was told that since it’s my first time to use contact lenses, I have to get my eyes used to wearing one first. This means that for my first day of use, I was only allowed to wear it for 4 hours then 6 hours the 2nd day then 8 hours the 3rd day then so on and so forth. Unfortunately, on my 2nd day, I went past 6 hours because I was out with a friend. I tried removing it in the restroom of the restaurant but it was taking me a long time and I was worried that there are some customers waiting outside the restroom so I decided to just keep it on. Two hours later, my friend noticed that my eyes turned way too reddish already. Haha! It was a bit scary since it looked like I had sore eyes but I had no choice. What I did instead was to apply some drops of the solution directly on my eyes to keep the contact lenses from getting dry. After that incident, I made sure to follow the rules already and, eventually, I got better and better at removing the contact lenses. Yey! 🙂

air optix colors contact lenses - grey-w800-h600

The free Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses only lasts for a month. For the price of Php1450, it is really pricey but these contact lenses captured my heart in an instant that I feel like I’m going to end up buying one again once this sample expires. Next time, I’ll try the green one.

If you want to try one too, you can still grab a sample at Sample Room. As of writing, they still have 12 samples in stock. 🙂

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Air Optix Colors Philippines


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2 thoughts on “Review: Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses

  1. I went to an optical shop to try out a few pairs, just to see if I wanted to try the whole colored eyes beauty trend. I ended up liking the lighter brown pair that made my eyes about two shades lighter. Maybe I’m not out of my comfort zone yet with these things, so I felt like the other colors were too much. Ended up not buying, since it felt strange to purchase a color that wouldn’t even alter my appearance so much. Does that make sense? :))

    The color looks good on you and compliments the shape of your eyes!

    • That does make sense a lot. I felt the same way too… I wanted to go bold but not too bold that it would look fake.. LOL. I chose grey because I remember Oprah interviewing an Indian woman who was considered as the most beautiful woman on Earth. She’s got natural grey eyes. I was jealous. Haha. If you haven’t grabbed a sample of the Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses from Sample Room, I suggest that you do. At the very least, you get to try something without having to pay for it. 🙂

      Also, did you register for the Blogapalooza event this October? I hope you did. Hope to meet you there. 🙂

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