Clothes Buffet Manila – Season 2

I’m sure by now a lot of you have already heard of Clothes Buffet Manila, right?

clothes buffet manila season 2

For those who are not aware, clothes buffet is pretty much like food buffet except that instead of food, it’s an unlimited supply of clothes. Also, unlike buffet restaurants, clothes buffet don’t last for several hours (I wish it does).

clothes buffet manila season 2 - bag

Clothes Buffet Manila is actually a special event where participants are given a special Buffet Bag (33cm by 25cm) that can be used inside the Buffet Floor. A “Buffet Floor” is where all the available clothes are on display. For 20 minutes, participants should be able to pick the clothes they want and stuff it all inside the Buffet bag. Once the time is up, everyone will be asked to proceed to the validation booth. If you have successfully zipped the Buffet bag then you get to take home whatever clothes you have in there. All these for the price of Php2799.

Last year, I didn’t get to join since I didn’t have spare money during that time. This year, I made sure to save up in advance because I certainly didn’t want to miss it again for the 2nd time. I heard that for last year, participants were only given 15 minutes and the Buffet bag was also slightly smaller than this year’s bag. Despite that, someone was still able to fit 21 items inside the bag. Wow!

Last year’s ticket price was at Php1,999 but, this year, it’s higher because aside from making the Buffet bag bigger and the time longer, they also mentioned that they have 40,000 clothes up for grabs. Season 2 was held last November 21 and 22 at Elements Centris, Quezon City. I purchased a ticket in advance so I only paid Php2599 and I chose November 21, 3:30PM – 3:50PM.

A week or so before the event, I received an email from Clothes Buffet Manila saying that they had a problem with their venue schedule and we were asked to choose another schedule so I ended up choosing the last available schedule for Saturday which was from 2:30PM – 2:50PM.

After registering, they gave us a bracelet with a chip from Pouch Nation. When I got inside the venue, the guys from Pouch Nation had to scan the code from the bracelet to their app. For some reason, it took them a long time to validate mine. I don’t even know what’s wrong with it but I seriously didn’t mind because one of them was cute. Haha!

A few minutes before our schedule (wave), we were asked to watch a short video about the do’s and don’ts inside the Buffet Floor such as no throwing of clothes on the floor and no pushing of other participants. 🙂

Prior to the event, I was actually expecting that the clothes will be categorized in sizes but that was not the case. It would have been easier if it was done that way so that we know exactly which racks to check.

There were a lot of clothes inside the Buffet Floor but I felt that there weren’t much choices. There were a lot of the same clothes in different racks that range from XS to XL but there were those dresses that I like that were not available in my size. I had to get some clothes that were in medium and even large sizes just so I’d be able to stuff a lot in the Buffet bag.

Even Ara Mina joined the event. I have no idea what she picked since my sister was the one taking photos.

Aside from the clothes we stuffed inside the Buffet Bag, we were also given a loot bag at the validation booth. The loot bag had a free copy of Meg Magazine (old issue), a Pantene 3-minute Miracle Conditioner and a bottle of candies from “Made in Candy”. The candies look cute and had the “heart” symbol in some and the “I love CBM” symbol in others. I was checking the prices and thought that it’s a bit steep considering the amount of candies in the bottle but then when I started eating it, I couldn’t seem to stop. It was delicious, not overly sweet, and quite addicting. Hehe!

clothes buffet manila - my loot

I got a total of 13 items – 11 tops, 1 dress, and 1 long skirt. Like I said awhile ago, some of the good ones I like were not in my size so I actually got 1 top in XL, 1 top in L, 3 tops in M, and 6 tops in S. The only dress I got is in size 10. It’s sad because I really like the design but it’s a bit big.

I found 2 clothes with some issues so I sent them a message about it. They told me I should have exchanged it while I was still at the event to avoid the hassle but since I had no idea I could do that, I was told to go back the following day and have it exchanged before 1PM.

clothes buffet manila season 2 - centris walk

When I got inside the venue (around 10:30AM), I noticed that there were more racks with more choices of clothes. I don’t know how they divided their 40,000 clothes into different schedules (waves) but when I showed pictures of it to my friend, she felt disappointed since she also participated in their Saturday schedule (same wave as mine). I showed one of the organizers the 2 clothes (1 top and 1 dress) that I had to return and I was surprised when she told me I could enter the Buffet Floor and choose any 2 items I want as long as it will be 1 top and 1 dress as well.

While inside the Buffet Floor, I got the chance to check out some of the clothes they had on display and when I realized that there were definitely more new clothes to choose from, I decided to purchase another ticket for Sunday’s event. I joined the 11AM schedule. 🙂

For my 2nd try, I was able to get 14 items.

For the Sunday event, they had 2nd Avenue & ETC as their sponsors. After having my Buffet Bag checked at the validation booth, I went straight to 2nd Avenue’s booth. They told me that if I post a picture on Instagram and tag 2nd Avenue and include the hashtag “WeAreBraver”, I’ll get a chance to pick a prize. I’m usually never lucky when it comes to picking prizes and I even told the lady about it but when I checked the paper I picked, I was so surprised to see “leather bag” in it. I got the major prize. Yey!

clothes buffet manila - clothes all you can

When I arrived home, I checked all the items I got and, unfortunately, I found 3 items with issues again. I know I should have checked it while I was at the event but it slipped my mind so I went back at Elements Centris again. When I got there (around 1:30PM), the event was already over. The clothes were gone and the staffs started cleaning the area. Luckily, the organizers were still there so I approached the same organizer I talked to when I had my first 2 clothes exchanged and she brought me outside where their truck was parked. They couldn’t show me all the remaining clothes anymore since everything were already stored in several huge plastic bags so she just asked one of the guys to bring out one plastic and asked me to choose 3 items from inside. I didn’t quite like the choices inside the plastic bag but since they can’t really take everything out again, she just told me that to compensate for whatever inconvenience I may have experienced, she would allow me to keep the 3 items I brought and, on top of that, I also get to choose 3 more items inside the bag. I just chose 2 dresses and 1 jacket so overall, I ended up getting 17 items last Sunday.

clothes buffet manila items

Since I joined the event twice, I was able to gather a total of 30 items. The total amount I paid for the 2 tickets is Php5398. I know that’s a lot of money but 30 items is a lot too. Some of the clothes I got still had price tags on them so I knew I got way more than the money I paid. Some dresses actually costs more than a thousand. I’m extremely happy and very satisfied.

The 2nd loot bag did not have free candies. Too bad, I was really excited to get another bottle of it. Haha.

I can’t say if this year’s event is as successful as last year’s since I didn’t get to participate last year. I would say though that based on what I saw last Saturday and Sunday, there weren’t a lot participants in some of the waves (schedules). The schedule I chose last Saturday had around 20-30 people only and the schedule prior to ours only had less than 10. Even the number of waves (schedules per day) were cut down so I’m guessing that not a lot of people were willing to pay Php2799. I do hope that there will be a season 3 next year. It was a really fun experience for me and for all the other participants. I just wish that the clothes would be equally distributed next time so that it would be fair for everyone. My friend told me that she might not join next year because she was not happy to learn that there were more choices of clothes for the Sunday event compared to the one she witnessed last Saturday.

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