Make Up Pro – Mystery Box

Oh my! It’s been a while since I last posted here. Yikes! To be honest, I just really didn’t feel like posting anything in the last 5 months. Haha! My reviews have piled up already so I will try my best to post as much as I can before I start feeling lazy again. LOL!

make up pro store - official website

MUP Store – official website

Make Up Pro is an online store that has been on my radar since late last year. I remember seeing a photo posted by someone on Instagram showing the mystery box that she bought from them. It was truly a sight to behold because the box consisted of nothing but high-end samples. Wow!

It turned out that apart from selling full-sized high-end imported products, MUP (Make Up Pro) also offers mystery boxes for the price of Php1,500. This price is similar to the cost of BDJ Elite box as well as the Glamourbox beauty box however, what makes MUP stands out is the fact that their mystery box only includes samples/items from high-end brands. According to their website, one (1) mystery box may include around fifteen (15) random sample-sized make up, skincare, and hair products. It’s also important to note that with MUP, no two (2) mystery boxes are exactly alike. This just means that if you do decide to buy more than one mystery box within the same month, you can be sure that you won’t receive the same exact items. Some samples may be the same but definitely not all of it. 🙂

Last March 3, 2017, I decided to finally give in and ordered my very first mystery box. MUP offers several shipping options but I decided to go for Grab Express. Since I ordered after their cut-off time on a Friday, I told them to schedule the delivery on March 7.

On March 7, my order arrived without a hitch. When I opened the box, I was so pleasantly surprised to see all the samples that they had included in my box. It was simply amazing.

18! That’s the number of samples they gave me. Oh my gosh! There were just so many great items that I didn’t even know which one to look at first. Although a lot of the samples were in sachets, it didn’t matter because everything was high-end. If it wasn’t for MUP’s mystery box, I probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to test these products from popular high-end brands because most of it (if not all) are way too expensive.

What’s inside my 1st MUP Mystery Box:

1. Givenchy L’ Atelier Perfume (bottle)
2. Guerlain Abeille Royale Day Cream (sachet)
3. Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation (sachet)
4. Three Balancing Lotion (sachet)
5. RMK Liquid Foundation (sachet)
6. RMK Gel Creamy Foundation (sachet)
7. Dunhill London Perfume for Men
8. Givenchy Exceptional Beauty-Renewal Skincare
9. Chanel Le Lift
10. Charlotte Tilbury Perfume
11. Giorgio Armani Luminessence BB fluid (sachet)
12. Benefit Cosmetics – The Pore-fessional
13. Guerlain Abeille Royale Day Cream (7ml)
14. Tom Ford Lipstick – #16 IAN
15. Givenchy Black Pouch
16. Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation (sachet)
17. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer (sachet)
18. Givenchy L’ Intemporel Eye Cream

*I can’t say how much all these samples cost but I’m pretty sure that the total value is more than Php1,500. My favorite from the bunch was the Tom Ford lipstick because I know that I am unlikely to buy their full-sized lipstick since I find it way too expensive. LOL.

Anyway, I loved the mystery box so much that I decided to order another one the same day my first box was delivered. Since I made the new order before their cut-off time, I was able to have it delivered the same day as well (through Grab Express). I couldn’t quite remember how much I paid for the Grab Express service but it was somewhere between Php100 – Php150.

The second box was just as amazing as the first. There were 18 samples too and out of 18, only 5 of it were the same as those included in my first box. Yey!

What’s inside my 2nd MUP Mystery Box:

1. Guerlain Brightening Lotion (bottle)
2. Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume
3. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick
4. Givenchy Exceptional Beauty-Renewal Skincare
5. KiKo Velvet Matte Lipstick (full-sized)
6. Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio
7. Notebook
8. Shiseido White Pouch
9. RMK Liquid Foundation (sachet)
10. RMK Gel Creamy Foundation (sachet)
11. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer (sachet)
12. Givenchy L’ Intemporel Eye Cream (sachet)
13. Shiseido Cle De Peau – Intensive Fortifying Emulsion
14. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
15. Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer
16. Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment
17. Three Foot & Leg Treatment Oil (2 sachets)

Love love love everything in the second box as well and I am so satisfied with the service that they have provided me. When I made my second order, I told them that I hope to get some eye makeup and they gave me exactly that.  The Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio was, in fact, one of my favorites from the second box. 🙂

If you are looking for a good mystery box to invest in and if you want to test out high-end products without spending a whole lot of money, I suggest that you try Make Up Pro. I am certain that you won’t regret spending Php1,500 for it. Promise!


Make Up Pro – Mystery Box

Official Website:

Facebook Page:



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