Bohol Trip 2016: Momo Beach House (Part 1)

Last year, I was able to score some cheap tickets from Air Asia for this year’s travel and when I say cheap, I mean REALLY CHEAP – so freakin’ cheap! I was able to book a round-trip ticket to Tagbilaran Airport (going to Bohol) for just Php216.82 (including fees/taxes) – travel dates (June 28 – July 2). Now, of course, that amount did not include any checked baggage allowance so I still had to purchase extra for it but it still is very affordable.

It was my first time to visit Bohol so I was very excited. I remember going to a travel expo last February to check out some resort promos and I found one that caught my attention – one that matched my budget at that time.

From the pictures shown at the travel expo, it seemed to me that Momo Beach House looked like a little paradise. The representative at their booth gave me some information about the resort. I was told that it’s more of a private resort and that it only has a few rooms. I was also informed about the location of the resort but because I have never been to Bohol, it was difficult for me to picture it.

They actually had this other resort (Amorita Resort) that I was more interested in because it looked really grand but it was way more expensive and I just didn’t have enough money with me during the expo so I had to give up on it. The representative did tell me that they do offer free shuttle service that can get us to Amorita Resort, should we wish to visit it. Now, like I said awhile ago, prior to my trip, I have never been to Bohol so when she told me about the shuttle service, I was under the impression that Amorita Resort (being that it’s a luxurious resort) is located in another beach – all by itself – so I decided to go ahead and book Momo Beach House. Their standard room’s promo rate is at Php3500/night (including complimentary breakfast and a one-time dinner for two) and since I only had about Php7000 with me at that time, I went on and booked a room for just the first 2 nights. The representative told me that if I decide to spend my last 2 nights at their resort too, they will offer me the same promo rate even if the expo is already over and that I’ll be allowed to pay the amount when I get to the resort. It was an awesome deal. I just couldn’t let that go.

tagbilaran airport

May I just say that I was so pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to reach the beach. I honestly thought that it would be like Boracay where you would have to ride a bus/van once or twice (depending on whether you’re coming from Caticlan or Kalibo) and then go on a boat ride and then a van ride again going to the resort but it was totally different in Bohol. From Tagbilaran Airport, we only had to take a van ride to get to the resort.

momo beach house - welcome message

Love love love that the staffs from Momo Beach House took some time out to write a welcome message on their big board just for me. I actually didn’t notice it at first because when I got there, I was immediately greeted by several staffs. I have been to a lot of hotels and resorts already but the staffs at Momo Beach House are, by far, the nicest, the most welcoming, and the most accommodating staffs I’ve ever met.

When we arrived at the resort, some staffs were already waiting for us to get out of the van. While we were filling up some info sheet, they offered us welcome drinks too. They gave us a drink that had a mix of Pandan and Lemon Grass and let me tell you, it was possibly the most refreshing welcome drink that I’ve ever had. It was nothing like the orange juice or mango juice that are usually served in other hotels/resorts. It tasted amazing!

momo beach house - tour & activities

While we were enjoying our delicious welcome drink, the staff there explained to us the schedule of their shuttle service. Prior to our arrival, I thought that Momo Beach House was the one located in the main beach and that their sister resort, Amorita Resort, was the one located in a secluded beach but, apparently, it was the other way around. I was so eager to visit the main beach but since we arrived at the resort in the afternoon already, it no longer made sense to take their shuttle service going to Alona Beach at 5PM and then ride the shuttle service again at 5:30PM to go back to Momo Beach House so we just opted to visit Alona Beach the following day.

momo beach house

Like I said, I wasn’t expecting that Momo Beach House would be in a secluded beach; not that it’s bad (especially for those who would like to have some alone time) but I guess I just really didn’t expect it to be that private. Perhaps, it wasn’t explained to me well enough at the expo. Apart from Momo Beach House, there was only one other resort beside it and that was basically it. If there is something that you would need, you won’t find any nearby stores to buy it and if you feel like eating somewhere else, you might as well wait for the schedule of their shuttle service because you won’t see any other restaurants right outside the resort. I do like to point out though that when my bf ran out of cigarettes, one of the male staffs was nice enough to offer to buy one for him. I don’t know how far he traveled but he may have purchased it at one of those sari-sari stores near the main road. Though the staff was nice to do that, I think it would be quite a hassle to ask them to buy us stuff every time we need something so I felt like that was a bit inconvenient.

Their Standard Room was small but that was not surprising since I already saw a photo of it at the expo so I knew exactly what to expect. Having said that, I was a bit saddened that I didn’t have enough space to put my stuff on. The hanger bar was cute but quite tiny. It only had 5 hangers so you can’t really hang all your clothes and even if you get more hangers, I don’t think that the bar would be able to handle that much weight. The room does have a long table but I eventually stopped putting stuff there because I found ants. Yes, you read that right. Ants.

I did like the shampoo and the body wash that they provided inside the room. It smelled so good and the body wash made my skin feel soft and moisturized. I wished they had mini bottles so I could have taken some home. 🙂

momo beach house - complimentary mallows

It was so sweet for the staff to give us this welcome treat apart from the welcome drink. The chocolate dip was one of those great things about Bohol, you know. Their tablea was rich in flavor but not to a point where I would get overwhelmed with it and that says a lot coming from someone who prefers salty treats than sweets. Anyway, the mallows dipped in chocolate were yummy but we couldn’t finish the chocolate dip so we just left it on the table. Hours later, I found lots of ants on the table. I wanted to ask the staff to get the plates but their rooms don’t have phones so if you need something from them, you’ll have to go to the lobby to be able to talk to them. It’s not a long walk but this just means that for every thing you need, you’ll have to go out of your room to get it done.

We haven’t had lunch on our first day and since there weren’t any other restaurants outside the resort, we decided to just try the food at the resort’s Beach Tree Cafe. The food tasted good BUT it took them a long time to serve it to us. I’m not sure why it took too long (almost an hour wait) considering we were the only ones who ordered food at that time. It didn’t help that there were swarms of flies in the area. We had to constantly shield our food from all the pests. I didn’t get mad though. I think because it was our first day, we just laughed about it and we couldn’t bring ourselves to get mad anyway because the staffs were really friendly. We just let it pass. ^_^

Momo Beach House has its own pool. It’s not huge but it’s a good enough size already. I tried it alone on my first night but I didn’t stay for long. I wanted so much to use the pool bed but it had some ants as well. I think by this time you already know how much I hate insects and so the sight of ants not just in the bedroom but also in the pool bed was not good at all. I just stayed a while and went back to the room.

The resort is really perfect for those people who would like to have some quiet time in the beach. By night time, it was almost as if we were the only guests in the resort. We did have some pet visitors (coming from the other resort) that accompanied us while we were having dinner. Fortunately, I am now less afraid of dogs so seeing them roaming around the area was not a problem. Seeing insects inside the room was, however, not okay.

momo beach house - gecko

Apart from the ants, I also found a dead cockroach which looked like it has been dead for days but I guess the staff didn’t notice it because it was on the side of the bathroom door. The other cockroach that was alive at first was killed by my bf but he just left it on the bathroom floor. When we got back to the room (after dinner), I went inside the bathroom and was surprised to see a whole lot of ants trying to carry the dead cockroach somewhere. I wanted so much to call one of the resort’s staffs to have it cleaned but I couldn’t because they didn’t have a phone inside the room. I wanted to go out of the room so I could call them but I couldn’t because I saw a gecko hiding behind the emergency light that was just beside our room door. I feared that if we keep going in and out of our room, the gecko would have a chance to sneak into our room so I just decided to splash water all over the bathroom floor to kind of wash away the ants. The staff cleaned our room the following day; the cockroach was gone but the ants still remained and the gecko always showed up behind the emergency light every night.

The complimentary breakfast was okay except for the dried pusit. When it was first served to us, the dried pusit wasn’t crispy at all and was quite chewy. We had to send it back to the kitchen so that they can fry it some more. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long for the food to be served because they already knew what breakfast we wanted the night before. The only other problem I have dining at their cafe was the number of flies that were disturbing us. You can see in the photo above that there were even some flies who felt comfortable resting/lounging on our table so we always had to eat fast to make sure that the flies won’t touch (or land on) our food.

I appreciate the free snacks and postcards that they left in our room. It was so nice to be able to finish off the day with some really delicious desserts.

panglao bohol

Honestly, Momo Beach House looked really nice and cozy. The lobby lounge was huge and felt relaxing. I like that they have free books for people to read and they also have some hammocks near the beach should you feel like napping outside the room. The staffs were truly the nicest ones I have met but there were a few reasons why we decided not to extend our stay there.

 I really couldn’t handle all the insects in the area and the gecko was the last straw. This means that if I hadn’t paid for the first 2 nights in advance, we probably would have moved to the main beach right on the first day. I think that if they didn’t have that many insects and geckos, the story would have been different. I may even bring my entire family with me if it’s gecko-free. I know that Bohol is known to have a lot of geckos BUT I didn’t encounter any geckos lurking inside the property of the 2nd hotel (Hennan Resort Alona Beach) where we moved in to.

Apart from that, we have also had the pleasure of seeing how the main beach looked like when we took their shuttle service the second day. The main beach reminded us of Boracay, which was exactly what we wanted. We found a lot of resorts, a lot of restaurants, and lots of other shops along the beach and the main road, which gave us more options to choose from. The best part is that we didn’t have to follow any schedule (for the shuttle service) anymore so we were able to go wherever we please.

momo beach house souvenir

I am very happy that I got to meet such wonderful people at Momo Beach House. I also appreciate the bracelet souvenir that they gave me before we left the resort. My bf was kind of sad though because he didn’t get one. Haha.

I think that Momo Beach House is still a little private paradise in Bohol. It’s a perfect spot for families or friends who would like to spend some quality time away from the crowd. If you don’t mind the insects or the geckos, then Momo Beach House is the right resort for you. If you’re okay with the insects but not happy with the schedule of the free shuttle service, don’t worry because you can still go around Bohol by renting a motorcycle.

bohol - motorbike ride

We got to rent a motorcycle for 24 hours for the price of just Php500 – this price does not include the gas expense. If you like riding motorcycles or if you are with someone who knows how to ride a motorcycle, you can totally make this work even if you stay at Momo Beach House. We tried it on our 2nd night and we managed to get back to Momo Beach House (at night) without getting lost. Momo Beach House is actually not that far from Alona beach but it’s definitely not walking distance so you either follow the schedule of their free shuttle service or you rent a motorcycle so that you can leave anytime you want. My tip for you is if you want to rent a motorcycle, go find a shop along the main road because that is where the price is cheaper since you are already skipping the middleman. In fact, we also availed our tour (with car & driver, of course) from the same shop where we rented a motorcycle. I don’t remember the name of the shop but if you are in Alona beach, just go to the main road and when you see a gas station on the other side of the road, you’ll be able to find a small shop there advertising some motorcycles for rent and some package tours as well. 🙂

I hope you found my information here to be helpful. Stay tuned for part 2 of my review as I will be talking about the 2nd resort where we stayed in. 🙂

Momo Beach House

Address: Barangay Bil-isan, Momo Beach Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

Contact #s: +63 (2) 5539549, 8561443


Facebook Page:

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