TrueTea Iced Tea

I no longer remember the last time I had a soda. It must have been a year or more already. It’s one of those things that I was willing to let go of because I have always preferred iced tea over it.

The thing with iced tea though is that, just like sodas, it’s not healthy as well. It usually comes with a lot of sugar, which I also don’t like. In fact, whenever I drink iced tea, I would add more water in the glass so that the drink would be less sweet. When I’m on a diet, I completely stop drinking iced tea to avoid consuming its high sugar content. And that kills me.

 Over time, I have had the pleasure of drinking iced teas that are sweetened with Stevia – a sugar substitute that comes from a plant. There was one brand (I forgot the name) that I used to buy because it was healthier than the regular iced teas but the problem with it was its price. They would sell one box (10 sachets) of their iced tea (w/ Moringa & Guyabano) for Php200, which meant that one sachet (1 glass of iced tea) costs Php20. Obviously, Php20 is still affordable if you would compare it with the prices of the other drinks in the market BUT I found something that is even cheaper. 🙂

truetea iced tea

TrueTea Iced Tea was a product that I learned about through Instagram. In their ad, I found out that this brand uses Stevia as well but what got me so shocked was its price because it only costs Php99.

One (1) box of TrueTea Iced Tea has a total of four (4) sachets and one (1) sachet is good for 5 glasses of iced tea. This makes TrueTea Iced Tea more affordable than the other brand that I used to purchase. Wow!

one (1) sachet = 5 glasses
four (4) sachets = 20 glasses
Php99 / 20 glasses = Php4.95 per glass

true tea iced tea

According to their website:

Truetea is the first low calorie iced tea with no sugar added. Truetea is made from real black tea leaves and sweetened with stevia to bring out the best mixture of taste, sweetness, and flavor. Truetea is packed with Vitamin C, perfect for you and your family who wants a refreshing drink without the worries.

TrueTea iced tea - nutrition facts

Initially, I emptied one (1) sachet in a pitcher (1 liter). The iced tea was, indeed, delicious and I love that one (1) glass of it contains just 20 calories but I still found it a bit too sweet for my liking.

Since I didn’t want the iced tea to be too sweet, I decided not to pour the contents of one (1) sachet in a pitcher. Instead, I put a teaspoon of it straight in my glass/mug and added some water and ice in it. The end result was perfect. Others might prefer the suggested serving size but I am truly happy with just this much in every glass of iced tea that I drink. I love that with just a teaspoon of the TrueTea Iced Tea, I’m already able to taste the goodness of it without it being overly sweet. 🙂

truetea iced tea 3

As you can see from the photo above, I was able to make 12 glasses of iced tea by using just a teaspoon of the TrueTea Iced Tea per glass. Amazing right? I saved even more money by doing that. Hehe!

four (4) sachets = Php99
one (1) sachet = Php24.75
one (1) sachet = 12 glasses  *my preferred serving size*
one (1) glass = Php2.0625 (WOW!!!)

If you are looking to change your drink of choice, make sure to give TrueTea Iced Tea a try. As they say, it’s a very refreshing drink without the guilt. 🙂


TrueTea Iced Tea

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