Worst Ever: Saladbox – Holiday Box 2016

This post is going to be more of a rant than anything else because the holiday box from Saladbox is, by far, the worst thing ever.

First and foremost, if you have checked my post on their October box, I mentioned that I have decided to avail their 1-year plan after feeling satisfied with the 3-month Starter plan, which ended in September.


Sometime in October, they sent an email and said that if we subscribe to their 1-year plan, we will also get a 2nd box that month called the VIP box. If you check the screenshot I posted above, they said “This October, ALL Saladbox VIPs will receive two (yes, TWO) boxes, as this month’s VIP treat is another box (with 4-5 products, worth over Php1,500)!”

That announcement was THE MAIN REASON why I even decided to avail their 1-year plan instead of getting another 3-month Starter plan. I didn’t have enough money that time so I asked them if I could pay in 2 installments. I initially paid Php2,000 through Paypal and then I paid the remaining Php3,500 in the last week of October. At that time, I thought that Saladbox was so generous and so nice for allowing me to pay a down-payment first. I waited and waited for the October box and it arrived on October 31, which was so late considering that they posted an announcement on their Facebook page months ago that they will improve their delivery schedule already and make sure to deliver the boxes by the 2nd week of every month so that subscribers will be able to enjoy their boxes early. You will not see that note (announcement) on their Facebook page anymore because it has miraculously disappeared. Now, when you ask them about their delivery schedule, they will just tell you that it’s in the 4th week of the month. I have asked them numerous times through email about the reason behind the change in their delivery schedule but not once did they respond to that part of my email.

When I got my October box, it didn’t come with the VIP box. I asked them and they said that they will send it in November. They said they couldn’t send the VIP box yet because they haven’t received the products from the other brand partners but they assured me it will be sent in November. I didn’t get mad that time because I felt like Saladbox was so nice to allow me to pay in 2 installments so I just gave them a break.

Last month, I was waiting for announcements on their Facebook page not just about the VIP box but about the November box as well. We all waited. We all sent messages on their Facebook page and Instagram. It was in the last week of November that Saladbox finally gave us an update about the box. It was only that time that we found out that they will be releasing just ONE BOX for November – December and that they will call it a HOLIDAY BOX. Bummer, right? But that is not even the worse part. In their email, they gave us the schedule for the Holiday box and said that they will be shipping the beauty boxes on November 29 – a day before Bonifacio Day – which meant that we might end up getting our boxes perhaps on December 2 or 3 or maybe until Monday or Tuesday the following week. We rejoiced after reading their email because we knew that deliveries usually take just 1-2 days in Metro Manila that’s why we were expecting to get the boxes a day or 2 days after November 30. Guess what? December 2 came and still no boxes were delivered. December 4 (Monday) came and still no boxes. December 5 (Tuesday) came and still no boxes. This went on for a few more days. Subscribers wondered what happened. Their Instagram account was filled with questions like “Have you shipped the box yet?”, “Can you give us an update about the holiday box?”, “What happened to our boxes?”, “Why haven’t we received our boxes yet?”, “When will you deliver the boxes?”, “Have you really delivered the boxes?”, “Can you give us the tracking number so we can check it?”, so on and so forth.

saladbox - instagram response.jpg

I asked them on Instagram why we haven’t received our boxes yet. I said that if they have shipped the boxes on November 29, it should have arrived already. Saladbox responded by saying that the delivery takes longer this month due to the holiday season. Seriously??!!?? Even if it’s the holiday season, you can’t use that as an excuse because IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR DELIVERIES TO TAKE THIS LONG!! If they had really shipped the boxes on November 29 (as promised), then subscribers would have received it already.



I grew tired of waiting so I sent them emails instead. Below, you will see a breakdown of my emails as well as their responses.




















On December 5, I sent them an email and asked for a refund. I told them that when I subscribed to their 1-year plan, I was under the impression that I will get a box in the 2nd week of every month but they responded by saying that the delivery schedule changed because November and December are compressed into a 1-month subscription.

First of all, it doesn’t make sense that the reason why you didn’t send the box in the 2nd week is because you have compressed 2 months into 1 box since you also sent the October box in the 4th week already. In October, your excuse was because you had to wait for the other products/items to arrive and in September, you were late again and, at that time, your excuse was because you had to wait for the production of an outer cover that will help protect the beauty box and that you had to wait for the printing of Benefit’s Bene Cash Voucher. This time around, your reason is because you had to combine November and December into one box!?!?! When will you stop giving excuses and start telling the truth?

It’s bad enough that you have changed your delivery schedule without giving a proper explanation but it’s even worse that despite changing the delivery schedule into the 4th week, you are still late. I honestly don’t get it.

On December 8 (you can check the screenshots above), I was told that I will get my holiday box together with the VIP box (that they owed me) the following day. December 9, I was waiting for it to arrive and was told that it will most likely arrive in the afternoon. At 6PM, still no delivery so I sent them an email again. I asked them 3 freaking times to give me my tracking number so that I can call the courier service but they never gave it to me. I was just told that it will arrive in an hour, which was at 7PM. It was my father’s birthday that day so I told the guards to just receive the package on my behalf since my family and I will be having dinner in a restaurant. Around 8PM, I received a text from the delivery guy and he asked if I was expecting any packages and I said yes. I called him and he told me that I have to be the one to receive the package so I met up with him outside the condominium. When he came, I was so surprised because it’s from GRAB EXPRESS.


He gave me my boxes (placed inside a Xend package), which proved that Saladbox did not really ship our boxes on November 29 like they said they did. THEY LIED!!! This is why I’m so furious. They made so many excuses and even blamed the holiday season for the delay of the delivery but it turns out that the reason why subscribers haven’t received their boxes is because they haven’t really shipped it yet. The guy from Grab Express told me that he also has to deliver another package to another woman in Makati so that means that we were probably the ones who asked for a refund on our 1-year subscription that’s why Saladbox had no choice but to ship our boxes first. And no, they can’t say that they have shipped all their boxes through Grab Express because it doesn’t work like Xend. If you choose Grab Express, it means that the package will be delivered the SAME DAY as the pickup date.

There were 3 boxes inside the Xend package. Later on, I learned that the Saladbox Man – Holiday Host is part of the November-December Holiday box. The Disney – Folded & Hung box is the VIP box that they failed to deliver in October.
When I got the package, it felt really heavy but don’t be fooled because the boxes suck big time! Everything wasn’t worth the wait and wasn’t worth the price. It’s so disappointing to have to wait this long for boxes that didn’t even live up to my expectations.
Let me start with the VIP box first:

The box was so misleading. It says “Disney – Folded & Hung” but there was nothing inside the box that has anything to do with Disney nor Folded & Hung. Only 4 items inside, 2 of which were in sample sizes.

This just pissed me off because, like I said awhile ago, when they announced their VIP box promo last October, they said that the 2nd box (VIP box) that we’ll get will have a value of Php1500 but I checked the prices of these 4 items and the value only reached Php310!!!!!!!

What happened Saladbox?!?! What made you think that you can escape this mess? Did you really think that I wouldn’t bother computing its total value? Let me remind you that the main reason I went out of my way to get your 1-year plan was because you said that the VIP box would be valued at Php1500 AND NOT Php310!


There are 2 boxes for the November-December holiday box so let me start off with the one that is actually curated for women.

Only 4 items in this holiday box (for women) and the value is just around Php700. I honestly don’t find these items amusing. The Blackwater body spray (Php126), the Ever Bilena lipstick (Php165) and the Careline lip balm (Php80) are all very cheap/affordable products and the Tresemme Split Repair Serum is the same product that they gave me in my August box so I’m not happy at all. This is just a sad sad beauty box. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why Saladbox would make us wait this long only to receive items like these. It feels as if they just decided to get whatever products they can find (in the grocery) for the sake of having something to send to their subscribers.

The 2nd box included in the November-December holiday box is a Saladbox Man filled with Unilever products. I have nothing against Unilever products but WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY GIVE ME PRODUCTS THAT ARE MEANT FOR GUYS?!? If I wanted to get products for men, I would have availed their Saladbox Man subscription instead. The reason I went for your Saladbox (for women) is because I WANT TO GET PRODUCTS THAT I CAN ACTUALLY USE AND NOT PRODUCTS THAT I AM DESTINED TO GIVE AWAY TO OTHERS. Sure, I can use the Closeup toothpaste included in this box but then again, if I wanted a toothpaste, I would have gone to the grocery store and purchased it myself!!!

The value of all these items for men is more or less Php300. You’d think that these products plus the 4 items in the women’s holiday box would already be around Php1000 but it’s still not worth it. I could have bought all these at the supermarket so I have no interest in getting these grocery items in my beauty box.

I felt so cheated with all these boxes. Nothing in these boxes excite me at all.

I have already sent another email to Saladbox demanding them to give me a refund. For my 1-year plan, I have only received 2 out of 12 boxes so I’m asking them to deposit the balance (Php4,500) to my bank account (a.s.a.p.) because I am no longer interested to continue it. I have every right to ask for a refund because they didn’t fulfill their promise of providing me a VIP box worth Php1500. Plus, this isn’t really the first time that they were late in the delivery of their boxes and I’m certain it will not be the last.

I honestly don’t think that they’ll be able to improve their service anytime soon. They have promised subscribers a million times that deliveries will be improved but they just keep failing every month. I am so fed up with all the lies and excuses given by Saladbox. I don’t want to continue the 1-year subscription anymore because I don’t want to risk getting stressed out every single month due to delivery delays.

For those of you who are still interested to avail their subscription plans… well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Website: http://saladbox.ph/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Saladbox/?fref=ts




5 thoughts on “Worst Ever: Saladbox – Holiday Box 2016

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  2. I also got my boxes and felt the same. The boxes are surprisingly disappointing. I thought they will do better but failed so may customers who subscribed to their service. I will never ever purchase any items from them. I felt cheated and fooled.

    • True. A lot of subscribers still haven’t received their boxes… and what’s even more irritating is that they don’t seem to care. They don’t have time to respond to subscribers’ comments but they do have time to have lunch/dinner with their entire team… So irritating.

  3. Saladbox lite na nga lang for the month of july. Magtatapos na july. Wala pa nakakailan email narin ako sa kanila hindi clear mga response nila sa akin. Buti nalang nag isang box lang iavail ko. Una’t huli kuna to sa saladbox

    • Hi sis… I totally get you… they are very slow… even until now… when it comes to their shipping schedule, nothing has changed. I subscribe parin once in a while… pag may Benefit lang since I love Benefit products… but I never expect it to arrive on time anymore… If they have replied to any of your emails before… check mu un bottom part… they usually have their signature there… and if you’re lucky, it will also include their mobile number… dun mu sila kulitin…

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