Review: Hot Star – Large Fried Chicken

I’ve been hearing great reviews about Hot Star for quite some time now but I kept forgetting the name of the restaurant. In fact, I told my brother 2 weeks ago that I wanted to go to Mall of Asia and eat in a restaurant that has a large fried chicken. Seriously, that was all I could remember. I couldn’t even remember how the store looks like. Haha!

me 2


Last week, I was trying to force my brother to go to Mall of Asia but he declined since I had no idea about the name of the restaurant and it’s exact location (though obviously, I wasn’t sure if it’s even in Mall of Asia or not). We ended up going to Blue Bay Walk at Metropolitan Park, Macapagal Boulevard instead. I was initially devastated but was immediately pleasantly surprised when I saw a restaurant with the name “Hot Star” and then it hit me… this is the restaurant I’ve been looking for!


Hot Star is so popular for having really large fried chicken not just because it’s large and delicious but also because it’s affordable. It is actually considered as the no. 1 chicken shop in Taiwan.

hot star fried chicken


As you can see in the photo above, their most expensive meal is their large sandwich which costs Php145. Most of the customers actually go for the HS1 and HS2 meals which cost Php110 each. If you want rice and a regular drink to come with it, you’ll have to add an additional Php35.


Their restaurant is not that big but it can fit more than 20 people inside and several more outside. I love the simplicity of their interiors. The walls were not painted. There were just several pictures hanging on their walls. What does stand out is their open kitchen concept because it lets you see how they prepare your XXL chicken.


The chicken was so huge that it made the rice look tiny. I was in awe when I got my order (1st photo: Original Large Fried Chicken – spicy) that even though I have not taken my first bite yet, I was already thinking about ordering another cup of rice. Haha!


Their chicken comes with gravy and if you eat at the restaurant, you can get unlimited gravy for free. But you know what? Even without the gravy, their chicken still tasted so good. I enjoyed each and every bite of it. The chicken was so big that I already felt full after munching over 2/3 of it. I think, depending on the appetite, 1 order of this chicken can already satisfy 2 people.

hot star restuarant  3


The chicken was so good that I decided to go back to Hot Star the following day to order another original large fried chicken in spicy flavor. I’m actually beginning to feel like I’m craving for it again. There is no doubt that I’ll visit their store again real soon. 🙂

Hot Star Philippines


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