Belo BB Body Cream – Tone Correcting Spray

Nowadays, I try to be very cautious when it comes to using Belo products because of the experience I had in the past. Two (2) of the Belo products that I used before gave me allergic reactions on the face and the body. If you want to know more about those, you can check the following links:

1. Belo Sunexpert Body Shield SPF60

2. Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream

belo bb body cream - spray

Belo BB Body Cream – Tone Correcting Spray was just a sample I got and even though I already had allergic reactions using some of their products before, I thought that it was okay to get this sample since it’s basically free. After all, I knew that if it doesn’t work on me, I can always give it to my family.

belo intensive whitening - bb body cream spray

The Belo BB Body Cream Spray visibly covers blemishes and imperfections as it works to intensively whiten skin. The tone correcting formula evens out skin tone and leaves a flawless natural finish.

It’s paraben-free, hypoallergenic and Dermatologist-tested.

Due to the terrible allergies I had in the past, I made sure to do a patch test first just to be safe. FYI, this Belo BB Body Cream is the same as their other BB Cream that I tried before. The only difference is that this product is meant to be sprayed all over the body while the other one is for the face.

May 6, 2017 was the date when I decided to do a patch test on my right arm. I do remember that its scent was nice. It wasn’t overpowering at all. As for its ability to cover blemishes and imperfections, I can’t really attest to that since I only applied it on a small portion of my arm.

belo bb body cream spray - 1st sign of allergy

On May 8, 2017, while I was in bed (and about to sleep already), I suddenly felt the urge to scratch a portion on my right arm that was itchy and when I went to the bathroom to check it out, I found several spots on the same area where I applied the BB Body Cream. At that point, I was just so happy that I didn’t apply it all over my body. Imagine the horror!

The first week was the worst because it was during that time when the spots were itchiest. I must have counted 15-18 spots (bumps) at that time and even though it was only found on a small area of my arm, it still did its damage.

I did not take any medicines anymore since the affected area was just small. I also made sure to not use a body sponge on the area so that it wouldn’t get irritated.


After two (2) weeks, the spots were no longer itchy but, as you can see from the photos above, even though it’s already June 1 now, some of the spots have remained. I know it will take time before everything will completely go away so I just have to wait for it.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again… I have used a whole lot of products on my face and body (without doing a patch test) but, for some reason, the Belo products were the only ones that gave me allergic reactions. I don’t know why. Until now, I am still curious and still wondering about the kind of ingredients that they use on some of their products. It’s just mind-boggling.


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