Unboxing: Special Edition Glamourbox – Inglot Pro Picks

I am over the moon right now. I just received my Inglot Pro Picks from Glamourbox. OMG!!!

inglot glamourbox

This specific subscription got sold out real fast, which says a lot about the brand “Inglot” because I do remember that some of the previous boxes offered by Glamourbox didn’t get sold out this quick.

glamourbox inglot - curator card

Inglot is actually one of those brands that I have been hearing about for quite some time now. What’s interesting about them is their unique “Freedom System” wherein people get to choose the shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, etc. that they would want to be in their freedom system palette. This just means that no one will ever be stuck with a shade of makeup that they don’t like. That said, you should know that their freedom system products don’t come cheap and because you are choosing by shade, it also means that you’ll be paying per shade. I was able to ask them about the prices of their products and here’s what they told me: FS Pressed Powder refills are Php895; FS Blush ranges from Php595-Php695; FS HD Sculpting Powder is Php695; FS Eyeshadows ranges from Php425-Php525; FS Lipstick, FS Concealers, FS Brow Powders are all Php425; and the new FS Highlighting Powder is Php995. Apart from that, bear in mind that the freedom system palette itself is sold separately and its price depends on the size of the palette. They said: 1-square palette is Php395; up to 40-square palette will cost Php3895; the Flexi palette is Php1695 (it does not have any dividers so you have the freedom to put any Freedom System (FS) products you want and could fit). Basically, the amount you pay depends on the number of freedom system products you choose.

See, this is why I’m so happy to score a special edition box from Glamourbox. I like that I get to try several products from Inglot without paying too much money. 🙂

special glamourbox - inglot

inglot glamourbox - pro picks for every beauty

Let’s check each one:

inglot freedom system blush 46

Inglot Freedom System Blush – Full Size 6g (Php595)

inglot - freedom system blush 46

Freedom System Blush 46

This shade of blush isn’t my favorite shade but I like it just the same. When I first applied it on my skin, it looked really light so I had to apply a few more so that it will be visible on camera.

inglot freedom system eyeshadow

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow – Full Size 2.3-3.2g (Php425 each)

All these eyeshadow shades are very pigmented and silky-smooth. I like that Glamourbox provided us with at least 1 matte shade (#319) and 2 shimmer shades (#609 and #441). I cannot wait to use these especially #609.
inglot freedom system lipstick

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick – Full Size 1.8g (Php425)

All these lipsticks come with Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil, which can help moisturize and protect the lips. 

Honestly, when I saw that there were 2 lipsticks that are in the purple shade, I immediately thought that those would be the shades that I will most likely not use because I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a lipstick in that shade. However, when I saw the photo of the woman in the curator card, I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the purple shade looked on her – she looked timeless! I do hope that those shades would look good on me too. ^_^

inglot o2m breathable nail enamel

Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel – Full Size 11ml (Php650)

Inglot’s O2M formula allows water and oxygen to pass through, to keep nail enamel healthy and strong.

inglot breathable nail enamel

I tried their O2M breathable nail enamel awhile ago but I didn’t like it. The photo above shows how it looked like after 2 coats. The smell was terrible as well.

Free notebook. Yey!

inglot makeover voucher

I love that they included a makeover voucher (worth Php1500) in the box as this will give me a chance to try the other products that they have in the store without paying anything.

inglot discount

I also like that they gave us a discount coupon because I will need to buy Inglot’s freedom system palette (this is not included in the box). Plus, since I really love the eyeshadow shades that I got, I am thinking of purchasing more shades when I visit their store.

inglot glamourbox - curator card

This box is so worth it! I only paid Php1370 (Php1290 for the box plus Php80 for the shipping fee) but the total value of the box  is at Php6145. This doesn’t even include the value of the Inglot notebook as well as the savings that I will get when I use the discount coupon.

These kinds of beauty boxes just make me fall in love with makeup even more. I am truly very impressed with Glamourbox. Never did I ever imagine that they will be able to offer a beauty box filled with Inglot products. Well done, Glamourbox. Keep surprising me! 🙂



Website: https://glamourbox.ph/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GlamourboxPH?fref=ts

Inglot Cosmetics Philippines

Website: http://www.inglotphilippines.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inglotphilippines/?fref=ts


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