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Review: Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine

It has been more than 3 months since I last posted a review so I am pretty excited to share my two cents worth on one of the newest restaurants located in Quezon city – Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine. It is owned by Sigrid Aragona-Buendia, David John Buendia and chef Kenneth Villaluz. According to their Facebook page, Tiago was named after the Buendias’ first-born son, Santiago. Tiago is not difficult to find – when you are in Tomas Morato (coming from E. Rod), just turn left at Scout Fuentebella and you’ll immediately see the restaurant.


Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine

I like the interior of the restaurant. The use of old stuff such as a typewriter, a globe, a fan, some books, bottles and frames certainly gives the place a cozy vibe. I think that Tiago is a really nice place to have an intimate dining experience with your loved ones. In fact, if my memory serves me right, we spent about 2-3 hours just talking and catching up with each other and if we weren’t pressed for time, we would have stayed longer. Hehe!

The restaurant offers its customers a fresh take on Filipino cuisine – everything prepared with a twist. The serving size of most of their dishes is not too big – probably good for 1-3 people depending on one’s appetite – so we ordered and tried a lot from their menu.


Inihaw na Tilapia Roll (Php210)

It’s a Mustasa wrapped Grilled Tilapia and Burong Hipon. I don’t really eat vegetables so I just ate what was inside of it. The combination of the tilapia and hipon (I have no idea what “burong” means… LOL!) was actually good – not my favorite though but good.


Bangus Belly with Ensalada (Php258)

It’s a Smoked Bangus Belly with Onion and Tomato Ensalada. Bangus belly is one of my favorite dishes so you can’t go wrong with this one. It was yummy!


Sinigang na Salmon Belly sa Miso (Php320)

I was so busy eating the other dishes that by the time I tried the soup, it was already a bit cold. Despite that, I still enjoyed it. I like that the soup wasn’t too sour and that it has a little spice to it. The salmon, of course, was delicious.


Tinapa Rice (Php145)


Tuyo Rice (Php145)


Adobo Rice (Php178)

We decided to try all three and I must say that all of them tasted good – all were full of flavors and could stand on its own. I personally like the adobo rice because it came with a lot of adobo flakes – my favorite!


Pinausukang Chicken and Pork (Php450)

Defined on their website as “Smoked Chicken in Mindanao Adobo Sauce, Quail’s Egg and Pork Trotters”.

The chicken was very tender and same goes with the pork. The sauce that came with it really complimented the meat however, I had some concerns with the pork trotters that were served to us. There were just too much hair left on the pork skin that it somehow made it unappetizing to eat. I don’t know if that is how they serve their pork trotters but I prefer eating those without hair.


Humba with Poque Poque Salad (Php300)

This one is Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce with Banana Blossoms and Eggplant Garlic Relish. Humba is also one of my favorite dishes so I really enjoyed eating this. Some of my friends thought that it had too much fats and not much meat but I didn’t care for it because I do love eating pork fat… a lot. Lol!


Sisig (Php220)

Their sisig is different from those that I have tried. It was delicious too but I didn’t think it had enough kick to it. I prefer something spicier and maybe topped with chicharon bits too. Hehe!


Bicol Express (Php480)

It’s a Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Coconut Cream, Chilis and Vigan Longganisa. I regret forgetting to taste this one. I was so focused on munching over the other dishes that I failed to sample this. I have never tried eating Bicol Express but I’m sure that I would love the Vigan longganisa since it’s also one of my favorites.


Suman (Php220)

It’s Breaded Suman with Tablea Chocolate Sauce, Latik, Mango Slices and Ice Cream. I’m not fond of eating Suman so this dessert is just okay for me.


Leche Flan (Php78)

This one is a Coconut Cream Leche Flan with Sweetened Sago and Saba. This leche flan is really delicious. It had the right amount of sweetness and is just simply irresistible.


Fita Ice Cream Sandwiches (Php180)

When the waiter served us this dessert, he informed us that we have to eat it in the right order (from left to right) so that we can fully appreciate its taste. According to their Facebook page, “The food trip begins from the left where the first three treats are sweet and ends at the right with tinapa ice cream to balance off the sugary start”. We did exactly as told. It had the perfect balance between the sweetness of the ice cream and the saltiness of the Fita biscuit. Among all three, the first one is the best one for me. That drop of syrup on top of the biscuit was just so damn good!!! 🙂

Our total bill was about Php4,200+ but because there were eight of us, each one only paid Php535. Considering the amount of food I consumed that night, I’d say it was totally worth every peso I paid for. 🙂

Tiago Progressive Filipino Cuisine

Address: #85 Scout Fuentebella St., Sacred Heart Quezon City

Contact #: 668-4240 / 0939-9258015


Facebook Page: