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***Please note that I wrote this article last November (but I’m publishing it just now) and, at that time, I still had no issues with Saladbox (for women), which is why you won’t find any complaints or negative comments on this particular post. Despite having major problems with the Saladbox – Holiday box, I still want to publish this unboxing post because I do think that it would be fair if I do so since the people behind Saladbox Man treated me well last month. It does not matter if the people who handle Saladbox Man are the same ones who handle Saladbox for women because even if the experience I had with the Holiday box wasn’t good, it does not, in any way, affect the experience I had with Saladbox Man in November. The sentiments I have here were all based from the emotions I had in November and I did not change any of it even though I’m currently not happy with Saladbox (for women). Basically, this is me being fair.***

This particular unboxing post is going to be different from my previous posts because the beauty box that I’ll be showing you is specifically curated for men. Saladbox Man aims to provide men access to several products in the market that would make them look oh so dapper. One box of Saladbox Man costs Php880 + Php100 shipping fee but if subscribers avail their Patriot Plan (6 boxes in a 12-month period), they will get their 6th box for free and they won’t have to pay for any shipping fees anymore.


The reason why I decided to get a Saladbox Man is because I wanted to give it as a Christmas gift to my brothers. I saw several posts from Saladbox Man on Instagram and found out that one of the items in their September-October box was an En Pierre bracelet. I actually didn’t know anything about that brand before but when I saw the photo of the bracelet, I thought that it would be something that both my brothers would appreciate to wear.

The only problem I had at that time was that the 50% off promo that they were offering on all their Saladbox Man subscriptions has already ended. I didn’t make it in time. I was initially very devastated. I wanted to get 2 boxes so I can give the same exact items to both my brothers but I just couldn’t afford to pay Php1760 (2 boxes) + Php100 shipping fee for everything. At that time, I was still exchanging messages with the person who handles the Instagram account of Saladbox Man. I told that person that I will just try to save up and hope that the bracelets would still be available by the time I have enough money. Few days later, I received a message from them informing me that their whole team has decided to offer me their boxes for a discounted price. I was only asked to pay Php1000 for 2 boxes plus free shipping. I was very grateful!

I deposited Php1000 to their BDO account on November 7, 2016 and I got the boxes 2 days later.

The only reason why you are reading about my unboxing post now (December) instead of last month is because I had to wait until after Christmas so as not to spoil the surprise. I already gave the boxes to my brothers a few days ago so now, I can finally show this unboxing post on my blog.


Let’s check each one:


En Pierre Bracelet (Php1200)

This En Pierre bracelet is really pretty, right? I love how sleek it looks. En Pierre sells several bracelets using different stones and beads; each one is carefully handcrafted to perfection.


Tahum Leather – Bessie (Php350)

Since the products in this box are all for men, almost everything here looks new to me. Prior to getting this box, I also had no idea about Tahum Leather. I am so happy that this is one of the items in the box because this keychain is, by far, the manliest keychain that I’ve ever seen. They use genuine leather so this keychain alone already costs Php350. It’s not cheap but then again, it’s also not your ordinary keychain so the price does make sense.

SVR Infinity Lemniscate Deo-Lightening Soap For Men – Full Size 100g (Php99)

This soap is designed to control pimples while it makes skin soft, smooth, fair and protects your body from odor. Enriched with Coconut oil, Vitamin E and Potassium Alum.


Pond’s Men Energy Charge Whitening Foam – Full Size 50g (Php110)

The Pond’s Men Energy Charge Whitening Foam helps to brighten and energize the skin. It comes with coffee bean extracts that are known to stimulate tired skin to make it look healthy and radiant.


Aloe Derma Hair And Scalp Tonic – Full Size 110ml (Php215) / Sample Size 10ml (Php19.55)

The Aloe Derma Hair and Scalp Tonic is composed of 99.7% certified organic Aloe Vera. It’s a natural hair-grower that has no harsh chemicals, dyes, or scents.


Aloe Derma Aloe Pure Aloe Vera Gel – Full Size 114g (Php500) / Sample Size 5g (Php21.93)

The Aloe Derma Aloe Pure Aloe Vera Gel provides soothing natural relief when applied to dry skin and irritations such as sunburn, burns, cuts and wounds. It also protects the skin against pollution and other environmental hazards.


Aloe Derma Aloe Nourishing Shampoo – Full Size 260ml (Php280) / Sample Size 8ml (Php8.62)

The Aloe Derma Aloe Nourishing Shampoo is composed of 76% certified organic Aloe Vera. It helps to strengthen hair. 


Man Pomade Rock Cement Hold – Full Size (Php660) / Sample Size (Php120) *prices posted here are based on the information given by Saladbox Man*

This Man Pomade Rock Cement Hold is a water-based pomade is easy to apply and easy to rinse as well. It gives you just the right shine/grease! The scent is so unique with it’s Chocolate Vanilla Scent!


Topp Cock Silver – Full Size 90ml (Php185) / Sample Size 10ml (Php20.56)

ToppCock Silver is an Old World product with a Revolutionary New Science that keeps your Man Parts clean and fresh. It uses a special formulation containing Japanese Silver Nanoparticles and other natural odor neutralizing ingredients which leaves you with clean man parts. ToppCock Silver also contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal.  Aloe Vera, a natural healer and moisturizer that also helps with itch and rash.

ToppCock Silver is a gel which is easily absorbed by the skin. It neutralizes odor and amplifies your manliness while leaving no sticky residue. To use, Shower, Dry then Apply ToppCock gel liberally on your man parts. Reapply after “physical” activity, as needed or as often as desired.


Chrome United Perfume

The box also came with a keychain from AXN.


Discount Coupons

I love everything in this box and I think that any guy would be happy to get this. The total value of the entire box is around Php1900 so I was really able to get a whole lot out of my Php500 investment.


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