My Not-So-Good Experience with StyleGenie


*WARNING: This post is very long and very detailed.

style genie - official website

**taken from the official website of StyleGenie*

StyleGenie Incorporated is the very first styling subscription box in the Philippines. What makes them different from the other beauty box providers out there is that instead of beauty products, they send out clothes instead.

stylegenie - subscription boxes

Depending on the subscription box that you choose, you can get 1 outfit (up to 2 new clothes) for Php899, 3 outfits (up to 5 new clothes) for Php1,899, and 5 outfits (up to 10 new clothes) for Php3,699.

stylegenie - coupon code

I actually learned about them through Saladbox when I received a coupon code from them a few months ago. I initially had no plans to use the code but since I was preparing to bring new clothes for my Singapore trip (May 17-21, 2017), I decided to give it a try. Plus, I did read a few reviews from other bloggers and saw that the outfits they got were nice so I figured that things will go great for me as well.

The code provided by Saladbox was a Php300 discount but it can only be used if you avail StyleGenie’s Surprise Me – Deluxe Box (Php1899). I posted the code above so that you can use it too, in case you are interested to try it out. The code is valid until August 31, 2017.


Before you can avail a box, you will have to create your “StyleGenie Profile” first. In this quiz, they will ask you a lot of questions about your style preference. They needed to get all the information that they can get so that their stylist/s will be able to pick the right outfits that will suit your style.


*taken from Yahoo image search*

Since I’m currently obsessed with the Bohemian vibe, I made sure to indicate on the Style Profile quiz the looks that I’m interested in. I mentioned that I would like to highlight the size of my waist and told them that I hope to get either a waist-hugging outfit or a flow-y dress that is Bohemian-chic. I even sent sample photos of the outfits that I like so that they can use it as a guide.
style genie - payment confirmation

My order was confirmed on April 26, 2017. In their email, they informed me that the order will be delivered within 3-5 business days for Metro Manila.

style genie - shipping information

Since April 27 and 28 were declared as a holiday (due to the ASEAN Summit) and May 1 as Labor Day, I figured that they wouldn’t be able to update me during that time so I just waited till May 2. I was so eager to get updates from them because I needed to get the outfits early so that if there was a need for me to return it, the replacement outfits will still be delivered before I leave for Singapore. I sent them emails, private messages on Facebook as well as on Instagram and, to be honest, it was kind of frustrating waiting for their reply.
On May 4, 2017, the person who handles their Instagram account finally replied to me. She assured me that my outfits will arrive ahead of time. I even sent more photos of my actual clothes to give their stylist more ideas about the kind of outfits I like to wear. The following day, I received an email from them informing me that my order has been shipped already. Thankfully!

style genie - mystery box

My first impression was that the box looked so wonderful. It was huge and sturdy.

When I opened the box, I got really excited to see the sight of the floral print of the first outfit. I also appreciated the personalized message that they included in the box. It made me feel that the stylist took the time out to prepare this box for me.

Unfortunately, when I took out all 3 outfits from the box, I realized that all of it had the same style, just with different prints. I got worried when I saw the style of the dresses in the middle area but I thought that I should try it first to see how it would look on me.

Just as I suspected, all the dresses looked awful on me. The dresses failed to highlight compliment my waist and if I would use a Tagalog term to describe how I looked, I’d use the word “Losyang/Loshang”. It was just horrendous! No matter how many times I looked in the mirror, I just couldn’t bring myself to like any of it. The floral print in the second photo above was great but the print wasn’t enough for me to like it so I just decided to return all 3.

style genie - replacement - message

The photo above shows the actual message I sent to them to request for an exchange.
*FYI, all their subscription boxes come with a one-time FREE EXCHANGE, which means that if you still don’t like the replacement outfits, you won’t be able to return it for the second time.

style genie - return email 1

Take note that after getting my order on May 5, 2017 (Friday), I immediately sent them a message informing them that I want to return the 3 outfits I got. On that same day, they responded by saying “Just let us know what time we can pick-up tomorrow (same address).”

style genie - return email 2

Initially, I replied and told them “You can pick-up the items tomorrow (May 6 – Saturday) at 3PM. Thank you so much.”
They didn’t reply after that.

Then, in the morning of May 6 (Saturday), I sent them another email telling them to move my pick-up schedule to 5PM. It was only then that I received a response from them informing me that they don’t have operations on weekends and that they will schedule the pick-up on Monday instead.

It was pretty irritating that they didn’t even bother to inform me ahead of time that they made a typographical error. I work as an online teacher and I already closed my schedule just so I could accommodate their delivery guy on my specified time. Tsk!

Since they have no operations on weekends, I moved my schedule to Monday (May 7) at 3PM. They replied and said that they have set the pick-up schedule already. However, much to my disappoint, their delivery guy arrived around 12:40PM. It was earlier than what we agreed on. It was a good thing that I didn’t have an online class at that time otherwise, I would have missed the delivery guy.

StyleGenie uses GoMoto, which allows customers to set a specific time for pick-up but when I asked the delivery guy about it, he said that he was not informed about my preferred pick-up time. Another tsk!

On May 15, 2017, I was told through SMS that my outfits will be delivered within the day. At that point, I felt good knowing that I’ll get my replacement outfits 2 days before my flight. However, when I got the package, I found only 2 outfits instead of 3. They forgot to include 1 more outfit!

The first 2 replacement outfits that were given to me were beautiful. I especially love the long dress. It was perfect!

I asked them if they could deliver the 3rd outfit after 10PM (after my online class) but they said that their operation is only until 5PM. They assured me that they will ship the last outfit the following day (May 16, 2017) – the last day before my flight.

style genie - replacement outfit - top

Around 2:50PM on May 16, 2017 (Tuesday), I got another package from them but it only included a blue top. I cannot tell you how frustrated I was that time. Getting a top does not constitute an outfit. I cannot believe how someone can make that many mistakes in just one (1) order. Seriously!

They apologized yet again and asked me what my preferred bottom is. I gave them a detailed description to make sure that they would get it right. After a few hours, they were finally able to send me the last part of my order. The long skirt was beautiful and I love the floral print on it.

style genie - outfit 1 (mini dress)style genie - outfit 2 (dress)style genie - outfit 2 (long dress)style genie - outfit 3 (long skirt)

I was able to bring all 3 outfits (except the blue top) on my trip to Singapore. The replacement outfits were all very pretty but I do not intend to order from them again. The experience I had was terrible, to say the least. The service sucked big time and the amount of stress they gave me was just too much. I would not want to go through that ever again.


StyleGenie Philippines

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11 thoughts on “My Not-So-Good Experience with StyleGenie

  1. I have had a bad experience with them as well. You should put #stylegenieph so that people will be informed about their awful customer service. I ended up selling the items that I received from them on Shopee.

    • I didn’t sell mine since the replacements I got were already acceptable. I do however regret that I paid them that much money since I can also find similar clothes being sold on Shopee for a cheaper price.

    • Hi sis… once you are done with your post, share your link here so I can read it too… Style Genie’s service really sucks and un pinagmamalaki nila na mga pool of stylists, parang wala din sense… they show photos of actors wearing super nice dresses but once you get your orders, mediocre lang naman pala… and when you look at the quality of the items they send you, parang un type lang din na mabibili sa mga online stores… grabe….

  2. I also had a bad experience with StyleGenie. It took them weeks to deliver the exchanged pieces and mali pa yung name na nakalagay dun sa square paper. I realized that they get their clothes from TayTay Rizal. I think we’re paying for the box. HAHA. I got the basic box one and then saw that same crop top they sent me in TayTay Rizal which is being sold for 90 pesos only. Okay yung Marketing strategy nila, very deceiving. I only tried their service because one of their “ambassadors” was a close friend.

    • Omg Sis.. I had no idea they get their stuff there.. sana dun na ako dumiretso.. I do like the box and I still use it until now.. but grabe un service.. no wonder they offer promos almost every single day.. wala siguro masyado interested.. hehe

  3. I received an awful box from them too. I sent it back for replacement and the new dresses were even worse. I hated my experience that I just wanted to forget about it. I advertised one of the items on Carousell for 120 peso, until now, nobody’s been interested in it. The other two I just added to my donation pile kasi ayaw ko makatanggap ng negative review as a seller LOL. Ok lang sana if the clothes didn’t fit but were of decent quality, I could have given them as gifts to friends or relatives. The problem is they were awfully cheap stuff, mainit na polyester fabric, baduy na print, extremely unflattering cuts. Ewan bakit naisip nilang stylish yun.

  4. I paid mine on 13th April and it’s already the 13th May. HAHAH I never got a box. Told them it’s fine they can keep my P499, and they did. The first few replies, marami daw orders which I doubt. So when I said nvm, keep my money, wala na reply, wala delicadeza. Tapos may pa promo promo sa IG. Stylegenie sucks. Stylegenie is a scam.

    • Hi. I’m curious…. Were you able to get your order or wala na talaga? Sayang parin un 499 Pesos… If you still haven’t received your box, demand for a refund… sayang money 🙂

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