Bohol Trip 2016: Henann Resort Alona Beach, Bohol (Part 2)

**This is part 2 of my Bohol Trip last June 28 – July 2, 2016. In my first post, I reviewed the resort (Momo Beach House) that we booked for the first 2 nights of our stay. This article right here is for the 2nd resort (Henann Resort Alona Beach) that we booked for our 3rd and 4th night. ^_^

After staying at Momo Beach House for 2 nights, we have decided to move to another resort that is actually located in Alona beach. We chose Henann Resort Alona Beach because we already knew that we can’t go wrong with this resort since we have already stayed in their resort in Boracay. We knew exactly what to expect and we knew it would be worth every penny.

After checking out at Momo Beach House, the staffs there were nice enough to let us ride their van for free and, on top of that, the driver of the van took us straight to Henann Resorts so we didn’t have to walk anymore.

The lobby at Henann Resort Alona Beach was so spacious and looked very luxurious as well. The interiors were very classy and the place just looked so bright and clean.

When I got to the counter, I was already dead set on booking a deluxe room since that’s what my boyfriend and I agreed on but when he had to return the motorcycle he rented, I was left alone to book the room so it was totally a bad idea on his part. As I was about to pay for the deluxe room, the receptionist told me that their Junior Suite is on a discount so if I choose to book that one instead of the Deluxe Room, I only had to add about Php1500-Php1700 (I don’t remember the exact amount anymore) per night. I know it’s still a lot of money but I couldn’t resist staying in their Junior Suite. When we stayed at their resort in Boracay, we also booked their Junior Suite so it was kind of difficult for me to say no to it since my experience there has always been a great one. When my boyfriend returned, it was already too late for him to stop me because I already booked and paid for the Junior Suite. Hahaha!

Their Junior Suite was huge and looked so nice. It had a king-size bed, a living area with a cozy sofa, a bathtub, a hair dryer, bathrobes, safety deposit box, iron & iron board, a digital weighing scale (which is perfect for those who would like to keep track of their weight), a balcony with outdoor dinette set, and (2) two 40-inch LED TV. Yes, 2 TVs because one was just not enough. LOL!

The Suite also came with complimentary toiletries that were prepared by Caswell-Massey, 2 pairs of rubber slippers (which I love so much), bottled water, a coffee & tea making facilities, complimentary WIFI connection, and a stocked minibar. It’s not common for most hotels to offer complimentary drinks other than water so I’m not sure if the free Coke (2 pcs.), Fit n’ Right Juice (2 pcs.), and San Miguel Light Beer (2 pcs.) are only applicable if you book their Suite rooms or not so you’ll have to check that one out with the hotel.

Of all the views that I have seen, this one from Henann Resort Alona Beach is, by far, the most breathtaking of them all. Not only do I get to see a view of the beach but I also get to see all the pools of the hotel. This Henann Resort was certainly beautifully constructed and the landscape was nothing short of spectacular. This is actually what Henann Resorts are known for so even if you check out the other resorts that they have, you’ll likely find the same striking design. The number of pools may not be the same for all their resorts but what makes them stand out is that they have a pool bar too so if you need to order any drinks, you can just get it straight from the pool bar and drink it right there as well.

Seeing the resort’s private Villas from the balcony was a nice sight too. I was slightly jealous of the people staying there because each villa has its own private pool with sun loungers and table, which means that if the main pool area gets crowded, they can still enjoy swimming in their private pool. What makes it even greater is that they don’t have to worry about losing their belongings since each villa has its own gate plus the entire villa area itself has a gate (with a guard) so if you are not staying in the villa, you won’t be able to access it as well. I wish to experience such luxury too but it may be impossible since the rate of the Villa is around Php17000 per night and I don’t think I can ever be okay with paying that much money for a night stay only. Hehe! I do hope that they will offer a massive discount in the future so that I can try it too.

We didn’t get to enjoy the resort’s amenities that much on the day we checked-in because that was also the day that we decided to go on a tour. There were many different tours available but there was one where you rent a car (with a driver included) for 7 hours and then the driver will take you to some of the attractions in Bohol. In our case, we checked out Bohol’s Butterfly Garden, Man-Made Forest, Tarsiers and Chocolate Hills (the farthest of them all). If I’m not mistaken, we may have paid about Php1500 – Php1800 (total) for the tour. I heard that some people would go visit these places by riding a motorcycle but we didn’t go for that because we knew it would be a very tiring trip. Plus, riding a car meant that we didn’t have to brave the rain that day.

I truly enjoyed the view of the chocolate hills as well as the tiny Tarsiers that we got to see. The sight of the man-made forest was such a beauty too. The only thing I skipped was the butterfly garden since I’m afraid of insects. While my boyfriend was checking out the different butterflies, I was busy looking for items at the souvenir store beside the garden entrance. That was much more fun for me anyway. 🙂

One of the perks of staying in a Junior Suite is that we also got to access the resort’s VIP lounge. I think that this is why whenever I book a room in a Henann resort, I always go for either a Premier room or a Suite so that I can get access to the VIP lounge for free. I’m not one that eats a whole lot in the beach unless it’s my last day there because I can’t afford looking pregnant while wearing a 2-piece. Having said that, I still like the idea that I can get free drinks and snacks whenever I want so having an access to the VIP lounge is somewhat of a huge plus for me. At one point, we didn’t even eat dinner anymore because we ate so much at the VIP lounge. 🙂

This resort can’t get any lovelier than this. Wow! It even looks magical at night. Until now, I am still blown away. Just wow!

The complimentary buffet breakfast was provided by one of the resort’s restaurants: Sea Breeze Beach Club. They served a variety of food for breakfast so we were able to eat a whole lot, which means that we didn’t even have to eat lunch anymore. I actually ate way more on our last day in Bohol because I didn’t have to wear a 2-piece anymore. Haha!


I love the fact that even though there were A LOT of people staying in the resort, the place still felt very relaxing and peaceful altogether. There was something about Bohol that made the place look and feel private, which is totally different from the atmosphere in Boracay.

The resort also has its own gym and fitness center so as long as you are staying in one of their rooms, you’ll be able to access it. I obviously did not have the proper outfit for workout but it’s okay because I still got to try some equipment that did not require the use of rubber shoes. Plus, I didn’t really go to the gym to workout. I just went there to accompany someone who wanted to workout so, basically, I just took photos there in order to kill time. Hehe!
Since we were given complimentary breakfast and access to the VIP lounge at the resort, we didn’t really have to buy food elsewhere. However, we did visit this small eatery (beside the main road) about 3 times during our stay because their chicken was divine. It was cheap like fast food cheap and was just freaking delicious. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the place and I don’t even remember the name of the eatery but I don’t think it would be that difficult to find. Their place is small  but they do have their very own grilling station situated just beside the entrance to the eatery so it is definitely noticeable. You’ll also find a lot of people eating there in the evening so that’s proof that their chicken is really good.

3 days and 2 nights in this lovely hotel is not enough, in my opinion. I really wished that I had booked this resort for our first 2 nights as well but we had to stay in Momo Beach House that time because we already paid for the rooms in advance. I guess I could say that we were still fortunate because we only paid for the first 2 nights at the expo. Had I decided to book for 4 nights already, we would have missed the chance of having a wonderful experience at Henann Resort Alona Beach. Oh thank God we didn’t have enough money to pay for 4 nights at the expo. LOL! I am also very happy to report that unlike in Momo Beach House, I didn’t see any gecko lurking anywhere near our room. Yey!

There is no doubt that Bohol has now become a part of my yearly travel list. I enjoyed Henann Resort Alona Beach so much that if I get to visit Bohol again, you can expect that I’d still be staying in the same resort. The only difference is that next time, I’d be sure to bring a pair of rubber shoes already so that I can take full advantage of the gym too. 🙂

Henann Resort Alona Beach, Bohol


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