About ME

JEN….. that’s what people call me…


I am working as an online English teacher and I have been teaching English for more than 4 years already. I love that I am able to talk to my lovely Japanese students in the comforts of my own home. I get to have full control of my time so I get to choose when to open and close my schedule. This is why I am able to go places and go on vacation as I please. It’s also so nice to be able to have the freedom to do whatever I want when I’m not having classes… I get to watch TV, I get to eat, I get to go out, I get to surf the Internet and so much more. I am truly my own boss.

Apart from work, another thing that I love the most is shopping. I tried and tried but I couldn’t seem to control myself when it comes to buying new things. If you have seen the movie “Confession of a Shopaholic”… that is pretty much my life. HAHA.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach. I don’t know how to swim and I think I actually have a fear of drowning but I still LOVE the beach. My current favorite beach destination is Boracay. If I could find a way to stay there  for a whole month – just to unwind – I’ll be the happiest.


These are the things that I can freely share with everyone else… the rest of my story, I’ll keep to myself.

Let’s keep the mystery rolling, shall we?  ^_-


7 thoughts on “About ME

    • Hello jen! Read your review of hyatt and nobu hotel. Do you also have a review of crown towers? And can you tell me their differences? Hehe! Having a prob to choose. Thank you in advance!

      • Hi. I don’t have a review of Crown Towers yet. I will be staying there sometime this month or next month. 🙂 But my brother has stayed there already. I would say choose Crown Towers because it’s the best among the 3. Plus, if you also have a level 3 or level 4 membership card at COD, it’s best to stay at Crown Towers since they usually give extra complimentary stuff for those members. 🙂

  1. Hi Ms. Jen! Since you’re an online teacher for five years now, may I know what company you work with and how do I apply as online teacher? Can you help me get work from home? If not, can you take me as your househusband? 😉

    • LOL…that’s funny. 🙂

      I am actually working on my own now. No more company to work for. I get private students nowadays.

      If you are planning to apply as online teacher, it’s actually easier to apply in a Korean company if you have no teaching experience. I have heard of the company RareJob but have never tried it. I was told that salary there is not that good. My suggestion is for you to search jobstreet for available home-based jobs. That will be your best bet. 🙂

      • Ms. Jen what’s funny? The ‘take me as your househusband’ is not a joke. 😉
        I don’t get it. If you don’t work for a company, where do you post your online teacher job? Do they pay by paypal? What’s the hourly rate? How do you start teaching koreans if they don’t know english and you don’t know korean? I hope you can answer my bugging questions or blog about ‘how to be an online teacher’ or ‘work from home’ in greater detail.

      • My students now are my students when I was working for a company before. They decided to do private classes with me, which means that they pay me directly. They do pay through Paypal and as for the hourly rate, that really depends on the company you work for. It is, of course, higher if you don’t work for a company because you don’t have to share your hourly rate to anyone. I started teaching English to Koreans in a Korean company in Ortigas. I worked in an office for 2 years then transferred to home-based when I got tired of going to work every single day. Most of the students have at least a basic knowledge in English so you wouldn’t really have to learn Korean to be able to communicate with them. In my experience in the past, I only had to learn very few popular Korean expressions since some students usually find it cute when teachers get to speak in their language (regardless of how poorly it is spoken). 🙂

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